Health Science Analysis : Four Main Reasons Women Should Be Careful With Bodybuilding

The Arkansas Activity Association publishes sports performance related materials. The importance of having text medically fact checked is critical. For women they have limited information to go on. Every sport has a risk of injury or possible health issue. Football can cause concussions. Soccer can put the knees and ACL at risk. Women are given extra caution when playing sports. This is really not out of concern, rather a dated notion the female body was not designed for strength or power. Female bodybuilders push their bodies and physiology to the limit. All athletes should train with caution, but that is no reason to say that women must restrain themselves. Women use multiple methods to obtain a particular look. branch chain amino acids , creatine, or pharmaceutical assistance. All women who compete or have muscle are not on steroids. The idea that there is a natural form of bodybuilding is false. Supplements are not natural even though they are not performance enhancing drugs. Women may have a higher risk of injury, but this can be prevented through proper training techniques. All female bodybuilders do not have muscle dysmorphia . The suggestions given are not about being safe rather a person showing their bias against women looking a certain way.

Four Cautions

Women and steroids

Anabolic androgenic steroids increase muscle mass and strength. This is a synthetic derivative of testosterone. When injected or taken by pill into the female body it enhances physical fitness capacity. During puberty boys get a strength spurt that comes from the increase in androgens. When women use it they gain this physical strength spurt, however the other attributes come with it. Virilization can occur with AAS use. Side effects could include clitoral enlargement, facial hair growth, acne, possible hair loss, and deeper voice. It should be noted that steroids may not cause viriliztion depending on the type, dose, and number of years used. Anavar is popular among women, because it does not have as many side effects. It would be erroneous to think taking steroids will produce physiques on a bodybuilding stage. A majority of that comes from diet and training.

This athlete thought that needed drugs to start off with. The reality is that she could have made improvements through nutrition and adjustment of exercise intensity.

Some think that women can only gain muscle with steroids. That is not true, because women’s bodies can experience muscular hypertrophy. Fitness, figure, and bikini competitors also have been known to use drugs. The argument against substances is that it is not natural. Neither is are supplements. Protein powders, BCAAs, and basic mass gainers are not natural. They are the products of chemistry, sports nutrition, and biomedical science. If an athlete wants to be considered completely natural, they would just lift and consume particular food. The sustenance could not be genetically modified either. Literally, a person would have to grow their own food and raise their own cattle to be completely natural.

A supplement is human made pill, tablet, or liquid added to diet that helps with training .
A testosterone booster for women.
Supplements are a major sector of the sports nutrition and fitness industry

Supplements will never be banned, because it is a rapidly growing industry. Now that women are active athletes it will only get bigger. Drugs have the potential to be dangerous whether or not they come from your doctor or someone else. The irony is that women do not constitute the majority of AAS users. Athletes do not even make up the biggest portion of the statistic. It is average people attempting use them as a fast solution to weight loss. This almost seems like a non-sequitur seeing as women can choose not to take them or take little dosages to avoid major damage to health.

The Female Body Is Not Naturally Weak

Women on average have less muscle than men. This does not mean women cannot build and strengthen their musculoskeletal system. The statement in the text can be disputed : ” taking into account the peculiarities of the female body, their naturally weaker muscular corset compared to the male, uncontrolled burdens and incorrectly distributed loads can lead to injuries such as tendinitis of the ligaments or even muscle break.” There is no muscle corset it is an organ system. Ligaments can be strengthened, but there is debate about if women’s tendons respond to exercise in the same way. Stress fractures, tendinitis, and ACL tears can be avoided through weight training. Female bodybuilders would not have as many injuries as a soccer, football, tennis, or soccer player. When competing posing may be exerting,but does not cause injury.

Muscle tears happen when too much force is exerted on them. This is what happen when an athlete lifts more than they can handle. Back and neck injuries can occur. This is not even mentioned in the writing by the Arkansas Activities Association. Injuries can be prevented by proper form, having good posture, and having a training partner to assist you. Weight training is not that dangerous. The Dr. Thomas Best study was not a good example to use, because female high school athletes are still growing. Contact sports pose a greater risk of injury. Women get injured at higher rates simply due to the fact of biomechanical differences and lower musculoskeletal mass. Weight training can protect women’s bodies from sports injuries if they use weights.

Women Can Still Get Pregnant

The reason women produce estrogen is for the production of eggs. A certain level of fat is require to go through the menstrual cycle. There has been concern that women risk fertility if they train too hard. The only way that would happen is if a woman get ammenorhea. Female bodybuilders only decrease their fat levels for competition. When not competing fat levels go up including weight. The muscles are covered with a smooth layer of fat. A female bodybuilder can get pregnant. Doing this sport does not pose a huge risk to fertility. Sports which may require dramatic reductions in weight may have an effect. Gymnastics and marathon running could effect women’s fertility if their body fat remains too low for a period of time.

An athlete and her baby
There are many factors that effect fertility. This shows sperm fertilizing an egg.
Athletes do not stay in this condition all year.

The largest factor has to do with age. Women are born with certain mount of eggs. As time passes more are lost and it becomes more difficult to have a baby from a woman’s mid-thirties onward. Male fertility also declines with age, but at a slower rate. Another factor is the timing and frequency of copulation. Women have a 28 day menstrual cycle. Ovulation happens on the 14th day. If the egg is to be fertilized, it depends on when sexual intercourse happens and what phase of the menstrual cycle. On the 8th day chances of getting pregnant are higher. Weight can also have an impact on fertility. Women who are overweight may struggle to get pregnant if their periods are irregular. Women who are too thin simply because they have limited body fat. Some studies have suggested smoking and drinking could negatively affect fertility. Medical conditions and diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome or endometriosis make it difficult for women to become pregnant. When examining these factors bodybuilding is not much of a threat to women’s fertility.

Women Who Compete Do Not Get Psychological Problems

There is a tendency for people with less knowledge of the sport to believe women who compete have a mental health issue. Body image disorders have become prevalent, but it mostly effects women. Muscle dysmorphia effects men more than it does women. Women are more likely to suffer from anorexia or bulimia. Women doing weight training or bodybuilding do get psychological problems from it. A level of stress comes from high level competition, but this is normal. For some competitors this is just an expensive hobby, which they retire from when it is no longer fun. Women experience a psychological benefit from exercise. Gaining strength gives them more confidence in their bodies and other areas of life. Women state they have a more positive self-image.

The use of drugs can be dangerous if done in large amounts and recklessly. The endocrine system and by extension the nervous system can be altered. There is little evidence to suggest that roid rage actually exists.Many types of drugs can alter mood, but steroids do not turn a person into a violent psychopath. Women’s brains are not “masculinized” either. Female bodybuilding did not decline, because of steroid use. It was the result of lack of promotion and the limited support that women’s sports have in general. Too many still think that women and muscle is an unnatural combination. That is anatomically and physiologically incorrect. Women have just now been able to develop their bodies and present it on a platform. Exercise may also help prevent depression or mood decline symptoms.


Women can be bodybuilders and there are some health considerations that they should be mindful of. Drugs have risks and side effects. If an athlete decides to use this method they should educate themselves about them. Once more, taking AAS or supplements is not going to create a physique. The majority of the appearance is related to exercise intensity,training method, nutrition, and diet. Competing without them is possible, but will certainly take longer and be more difficult. The Arkansas Activities Association makes it sound as if bodybuilding was not meant for women or they should avoid it. The benefits of bodybuilding include increased muscle and bone mass. Weight training can be an excellent method of weight management. Any amount of exercise can be beneficial to the circulatory system. Bodybuilding is not bad for health unless massive amounts of drugs are taken or an athlete engages in over training.

Health Science Analysis : Four Main Reasons Women Should Be Careful With Bodybuilding

Why War Evolved To Be a Man’s Game and Why That’s Only Now Changing

Women and War

Warfare has undergone many transformations over the course of human history. The lugubrious political reality is that no nation is really committed to peace. War built empires and civilizations; simultaneously it has the ability to destroy human existence. World peace may not be a realistic foreign policy objective. Large power competition, economic, and political factors  increase the likelihood of war. A fascinating topic that rarely is explored in military history is women’s participation in warfare. Why is it more men are involved in fighting? This question has both biological and social factors. Alberto Micheletti  provides a few explanations. An evolutionary biologist by profession, some answers do make sense. However, the grasp of military history seems lacking in the assessment. The biggest army he claims has a better chance at winning battles. This has not been the case in certain circumstances. Iraq had the fourth largest army in the world but lost the Gulf War . The US was defeated in Vietnam. The British Empire could never fully subdue Afghanistan. Large armies do not ensure success. Soldiers could be very skilled, but poor leadership could result failure. Women’s participation in combat in an official capacity is a major social and political change. War is constantly evolving, however its function was not always entirely male.

       The biological explanation for why more men participated more in war could be related to sexual dimorphism. Seeing as men are on average stronger and faster their bodies were built for fighting.  Men may exhibit more aggressive behavior due to hormonal differences. Sex hormones do have an effect on behavior and higher levels of testosterone may explain men’s predilection for conflict.   The problem with this hypothesis is it does not account for men who are not aggressive or women who have the physical strength to do harm. The reason our primate ancestors fought was either for  for mates and territory. During the Paleolithic stone tools gave some an advantage. The rise  permanent settlement and civilization gave way to organized violence. To keep states and societies together force had to be employed to make it possible. Police and the military keep societies unified through the threat of violence in both authoritarian and democratic governments. The rise of more powerful weapons such as guns, tanks, drones, aircraft, and bombs negated the importance of physical strength. Physical fitness is still important to all military occupational specialties, yet an army of fit soldiers cannot resist a nuclear strike.

The argument that women are not strong enough for combat is not entirely true.
Army women
The numbers of women in combat will increase in the future. Other countries may follow the US and UK in opening combat jobs to women.
The question remains is why women who are capable of the demands of combat jobs are still condemned. Sex prejudice may be far deeper in the military establishment than previously thought.

Technology has drastically altered how wars are fought. It cannot be ignore however, that men are more willing to use aggression. Sexual dimorphism between various animals indicates whether or not males are fighters. The more sexual dimorphism between two species the greater competition for mates. Animals that are close in size and strength in relation to the sexes have weaker pair bonds. Fighting is not necessary for sexual selection in this case. The strongest and biggest men most likely got access to more females in the prehistoric past. Men were therefore expendable as fighters and hunters. Nature may have also made them expendable seeing as women live longer than men. Even if women were capable of fighting, it was more wise to select the man willing to provide at greater risk to himself. The reason an amazon like  women warrior  only  society did not emerge was due to the fact women really do not have the same levels of aggression and physical strength on average. There are women who have these attributes, but men and women were dependent on one another for survival. The rise of permanent settlement, civilization, and states changed the relation between the sexes. It became less of a system of  cooperation and more of  hierarchy.

         The sociological factor  is also present in why war mostly involved men. Young boys are taught to be more aggressive or be very expressive with their anger. Girls are taught to suppress such emotions. The idea of soldier many still think as a male only profession. It can be seen in the language and concepts. Phrase like the “fighting man” or “our men” to refer to soldiers disregards the fact that women did participate in war in both official and unofficial capacities. Women historically have been excluded from a number of employment and educational opportunities. The US Military had a ban on women serving in combat that was not ended until 2013. Discrimination has been a large part of why women are not present in many armies today. They are simply not allowed to apply or take jobs because they are women. Even with the removal of discriminatory practices, it will be a longtime before significant numbers of women in combat occupations increase.

War as we know it was not always a part of human history. Our hominid ancestor may have fought in tribes and bands for basic survival. Troops of chimpanzees still practice this behavior. The rise of the state inevitably gave way to war and violence. To maintain area of land that is independent an armed force was required. States transformed into civilizations and expanded into massive empires. Sargon of Akkad was known as the first major builder of civilization and empire. The Akkadian Empire would lay the ground work for other empires to come. These expansions were never peaceful. The transition from hunter-gatherer societies to farming and permanent settlement enabled the birth of war. Now people were fighting for a specific territory and defined borders. Thus it can not be said the rise of war was uniquely biological. The creation of a warrior class, disciplined armies, and geopolitical tactics was from civilization not biology.

There are case in which women participated in warfare. The numbers were not as large compared to males.Queens led armies. The pictish had both men and women fighting the Roman Empire. These Scottish tribes of warriors were normally called picti by the Romans. Historical figures like NZingha, Joan of Arc, and Artemisia are just a few warrior women of history. The Scythians may have also had female warriors. Burial mounds were discovered with women buried with their weapons. The mino warriors of Dahomey and the onna-bugeisha of Japan demonstrate their is a long female warrior tradition. Ancient history may have had women warriors. Overtime information got lost. These examples are still big enough to be more than just minor exceptions.

Mino warriors
Remains of what is thought to be a Scythian warrior woman. The drawing is a recreation of her wearing a calathus.

Women’s and military history has only in the past three decades taken a serious look at women in warfare. The difference in the 21st century is that women will be enlisting in larger numbers and be fighting in a official capacity. Bans on women in combat could be lifted in numerous countries if the geopolitical situation changes.

Alberto Micheletti needs to understand an aspect related to weapons. Early weapons were making brute physical force obsolete. Brute physical force can be classified as fighting done without weapons. The reason males could have been designed for fighting was due to greater upper body strength.Combined with higher levels of upper arm strength this meant fighting with fists was the natural weapon. The first weapons were clubs, which demonstrated the usefulness of strength was declining. This does require some strength to swing, but ultimately it puts a person with just muscle power at a disadvantage. Spears and javelins can be thrown without being incredibly large. Knives and daggers followed, which could be just as fatal. Muscle is not strong enough to protect from stabbing. Swords then emerged. Armour was becoming more protective to deal with such weapons. however the appearance of guns changed battle. Micheletti does not seem to understand the difference between force with weapons and brute physical force.

She could hurt some one with her physical force, but the bat gives her more potential for harm
Guns changed the way wars were fought.
Hand to hand combat is still taught, which means to an extent brute physical force can be a back up if disarmed.

Force with weapons is more effective than beating a person to death. Pulling a trigger or dropping bombs from aircraft takes minimal physical effort. The jobs that require strength are utilizing it for other functions other than to specifically destroying an enemy. The early weapons did not require immense amount of strength. The naginata was used by onna-bugeisha because it did not require large amounts of upper body strength to wield. The moment clubs came into existence that is when brute physical force went into decline. The reason women were not part of the fighting may have to due with behavior. There simply was nothing to be gained in a fight with males competing for mates. The problem with this is that early hominids are extinct, so it can never fully be verified.

Aggression is not entirely biological it can be induced. Genocides, war, crime, riots, and social disturbances have multiple causes. Organized violence becomes acceptable only when the majority believes it is for the greater good. The imaginary sense of ethics is employed to get people to fight and die for nothing. Periods of extreme stress or collapse force people down a path, which they normally would not take when society is stable. Nazi Germany indoctrinated its population with propaganda to support war and to embrace hate. The Japanese Empire indoctrinated children to love imperialism and believe conquest was appropriate. The result was a populace in both countries more willing to engage in warfare. It should be understood that violence in the animal kingdom is for survival, mates, and territory. Humanity goes to war for empire, profit, avarice, and a delusional sense of glory. Saying men are by nature violent is too simplistic. If we expand this to stronger people are more likely to enjoy war , that does not work either.

The female solider has to undue large portions of cultural programming
This woman is strong, but that is not an indication of her aggression level
Wars are fought so that more powerful countries can dominate smaller ones . Conflict is kept alive by a military industrial complex.

Biology and sexual selection due have a factor in a largely male fighting force.However, science does not explain geopolitics, history, and the sociology surrounding the circumstances of war. The act was never a male’s game, rather it has its roots in mate competition. This was not the mass organized violence seen in conflicts of the contemporary era. band and tribes did fight,but nothing to the degree and extent of modern warfare. The rise of the empires and states created war. It still remains even though most countries have liberal democracies. The number of authoritarian regimes compared to the early 20th century is lower, yet wars is a permanent feature.The liberal and conservative political factions support war; they only differ on how it should be waged. Major changes are going to happen in the 21st century. Women will definitely become a greater part of warfare, even though they were not its author.

Why War Evolved To Be a Man’s Game and Why That’s Only Now Changing

Exercise Physiology Refutation : Female bodybuilding- Three Reason’s Women Can Not Build A Bodybuilder’s Body

The statement contradicts its self. There are female body builders. Unless one thinks men are only capable of building muscle, that would be false. Much misinformation is present on the internet and people with limited knowledge can easily be confused. Gentlemen’s Lifestyle produced a general exercise physiology introduction about women and weightlifting. Women are very capable of building muscle depending on their genetics, body frame, and diet. Training and recovery are also considerations. Women do not gain an equal amount of mass and strength as a man on the same training regimen. endocrinology is not the sole factor in mass and strength gains. Too often sex is though as a physical limitation. Unless one think a bodybuilder physique is male only, that is false. Sculpting a physique requires a combination of size, shape, conditioning, and symmetry. It is more than being huge and it can be agreed upon that it is not simple. The text provides some errors.

Three Reasons Women Can’t Build A Bodybuilder’s Body

Some are minor, yet require correction. Women should not fear weights, muscle, or exercise. There is nothing wrong with a woman having a muscular body and female bodybuilders should not be condemned for it. Thankfully, women are becoming interested in gaining mass and strength. There are physiological and anatomical differences that women should be aware of. Knowing this makes it easier to design a training program for building muscle.

Men and Women Are Not Structurally Similar

Men and women’s bodies do have the same cells and organ systems. Structurally, the bodies are not similar. The most noticeable difference is related to biacrimonial width and billiac width. Women’s pelvises are shaped different and have narrower shoulders. The rib cage of the female body is much smaller. The only time males and females have similar body structure is prior to puberty. The strength difference is non-existent until the changes brought about by sex hormones. Growth hormone accelerates the body size in both boys and girls. Girls reach adult height sooner, however males continue to grow. This means males will have larger bodies.

Strength and size are similar for boys and girls
The morphological difference of the male and female body.
Women weigh less, are shorter, and have lower muscle mass

Male and female morphology is different. shoulder width, height, and hip width are the visible anatomical structural attributes. The text incorrectly says men and women are structurally similar. Men and women are identical in the sense of basic anatomical body features. Both have heads, abdomens, legs, arms, and thorax. Women have external features that men do not have which include breasts and the pudena. Women have a smaller structure to build on, yet this does not making the body physically stronger a biological impossibility.

Hormones Are Not The Only Factor

Testosterone gives males a significant physical advantage in body composition and muscle mass. This enables a higher natural level of strength.Both men and women produce testosterone and estrogen. Amount impacts muscular hypertrophy. Body type regardless of sex is important. Women varying somatotypes will see different results. A mesopmorphic woman would make significantly more gains in comparison to an ectomorphic person. Endomorphs may struggle to manage weight or see change. Free testosterone makes it easier to acquire mass. Genetics plays a large part in ability to grow muscle. The MSTN gene provides instructions to myostatin. The protein then gives direction for tissue growth in the human body. Classified as part of the transforming beta superfamily in is found in skeletal muscle. The role is designed to regulate the growth of muscles. Having low levels of myostatin enhances the possiblity for higher muscle growth. Women who build such muscular physiques could have lower levels of this protein controlled by the MSTN gene.

The MSTN gene
The gene is located on chromosome 2

Besides genetics body frame is important. The skeleton supports muscle. Weight training does not only build muscle, but bone as well.This makes sense seeing as it is the body’s support. A taller and bigger woman is going to have a greater advantage in building muscle than a smaller one. Muscle mass total prior to training will influence the final result.

Myogenesis and Muscular Hypertrophy

Myogenesis refers to the formation of muscle tissue. Muscular hypertrophy describes the growth of muscle cells. These two functions of physiology work the same in both men and woman. There are two types which include myofibrillar and sacroplasmic. Muscular hypertrophy can occur in women. Women can obviously gain muscle. The notion of bulky and toned muscles does not exist. The only way to distinguish between muscle is fiber type. This includes type IIa, and IIb. The amount in a person’s body can vary. Women have more type I fibers which are an advantage to endurance. Type II is important to strength. Mentioning this does not seem that important when discussing training for aesthetics .

Weights do not make a woman bulky, but it makes them muscular

To induce muscular hypertrophy it requires certain training protocols. Mechanical damage which means lifting enough to cause micro-trauma. When recovery happens the fiber grows more to prevent further damage making it stronger. Training to a point of metabolic fatigue also aids in growth. When the muscle uses up its reserves of adensosine triphospahte this results in a stage known as failure. It may not even be necessary to train to the stage of failure. Women who lift can see varying results depending on what they do. Intensity and a consistent program is the key to success. During myogenesis myoblasts and myotubes combine to form new muscle tissue. Women’s bodies can experience myogenesis and muscular hypertrophy. A woman that trains for years, consuming enough calories, and paying attention to diet can build muscle.

Metabolism and Food

To maintain a certain amount of muscle mass requires consumption of more food. Protein is an essential part of diet building a physique. Women are on average smaller than men, but size does not have a correlation on appetite. Some women eat less thinking it can help manage weight. This is false and could be causing metabolic issues. Eating needs to be done in relation to the amount of exercise done. Women do metabolize more of their food into fat, however this should not be an issue when doing daily training. The challenge is to eat several meals a day. Avoiding sugar, high fructose corn syrup and saturated fat can prevent excessive gain in fat.

To reach this level requires training, diet, and periods of rest or recovery periods.
Maintaining muscle mass requires higher caloric intake
Lifting heavy, eating, and exercising specific muscle groups is the method for making a bodybuilder physique.

Women’s metabolism at basal rate is lower. Even in full activity it means that it would still be lower than male metabolic rate. The solution means that women have to adjust their eating portions in relation to the amount of exercise. Seeing as they are training for long periods, fat can be burned. The citric acid cycle in women functions in the same way. Protein, fats, and carbohydrates released stored energy by means of oxidation of acetyl-CoA. This allows for the conversion of adenosine triphosphate. Women need to have a high protein diet to build muscle. There are many foods that assist with building mass. This ranges from chicken, eggs, lean beef, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

What It Takes For A Woman To Build A Muscular Physique

Building muscle is a very slow process. A few weeks of training ,may result in a response. but becoming Ms.Olympia takes years. Most female bodybuilders have been competing for years and decades. That is the time frame it takes to acquire such muscle. Both professionals and amateurs build at least some muscle before getting on stage. Training involves working various muscle groups with squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, crunches, and numerous exercises. The sessions have to last a couple of hours. It must be done consistently otherwise it can hinder progress.

Bodybuilding involves size, shape, symmetry, and conditioning
These are general guidelines for beginners
It requires a years it takes to build a certain amount of muscle.

Erratic or undisciplined training sessions will not allow the full benefits of exercise stimuli . Eating enough food which is caloric surplus,ensured that the muscle gained is supplied with enough energy. One major component is recovery and getting enough sleep. Sleep is not only good for mood, but also physical health. High protein food may not be enough to sustain all the muscular gains. Supplement assist in muscular hypertrophy, when there is only so much nutrients you can get from food. Women benefit from supplementation. It is erroneous to think that women can only gain muscle by steroids. Not all IFBB shows are not drug tested, but there are drug free competitions that have very muscular female competitors. Training and nutrition account for a certain look more so than a supplement or AAS. There are multiple methods women use to build physiques. There still is debate which is the most effective.

The physical potential of women

The women who build muscular physiques are called “bulky.” This does not exist seeing as there is not difference between “bulky” and “toned” muscle. There are muscle fiber types that vary in strength and endurance. Women can build muscle depending on their genetics, body size, somatotype, diet, training, and the manner in which they adjust nutrition. The full extent of women’s physical potential has yet to be explored fully. Most exercise physiology studies use men. Women being physiologically different need information and knowledge tailored to their bodies. As more is learned better approaches can be utilized. Female bodybuilders are not a biological anomaly. They are women who just have developed muscle. Women should not be afraid of having muscle either. Certainly there are women who can attain female bodybuilder physiques. The method in doing so takes significant diligence and an extensive understanding of weight training.

Exercise Physiology Refutation : Female bodybuilding- Three Reason’s Women Can Not Build A Bodybuilder’s Body

Vice News : Bodybuilding is Cashing in on All The Women Doing Squats at the Gym

Bodybuilding Is Cashing in on All the Women Doing Squats at the Gym

There is a new division opening for women in bodybuilding competitions. The wellness division may bring even more controversy compared to the bikini category. Coming in 2020 the wellness category will highlight the lower body development of female competitors . Some question the addition as being too much and being nothing more than a beauty contest. The complaint is that the new divisions do not require much training and therefore the women entering are not real athletes. Female bodybuilding purists claim that it is attempting to phase out that division with another. Female bodybuilding is growing and the ms.Olympia has been revived. Adding classes may actually increase the number of women in fitness and bodybuilding. The wellness category will eventually evolve. The bikini and physique classes are changing in appearance. Vice News claims that the other classes are less feminine, but this is a backwards mode of thought. A woman with muscle is not less feminine.   Doubtless of what people think, the female bodybuilding sports have a following.

         The wellness category has some nebulous criteria. Their bodies with be judged in the legs, hip, thighs, and glutes. Considering most of the women have highly developed legs in other classes, it makes no sense to add this one. Should there be a contest judging just biceps ? Maybe abs could be a separate category. The problem seems obvious. Instead of calling them different divisions just refer to them as weight classes. Physique for example is nothing more than lightweight to middle weight range bodybuilding. The wellness division starting off seems like a booty judge contest. If that is the case, then most women have already won. The only thing they would need to do is reduce the muscle mass in their upper bodies.

There is going to be a new category, then it needs more substance to make it unique from other classes. The lines are becoming so blurred that it may be hard to even distinguish in the future bodybuilding divisions. The sport has to remember this is about getting athletes not wanna be Instagram fitness women personalities. The news of this was announced and in March at the 2020 Arnold Amateur International Championships the wellness division was launched . Francielle Mattos  was winner in the wellness category. Looking at her physique, one should not be so quick to brush off the added category.

There is great development not only in the glutes, but the lats
If she added a few pounds she could slip into physique
Can you tell if these are wellness or bikini women ? They are wellness category, only a little larger than bikini.

For someone who saw such women for the first time, they would struggle to figure this out. The reason is that it a challenge is that the wellness division is undergoing transformation. Wellness is not new. It has been in Latin American and European countries. North America technically lags behind in the class. The South American and European athletes could remain dominant in international competition simply because they have more experience competing in the division. The sport is subjective, which makes it an arduous task to [produce a look the judges want. The basic standards still apply. Size ( level depends on category ), shape, and conditioning are the basic criteria.

The creation of the other divisions has a controversial history. Fitness and then figure was created when it was believed that female bodybuilders were getting too big. The combination of women and muscle has observers and people in fitness debate. A faction claims that women who have significant mass are not feminine. The other favors female bodybuilding only and mocks other classes. A more reasonable approach would be to embrace all categories. That would mean the Arnold Amateur International show bring back open class female bodybuilding. Everyone has their own idea about what makes an aesthetic physique. The attempt to make the sport mainstream is a practice in futility. The fitness industry believes that muscular women are not marketable, but that is false. The creation of other divisions was a way to remedy the problem of a decline in ticket sales for female bodybuilding completions. The reality is you have to market to men who are fans of muscular women. Athletes already do this with their websites and social media. It not only provides funds for competing, but gives women more exposure. There were attempts to kill off female bodybuilding entirely. The fans and advocates kept it alive through the Wings of Strength. Thanks to Jake Wood, the Ms.Olympia has been revived.

If it were not for female bodybuilders there would not be other categories. They were the fist to develop the aesthetic female muscular form. Iris Kyle and Lenda Murray are some of the most successful athletes bodybuilding produced.
New categories do not take away from female bodybuilding. Ending female bodybuilding divisions does.
The other categories give women more options to compete.

There is room for all categories. Although other divisions were created over disagreements on appearance and the attempt to phase out larger women , the future seems to be heading in a positive direction. Women are embracing strength and muscle beyond just fitness or bodybuilding. Female athletes are looking stronger and incorporating weights into training. Women can use other categories to switch into other divisions. Before, women had to train a couple of years before they could even get on stage. A woman with serious effort could start off in the bikini division and gradually train to for other categories. Two years in bikini transferring to figure and then going to physique or bodybuilding. Female bodybuilding may be reaching a new age of popularity. There are going to be more muscle women, which is a guarantee of all the new faces appearing. The issue might not be the wellness division itself, rather people’s narrow minded views about what women should look like.

Muscle and women is a concept that is not accepted by some people. Gender roles and how women should be are still ingrained in various areas of life. The fact that women’s femininity is questioned demonstrates the sexism present in the fitness culture. Too many believe weights, bodybuilding,and fitness is for men only. Women have not only made a impact; they are getting attention. Currently, women have six competition categories, while men only have two. A shift is happening and few realize it. The muscular woman, may be finally getting some acceptance in particular fitness circles.

Female bodybuilding even in the golden age of the 1980s to 1990s did not have widespread acceptance. However, these emerging categories indicate a physique with more shape to it is seen as normal in fitness culture. If there was an attempt to phase out female bodybuilding by adding other classes, it failed. What it did was save it and attracted more women. The absence of the Ms.Olympia only made fans miss it more. Now that there are multiple categories the question about how much muscle a woman should have should be answered. It is however much she sees fit. The debate has been around in female bodybuilding circles since its origins. Detractors are going to condemn muscular women not matter what. Their opinion is not relevant to this discussion, because it comes from a perspective of subtle sexism. Why should a woman not be able to develop her body to its fullest extent ? Answers range from it offends people or it does not fit the image of female attractiveness. Again these, are matters of personal preference.

Devoted female bodybuilding fans have factions. One thinks that there should just be a female bodybuilding category. The other embraces any competitor division. Purists repudiate anything new. There was a time when fans complained about the figure division. Introduced in the 2000s it gained acceptance. Bikini was criticized because the claim was that the women did so little training they could not be considered athletes. Clearly a IFBB bikini pro has more definition than a regular bikini model.

The look of an IFBB pro bikini competitor. Sherry Espera shows definition and some size.
This woman has no definition and little shape
There is room for women of all sizes

Bikini now seems to be evolving and has a become part of the competitive class roster. Wellness will also develop and there will not be controversy over it will eventually dissipate. Not only will there be more athletes, more will probably switch over to other divisions. Women may be confused with all the new classes, but knowing your body and genetics can help selecting the right one easier for you. Embracing all and supporting each class only helps all women. Doing this will ensure nothing happens to the Ms.Olympia in the future. Fans should not be divided among themselves, rather unite around keeping the sport going. Give wellness a chance.

The names of divisions maybe should just be called weight classes. The problem with doing that is there are significant differences with a fitness competition. Competitors are doing acrobatic acts, while other classes do not. Physique athletes are closer to middle weight bodybuilders. Figure and bikini could be classified as lightweight. Wellness may be an in between from what has been observed.Each as its own standards for judging so just calling them weigh classes makes it complicated. The point is the amount of muscle varies.

Strength and muscle is not only for men. Women have shown they can be great bodybuilders
Female bodybuilders as they appeared in 2007(left) compared compared to women from the 1980s. The modern female bodybuilder did not lose their femininity. The prejudice just remained constant against strong women.
Physique athletes competing in 2016. They are bigger than the women of the 1980s.

The notion that real femininity is weakness and frailty must be discarded. The women that enter the world of sports and fitness have already challenged this belief. Powerful female bodies do bring up many topics of discussion related to gender and cultural norms. Vice News describes it as a navigated path women have to be on in a world that polices their behavior and actions. Women have to face criticism men do not both in and outside the fitness world. The sport is based on a particular type of look. The athletes have produced an image that has not been present in earlier times of human history, Muscular women did exist, but nothing compares to the bodies that have been sculpted now. The wellness class is just another part of this ongoing transformation of female physical potential. How this will be interpreted in terms of gender studies and history is yet to be seen.

Vice News : Bodybuilding is Cashing in on All The Women Doing Squats at the Gym

Moderate Muscle Strength May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


Moderate Muscle Strength and Diabetes

There may be a connection between type 2 diabetes and muscle strength. Iowa State University produced the study. An estimated 30 million Americans have the disease and  type 2 diabetes accounts for 90 to 95%. This is according to data gathered from the CDC. Building muscle strength  could lower risk of the disease to 32%. Diseases such as this are preventable with proper diet and exercise. The challenge is changing eating habits. The western diet consisted of fast food, high sugar, and meals of low nutritional value.  Lack of self control and self care has harmed the health of the US population. People generally do not understand the basics of health maintenance or make the decision to engage in detrimental behavior. There now is at least some evidence that the body can be protected if people take responsibility for their health. Lifting weights and building muscle may have more health benefits than previously realized. To understand this study one must have a general idea of what diabetes is. The research was published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings 

           Diabetes ( diabetes mellitus)  is a disease in which blood glucose levels are too high. There are two types of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes effects the way the body processes glucose. Type 1 diabetes a autoimmune  disease in which pancreas does not produce insulin. The cause is unknown, but normally appears during childhood or adolescence. There is another type of diabetes as well known as gestational diabetes. This effects pregnant women, which is a concern for women’s health. Hormones produced by the placenta can have an anti-insulin effect.   Women who are overweight and pregnant are at higher risk. If it is not treated it may effect the birth.  Insulin enables cells in the human body (muscles, fat and liver) to absorb glucose present in the blood. The glucose remains as a vital source of energy. When required, it can be converted into fat. It also aids in metabolic function relative to breakdown of fat and protein. Diabetes has no cure and there are multiple methods used to treat it. Changes in diet and the use of insulin injection can be utilized.  

Colette Nelson discusses how to manage diabetes with diet and nutrition

 Insulin therapy attempts to make up for the amount that the body cannot produce. Short acting insulin is taken before meals. It will produce high amounts to handle the glucose coming into the body. Longer acting insulin is taken either once or twice a day. This requires that insulin be maintained at a certain level. Gaining large amounts of fat  and excessive sugar consumption can increase risk of type 2 diabetes. Sometimes people are born with the disease . More must be learned to find a cure or better treatments. For, now prevention seems to be  the most effective method for confronting type 2 diabetes. It has been theorized that type 1 diabetes is rooted in viral infection or inflammation in the pancreas.        

 The study is unique, because other focused on cardiorespiratory fitness in relation to diabetes. The sample size was 4,500 adults. The mystery is how much muscle strength is required to be protected from type 2 diabetes. The claim was that higher levels of muscle strength does not provide protection. Professor Duck-chul Lee explained it would be difficult to determine a recommended level. The reason is that there is no single standard for measuring muscle strength. Professor Lee delineates this further ” naturally, people will want to know how often to lift weights or how much muscle mass they need, but it’s not that simple.” There are many ways to measure strength some more precise than others. Grip strength and bench press totals are just two examples. 

Just how much muscle strength does a person need for health ? It is not a simple answer.
Bench Press
Grip strength

researchers admitted this could vary among populations and health outcome. The subjects did chest and leg presses as a way to measure strength. Adjustments had to be made in relation to certain attributes. Age, sex, and body weight were confounding factors. Making a general recommendation becomes more complicated by these elements that influence the dependent and independent variable.

Participants ranged from ages 20 to 100 and did follow up examinations. Angelique Brellenthin who is an ISU postdoctoral researcher made a claim that training reduced diabetes risk despite negative lifestyle health habits. Smoking, drinking, high blood pressure, and obesity he insists still did not have an impact of the preventative nature resistance training. This seems strange, because obesity could increase the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Excessive weight gain happens with high caloric intake of sugar and fat combined with little or no physical activity. If a person was obese and did not have diabetes it is dubious that their outcome for prevention would be the same. Smoking and drinking can create other health problems. The study just may indirectly indicate it would not contribute to getting type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure does indicate that the circulatory system is strained. Yet, does not predict diabetes risk.

A person does not need to train to this level to be protected from type 2 diabetes. There is a possibility any amount could be effective.
Excessive weight can cause strain on the muscle, skeletal, and circulatory system
If this is true, then the people who engage in the most resistance training should not have type 2 diabetes.This study may require further investigation

This can be very confusing and complex. Science is a long term investigation requiring clues to finish the puzzle. Another consideration to this is related to genetic inheritance of the disease. This was never discussed in the findings.

What can be stated with factual confidence is that resistance training has multiple benefits. The study cited that resistance training reduced waist circumference and controlled glucose levels.  Brellenthin  expressed “you’re not necessarily going to see the results of resistance training on your bathroom scale, but there are several health benefits. ” The scale can be misleading especially when gain weight from resistance training. The fat to muscle ratio in the human body should be an indicator not total weight itself. A person can build muscle and gain weight, which will not harm their health. Using body mass index will only cause more confusion. If you are gaining muscle then it means the body is burning fat. Weight gain from poor diet is different from building muscle mass.

If a person is gaining weight from building muscle, this should not be a sign they are doing something wrong. Obsessing over weight and the scale measure may be counterproductive. Eating the correct amounts of food, having quality nutrition, and exercise can help weigh management.

There are conclusions that can be made with the information provided. Exercise can be a form of disease prevention. The extent and degree still is under debate. According to the study based on self reporting, Only 20% of Americans meet the recommendation of two days a week resistance training. Seeing as it is self reported the answers may not be reliable considering some may not be entirely honest about their exercise routine. The amount of resistance exercise has not been determined. The general suggestion is to start off with what is comfortable. Body weight exercises can be enough. A gradual progression can be made to weights or possibly machines. The intensity level does not need to be similar to a professional athlete. So far, the data shows basic health maintenance can be very effective against tpye 2 diabetes.

Moderate Muscle Strength May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Lisa Mosconi : For Women Moderate Exercise Might Be The Best


For Women, Moderate Exercise Might Be Best

Dr. Lisa Mosconi is a neuroscientist who is director the Weilli Cornell Women’s Brain Initiative.  Although her expertise is related to the brain and neuroscience, she also writes about other areas regarding the body and health. It should be noted that she does not have a vast knowledge of exercise physiology, but that does not harm her credibility. However, even the most intelligent and educated can sometimes make slight errors. Regarding the best type of exercise has become a widely debate topic among health and fitness experts. When discussing women, there just are too few studies to make a definite statement of fact. What can he stated with certainty is that exercise has positive benefits to health. Women can pretty much do any exercise and see benefits. The total amount of physical fitness capacity will differ depending on sex. Physiology does differ, but this should not be seen as a limitation. Dr. Mosconi claims that one should relinquish the common stereotypes about exercise. Yet, her proposal seems to favor women limiting themselves. Really, it depends on what the fitness goal is. General health maintenance would work best with her suggested method. The female athlete would not optimize their fitness with moderate level exercise. There will not be a response to exercise stimuli if the level does not challenge the body in some way.

          Muscle fiber types can explain why it is easier or harder for men or women doing a certain form of exercise. Type II muscle fibers are designed for more explosive power. It should be noted that testosterone is more important to protein synthesis at a higher rate. There is no difference in muscle quality. Rather men have bigger muscle fibers. The production of androgens means men have lower body fat levels. Despite, these differences women can lift weights or do HIIT with success. Dr. Masconi admits ”  this is not to say that women should lift lighter dumbbells or ditch the chin-ups.” Some erroneously make the conclusion that women’s bodies were not designed for strength based exercise. The only information that can be extracted from this is more difficult for women to attain physical strength. The hardest area for women to build would be the upper body. Men and women have specific physical advantages related to their biology. It would be incorrect to say women could not excel at HIIT , because workout sessions depend on the level of intensity. These routines are short and could last under 30 minutes. Fitness levels can vary among individuals, so saying women could not handle it would be false.

men and women4


Women face a greater challenge building muscle. It can be done with proper training, diet, and most importantly rest. Note the strong man and woman above. They have the same muscles, but differ in metabolism, body composition , and endocrine function. 

Tack women


These are examples of type II muscle fiber at work. Sprinting and strength sports require explosive power. They are not as effective in endurance based tasks.

Women’s physical advantage is higher type II muscle fibers. This enables their bodies to circulate more blood through the muscles. Women also have greater capillary density. Glucose during this process is a vital source of energy. Fat deposits can also aid in energy during its break down. There is clearly a difference in muscular strength and endurance based around sexual dimorphism.

There needs to be clarification about the distinguishing between being better and physical fitness capacity. Athletic prowess does not just involve strength, but skill. So when statements such as “better at endurance training” or “better at strength training” it misses a vital point. The proper description is physical fitness capacity rather than an indication of physical competence. Saying women need to stick to endurance based training is too limiting. The results of exercise stimuli can vary among individuals regardless of sex. Somatotype does play a major role. A woman with naturally high muscle mass percentage will gain more strength compared to a thinner woman. Sex is just a factor in how much physical fitness capacity a person can acquire. This can still vary among people regardless of sex. Health condition,genetics, body size, and fitness prior to training can influence its response.

There is a question about exercise amount and measurement. Low to moderate intensity exercise is anything that increases the rate. High intensity goes much further in comparison. Multiple organizations have certain recommendations related to proper amount. This is changed frequently, which means there is still debate. Dr. Masconi states ” But as a rule of thumb, both the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Health Association recommend exercising three to five days a week, then adjust the duration of the workout based on your age and overall health, including your fitness level, personal goals, risks, and medications.” Menopause and age also effect the body in relation to exercise stimulus. The specific amount has never been verified, which makes certain claims hard to prove. Exercising five days a week seems sound. The question is about the duration. If we realize everyone is different saying moderate exercise for women is the best may be premature.

Studies can be disputed. The only way it can be fact is if it meets the criteria of the scientific method. Dr. Masconi claims metabolic performance improved in women who did moderate levels of exercise. She explains further that glucose and fat interaction are utilized. Simultaneously increasing the level of hormones. Some women reported the reduction of hot flashes. Masconi cites one study : ” In one study of 3,500 women, those who engaged in moderate-intensity exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a few times a week, were 28% less likely to have severe hot flashes than those who exercised less.” Active women were moods were improved saying they felt happier. The data only shows that moderate exercise can be beneficial. This does not prove that it better for women in comparison to high intensity exercise. Simply walking or standing could be better than being inactive.

High intensity exercise can cause inflammation only if done in excess . This actually is an immune response protecting the cells from damage. However, this can be avoided with proper rest. Training every single day results in too much stress on the body. The body needs time to adjust to the changes that exercise stimuli brings. Dr. Masconi does not seem to realize if a person does high intensity exercise in proper amounts, they may not experience illness at all. Exercise is good for you. Doing too much is harmful. As far a preventing disease bot methods are capable of that. Lifting weights can increase musculoskeletal mass preventing osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and cardiovascular diseases. Activity level and caloric intake must be adjusted to ensure weight management.

Both exercises have their positive and negative attributes. Most the negative attributes can be avoided with proper instruction from a personal trainer. It can not be stated with absolute certainty that high intensity or moderate intensity exercise is best for women. The only way to determine that would be to conduct an experiment in which two groups do different levels of intensity. Then document the response from exercise stimuli. The assertion misses the whole point of the scientific method.

Dr. Lisa Maconi does not mention that exercise has benefits to brain health . It is rather bizarre that a neuroscientist would not discuss this, when talking about exercise. The truth is consistency, intensity, and frequency are essential not matter what fitness goal. Exercise has to be done enough to be effective. Relative to brain health it may prevent cognitive decline. Keeping the circulatory system healthy means the arteries of the brain are protected. Stroke and dementia become greater threats to health with age.

The major arteries of the human brain
Circulatory system disorders and diseases that can effect the brain
Just simply getting up and moving can be good for health

It has also been hypothesized that exercise can fight depression. This may not be used as a cure for such a condition, however it is know that it can elevate mood. The endorphins released from the pituitary gland causes the change in mood. Endorphins are peptides that activate opiate receptors. The brain makes up 2% of body weight and require 20% of blood. Oxygen and glucose are essential to the brain’s function. This is why ischemic strokes and hemorrhages are so devastating. Loss of oxygen or blood to the brain can cause damage or death. A gym is not required to stay in shape. However going to it is not a fixation as Dr.Masconi claims. Seeing as there are multiple disease that can strike many organ systems, going might be a wise investment. Both moderate and high intensity exercise will ensure health. Women must remain active throughout life, seeing as they will live longer. This increases the chances of chronic illness assocaited with advanced age.

Dr. Lisa Mosconi : For Women Moderate Exercise Might Be The Best

The Sasha Daygame Clickbait Video- Men Are Stronger Than Women

The internet has allowed people to capture events that some would rarely witness.Video sharing has exploded with Youtube and Dailymotion. Now that people can become their own starts, it has also brought negative consequences. Anyone will try anything to make a viral video. Clickbait videos appear by the millions. There is one by Sasha Daygame that has gotten much attention. “I Did Not Mean To Make Her Cry NYC Interview Gone Wrong” was released on Youtube in 2019. Since then it has gotten 553,411 views. It is only a section of a much longer video called “Fact Men Are Better ( At Some Things ).” The simple realization that sexual dimporphism exists is not the problem here. It is the notion that men are collectively better at a certain activity or area. Skills and abilities vary among individuals. If this was said regarding race, religion. or national origin it would be condemned. When talking about women stereotypes and sexism still are acceptable. Sasha Daygame is an authenticity coach and founder of the Infinite Man Summit. This is one of those life coaching companies that promises success directed at men. These self help and pick up artist pray on men who have struggled to make life satisfying or complete. The sad part is millions of men are deceived into thinking this works.

Are men better at certain things than women ? This is an irrelevant question seeing as people have a different range of skills,talents, and abilities.

Obviously, Sasha was attempting to get a vexed response by asking this question. Click bait video are designed for the sake of attention or troll bait . Reading the comments on such videos makes you question peoples’ character. The point is not rational debate, rather instigating negative or shock reactions. The hilarious aspect is that sometimes the person who filmed the video acts like the victim. While the woman’s response is overreacting to some basic facts, it is clear the question was meant to trigger people. The climate of discourse has become too sensitive, while simultaneously there are people hiding behind free speech to cover their rude behavior. If you really wanted to have a substantive discussion about sex and gender differences he would be asking questions regarding anthropology, biology, biomedical science, sociology, and history.

This conversation only demonstrates how two people can be wrong, but mix part truths into their statements. Men are on average bigger and stronger than women. Yet, there are women who are strong. Sasaha makes the claim that men are better at tasks that require physical prowess. There are women competing in Crossfit,bodybuilding, and weightlifting. Their strength may not be equal to a man in similar physical shape, but they surpass the majority of men. He acknowledges that their are exceptions and that defeats his argument which is based on a collective. The young woman stating that women are more compassionate or caring is a sex stereotype. Women have different personalities and kindness is not a default. This concept of women being morally superior was a product of social feminism. The idea that the world would be more peaceful if there were more female leaders is false.

Women can see changes in physical fitness capacity from weight training.
The Olympics has more women competing than ever before
She is most likely stronger than most average men.
CrossFit attempts to combine various fitness disciplines

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does not believe in peace. She was one of the biggest supporters of the 2011 intervention in Libya. The gender stereotypes fall apart when looking at reality. The young woman’s response is a positive sex stereotype, but also can be damaging. Her response to what men are better at is equally puzzling. She expresses men are better at guarding themselves. Women can learn self-defense and learn to fight. The problem is that the idea of a physically capable and strong woman is condemned by people with traditionalist mindsets. Victim feminism is not empowering; it just keeps women in an infantile condition. Her logic becomes more skewed as Sasha’s as she denies basic biology. The difference in strength and size is not a stereotype. There are some third wave feminists and women who deny science when it does not match their beliefs.

A strong woman can overpower average or weak men
Training does not negate sexual dimorphism relative to strength
Some individuals are just going to excel at certain areas. These two may be good lifting heavy things, but may fail at explaining particle physics.

Prior to puberty boys and girls are equal in physical strength. The dramatic changes brought by androgens increase a boy’s muscle and skeletal mass between growth spurts. Girls finish their growth sooner, while boys slowly keep growing into their late teens. Shoulders broaden and upper body strength gets more pronounced. Why would third wave feminists have an issue with this ? They may think it endorses the idea of male physical superiority. This concept of physical superiority is false, because the reason organism exist is to produce offspring and contribute to a biome. Sex differences are just evidence of natural selection combined with sex selection behavior. Males were bigger because they had to fight for mates. This meant that certain traits were inherited among early hominids. Biology is not static. Our genes and environment have changed over millions of years. So arguments of biological inferiority are unscientific when discussing women’s differences. Sexual dimorphism can be flexible. There can be weak men and strong women. Despite this some third wave feminists reject biology or the notion of sexual dimorphism. They claim they are social constructs. They are not. It may be a physical advantage men have, but saying that should not be controversial.

Some men you can’t physically dominate. Mentally it could be done. Some of these guys aren’t too sharp.
This is not a social construction
I’m a strong independent woman who does not need a man . But why can’t I find a man ?
Yeah ! Smash the patriarchy, now pay for my dinner

Power feminism does not seek equality, which should be the goal. They desire to compete with men for influence and control of society . White feminism uses this as its pillar excluding other races of women. It is not as inclusive as it pretends to be. The one area the is difficult to do this is in pure brute strength. There can be overlap, but the majority of the strongest women are not as strong as the biggest men. The differences in physiology and body size means at least for the average woman, she will not be able to physically dominate men. That may irk power feminists who want men to be in a subordinate position. While their are women who could do this seeing as they are physically strong the idea of establishing a matriarchy is not on their mind. Instead they try to police language or eliminate facts entirely. The woman’s suggestion of replacing the word strong wold not change the fact that men have more strength. Pretending differences do not exist does not promote a harmonious society. When the woman who was questioned was confronted with facts she got defensive.

Her only strong position was the problem of making such broad statements. If we were to say that men are better scientists that ignores the fact that women have contributed to physics, astronomy, and mathematics throughout history. Saying men are better at sports also forgets that there are large numbers of women competing in both local and international competition. There are men who are terrible at certain activities and there are woman who are awful at them. A collective statement does not describe the variation among populations. If you can accept that there are general gender differences, then you can acknowledge differences among individuals. The root of the issue is people who obsess over them and use them as a justification for discriminatory behavior.

One could easily say that if men are better at a certain field that justifies excluding women. Sports, science, the military, and law enforcement have used women’s biological differences as grounds to either ban them or hinder their advancement. She is correct that the situation has changed. Women however are not genetically becoming super amazon warriors. Real power does not come from muscles. It is in finance, politics, and armies. Institutional power has not been equal among the sexes, yet that has been changing in some countries. Backlash will occur to any type of social and political transformation. The reason for this sudden explosion of self help and pick up artist content for men is because they are struggling to adjust in a world of changing roles. Gender roles were once strictly enforced in various cultures, but with the women’s rights movement and the sexual revolution beliefs shifted. Men who seek to either dominate or have women be subservient are reacting negatively. Other men are lost seeking some direction life with no clear answers. Certainly, they are not coming from a motivational speaker or self help authenticity coach. Sasha Daygame just makes money off the the credulous and irresolute. Every person needs to determine on their own terms where they want to go in life. Introspection is not going to come from another person. Having a relationship or many women is not going to solve personal psychological problems or be a path to happiness. Only an individual can do that. Sasha Daygame should not be upset about the reaction he got nor should the woman interviewed have over reacted. The notion he wants unity by understanding sex differences is laughable. You can’t have a debate if you are not serious about the proposition.

The Sasha Daygame Clickbait Video- Men Are Stronger Than Women

Woman’s Boyfriend Enraged After She ‘Emasculates’ Him By Proving That She’s Physically Stronger Than Him

This almost sounds like something from The Onion . The authenticity seems doubtful seeing as it is a post from Reddit, then made into an article. Let’s just assume its not fake news or conspiracy theory website. The article is just sensationalist. Apparently, the pandemic has caused a strain in marriages and relationships. Being around your lover for extended periods of time exposes certain character flaws. Arguments do happen in relationships and it only gets worse in crisis situations. A female weightlifter found out that her man does not like being beaten at feats of strength . It is amazing that in this day in age that women still seek out men that treat them horribly. The lugubrious part is no amount of feminism can fix this. Women like jerks, bad boys, and the most dominant man they can find.Women do not respect gentlemen or decent men. The thrill may be fun only for awhile, but that comes to an end. Our female weightlifter wrote on Reddit ( goes by “ThrowRA1287“) :

Read the full article here

I (30F[emale]) met this guy (28M[ale]) in January and he became my BF in February. Comes March, the world goes down the drain and we decided to move in together for the time of the pandemic. Everything is great.”

“In the morning, we have this routine where he browses Reddit and gives me the highlights. A few weeks ago, he shows me a post where this guy is challenged to an arm wrestling competition by his GF.”

“The guy didn’t seem to have any sort of training/work out whereas his GF did.”

“I commented he might have a surprise. My BF started educating me on biology and how men are stronger than women. I told him there were way too many factors to take into consideration to make such a broad comment.”

I have been doing weightlifting for 2 years and my BF has never seen a gym in his life, so I used us as an example. That was a BIG mistake.”

“He got really defensive and condescending, and made comments like ‘That’s cute.’ I just let it go.”

Funny how people call themselves experts in biology, which they really do not understand it. Women’s bodies are not naturally weak. Although they are considerably smaller and have lower muscle mass training can make a major difference. There are some amazon sized women that do exist. They have bulging biceps, booty that rivals Beyonce, and thighs that could strangle yaks. These gals make Wonder Woman and She-Hulk look like weaklings. I doubt that our friend would be condescending if he saw such women.

Gone are the days of the weaker sex. The iron pumping female is here and in full force. These girls are competitive by nature, so it was only a matter of time before she challenged her boyfriend. He was in for a rather surprising shock. Our fellow though he could perform weights better than his girlfriend who had been doing it for two years. Bragging to his friend while playing video games, this gave ThrowRA1287 to opportunity to prove him wrong.

Fast forward to yesterday. He’s playing some game with his friend (online) and I can clearly hear him talk about me. Well curiosity killed the cat.”

“At first it’s all pretty and my ego is bursting, but then he says I’m delusional because I think I’m stronger than him. Pause. ‘Seriously? I know I’m weak but not weaker than a girl.'”

“So later, I decide to call him on his BS. I asked him if he wanted to come workout with me the next day (this morning) so he can show me how strong he is.”

“He accepted and I was happy because I had been dying to bring him and initiate him to something I’m passionate about.”

“So, this morning, we went to my friend’s (27M) garage (my region allows groups of 10 or less and we wipe everything). I told him we’re gonna do deadlifts. It’s my favorite exercise and I was already planning to test my personal best so it was perfect.”

“My friend was there cause he corrects my form and it’s been our Sunday ritual since [the virus]. We started light and slowly worked our way up, doing the same number of reps as the other.”

“Comes 185, his form starts to crumble so we made him go lighter. But 185 really isn’t that much for me so I kept stacking the plates. He looked very supportive and impressed the whole time. I ended up beating my personal best at 265. I was ecstatic and so were they.”

Well, he was humbled and it made him silent the rest of the drive back home. The level of insecurity showed when our female weightlifter’s boyfriend yelled at her for embarrassing him. The bizarre part is she was made to feel guilty. Then asks the silly the question if what she did was correct. Why apologize ? It’s not like she did something wrong. The real offensive aspect of this is that there are still women who belittle themselves for the sake of maintaining a relationship. With all the saturation of girl power and independent strong woman chants, one would think this would be a relic of the past. The comments were supportive of our strong woman, which is refreshing to see. Normally, women who are strong face online abuse from posts on social media. The suggestions ranged from telling her that the man needs more emotional strength. There are some weak men who just can’t handle a strong woman. They need one that is either smaller and less intelligent than they are. Men like that want someone they can manipulate and control. Why these men still get dates and relationships is beyond the realm of logic. The only reason is that women consent to this. Why not seek out a man who appreciates and respects your talents ? This may be a crazy idea, but it might just work. Maybe our girl should just find a stronger man. However, why limit yourself to one type.

Castigation should be reserved for the guys who treat women horrible. While men who are fairly decent struggle, the men like the Redditor’s boyfriend don’t know how good they have it. Here you have a girl that wants to share an interest that she likes. She let’s you play video games in peace and most likely does not demand much. Instead you make her feel bad. To the men who ignore such women, you don’t know what you’re missing. A swole chick is a combination of thicc wrapped in a bun of voluptuousness. Everyone has a preference. Liking strong women should not be any different. The best advice to this couple : help each other out. Learn not to be enraged when your girl does something better. Motivate one another in life’s goals. Doing this will build a healthy relationship.

Woman’s Boyfriend Enraged After She ‘Emasculates’ Him By Proving That She’s Physically Stronger Than Him

Rise In Testosterone Level Boosts Young Women’s Running Capacity

FILE PHOTO: World Athletics Championships

Testosterone and the Female Runner

There are generally misconceptions about how sex hormones work. The British Journal of Sports Medicine published that testosterone level increase can enhance women’s running capacity . The reason for this research was to determine if it is far for women with higher levels of testosterone to compete as women. Caster Semenya was banned from track, simply because she had a physical advantage. This is not an example of rational science, rather discrimination based around biology. Imagine if a basketball player was banned from the sport for being too tall or a rugby player for being too big.Athletes may have all sorts of physical advantages, so making sports a completely fair playing field is impossible. Physical advantage does not mean an individual will always win a competition. Measuring women’s testosterone levels is just another form of sex testing and an attempt to police women in a male dominated area. This could negatively impact women who do not have hyperandonism or hormonal conditions. The IAAF policy must be overturned. Athletes must lower their testosterone levels to 5 nmol/l of blood to compete in middle distance races. A change in testosterone level can improve performance, but it is questionable that women with higher levels have so much physical prowess that it is unfair to other female competitors.

The study selected women between the ages of 18 to 35 to try testosterone cream. These were not professional athletes. Their physical fitness capacity was not documented, but they were in good health condition. Most were physically active . One group was given 10mg of testosterone cream and the other was provided with a placebo. What was tested aerobic and anaerobic performance. The subjects ran on treadmills to the point of exhaustion. There was a focus on leg power being examined when women did stationary cycling. Muscle strength was studied by squat jumps and vertical jumps. This experiment lasted for 10 weeks. It should be noted that testosterone is not a “male hormone.” It is a sex hormone that men produce more of . Both males and females produce estrogen and testosterone at different levels.

Hormones can effect musculoskeletal mass and aerobic capacity
Leg Strength was tested
Female Athletes were not used in the study

It was apparent that no change would happen in the placebo group. Some studies have suggested that women’s testosterone levels can be boosted temporarily from weightlifting. This did not occur with this group. The women that did use the cream saw running time exhaustion increase. This was by 21.17 seconds. Circulating testosterone rose  from 0.9 nmol/litre of blood to 4.3 nmol/l. Oddly, there were no significant changes in weight. There was a change in muscle mass. The women using the testosterone cream gained 923 g compared to non-users 135 g overall total. The muscular gains in the legs was significant with 398g compared to 91 g. The sample was small and 10 weeks may not be enough to fully determine the full range of impact. The increase is testosterone is below men’s average. While it improved women’s physical fitness capacity it did not reach a male level.

The authors made this conclusion : “our results are therefore of great importance for the ongoing discussion of whether it is fair to allow athletes with naturally high testosterone to compete in the female category without reducing their hormonal concentration to the female range.” At this point the debate seems to favor not making women reduce their testosterone levels. The study was using testosterone cream. The women with high testosterone levels are not having it injected or rubbed into their bodies. A dramatic change in physiology would come from anabolic androgenic steroid use, than from hyperandronism. The alteration of body chemistry by pharmaceutical means seems more like an unfair advantage compared to how a person was naturally born.

Steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone
Testosterone enables more muscle mass and a higher amount of protein synthesis
The ovaries and testis produce estrogens and androgens

Even aid from chemical or drug based alteration does not mean an athlete will dominate competition. The fact the IAAF gets to determine who can be considered a woman based on endocrine function is unscientific. Based on this logic Caster Semenya should be able to race with men, if she is not considered a woman. The biological reality is that she would not have the physical fitness capacity to compete with a man on a similar athletic level. Most men would be bigger, stronger, and faster than her in athletic competition. Physical advantage should not be grounds for discrimination. This could also result in more confusion. What if all women have their testosterone levels measured and the IAAF sorts them for competition. The current system of dividing runners by running distances has worked well enough. Women are just being subjected to another form of sex verification test, only this time in another name.

The argument of promoting fairness in competition has no basis in scientific logic. It is apparent that complete fairness can never be instituted in the world of international sports competition. There are athletes who are going to be faster, stronger, and more skilled than other simply because their individual physiology allows it. The playing field can be made equal by weight classes. This give athletes of different sizes the opportunity to compete. If the IAAF truly believes sports is a human right and that everyone should compete, they would discard this ruling. Measuring women’s testosterone levels becomes ethically questionable. The British Journal of Sports Medicine needs to conduct further experiments in relation to endocrine function. Testosterone can improve athletic performance in women,but the margin is not so large that a ban is required.

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