A Confutation To Broscience : The Fun Side of Being With A Female Bodybuilder

“The Downsides of Having Sex With A Female Bodybuilder” from Broscience was published in 2015.  Another  article that pondered the topic appeared on Spot Me Bro. Both were so similar you would have thought it was plagiarism. Or maybe so many people think the same their writing is identical . The real comedy is that none of the authors even have dated or gotten close to a female bodybuilder. How can you write about something you do not know?   The Spot Me Bro article has since disappeared, but my response has not on VK media ( Spot Me Bro ).  The poor attempt at humor is more painful than watching Amy Schumer  stand up. They are the same quotes and ideas espoused by female muscle haters on forums, videos sites, or social media. This is the land of npcs in which anyone who looks, thinks, or acts differently is automatically castigated. Although my response to the Broscience article was a relative short one ( Broscience)  I feel that this needs a bigger exclamation point. Our poor bros do not understand what they are missing. Being with a female bodybuilder has more potential than you think. Our bros only think about the act of sex, rather than a possible long term relationship or a marriage. You would be in good hands with ( or locked in arms) with such a woman.  The fun side of being with a strong woman  outweigh cons. Being with and seeing different people can broaden your horizons. One just needs an open mind.

      Beauty comes in many forms it is just unfortunate only one paradigm is presented as ideal. The female form can have many versions of beauty. This is not about presenting one type as ideal or superior  rather enjoying variety.  The muscular female form combines strength and feminine grace into one entity. Bodies almost take on god like imagery. These women look like warriors ready for battle. The muscular woman seems like a goddess radiating with power. All the same areas that men find attractive on women are merely exaggerated to the highest degree. The posterior and legs are popular sights of interest. It makes a man also pay special attention to other parts of a woman’s body. Normally,  the back is not a favorite part of men. When a lover of female bodybuilders is asked they articulate a beauty in a sculpted back.




The lines, the curvature, and the size of the latissimus dorsi  produce a look similar to a statue. Their bodies have been molded into living works of art. What some consider spectacle is actually a testament to how incredible the human body is. This admiration is beyond erotic desire rather a respect for an aesthetic paradigm. The female flesh is molded into something majestic. It takes an immense amount of mental and physical effort to attain such physical prowess. Such women have not lost their femininity; they have expanded its definition. Womanhood does not have to be frail and helpless; it can be strong and dynamic. This is more of the philosophical basis for liking women of such strength. The sudden beauty fad is to favor women with curves, but the muscular woman had curves prior to it being popular. This may be too hard for the Broscience guys to understand. Some people have different tastes in women. Opening your views to accepting other forms of beauty widens your options.

       Broscience got it backwards about having relations with a female bodybuilder. Why wouldn’t an eligible bachelor want to have some physical intimacy with a different type of woman.  Make no mistake this will be physically intense. These girls are not linebackers or men with vaginas. They are dedicated athletes with the bodies of She-Hulk and the strength of Wonder Woman.  While some men may have a problem with women having more power in both the physical and social sense, the reality is men are going to go to what they want. Brosceince says your friends may tease you, but so what. This is a different sexual experience. Many couples say they get bored doing the same thing. People may get sick of being with the same type in a relationship.




These women are unique in the sense their bodies are different. They are strong and at the same time have a soft voluptuousness. Is this is fetish ? Liking muscular women is not a fetish by itself. That is just a preference for a particular body type. There are fetishes specific to the love of strength and muscles known as cratolagnia and stehnolagnia. Buff babes are the greatest thing for people with this type of fetish. Sometimes it is not about the looks; it’s the confidence that the women project. People ruin their chance for happy interpersonal relations due to their insecurities. Women often get  too clinger like  with  their partner. Men have the desire to be too domineering in their relationships. Broscience says that when you go with a woman like this, “you’re not the man.” The opposite is true. You will go from being a 98 pound weakling to a super saiyan god. These women put hair on your chest. Depending on the woman the sexual experience may vary.Make no mistake it will be wild and wonderful. There will be one thing harder than the muscles on your girl’s body. If your performance is good you should be proud. Especially if you are thinner or smaller man in body size this should be a praised accomplishment.

           There could be complications being with a woman bigger and stronger than you. Some gals just may not know their own strength. However, getting physically intimate with a muscle woman is not like a WWE match. Let’s assume our Amazon does not want to practice MMA for a second. Copulation really involves the lower body were the reproductive organs are located. Unless our strong woman in question is wrapping her legs around you as hard as she can, there’s nothing to fear. Some guys like it rough. Take a risk my fellows it eliminates the dullness of life. If our gals are getting too rough remember the safety word. There is no shame in saying she is hurting you. If you want to be macho just let her go at it. A man  could have the best night of his  life. Why would you want to miss out on that ?




 Getting certain women can be a dramatic ego boost. Being with a strong woman just is a demonstration of how much of an alpha man you can be. It takes a man of extreme strength to handle women of high quality.This should not be regulated to a one night stand. You’ll probably want to see her again and again. Few men would express it publicly, but there is something sexy about a physically powerful woman. Gym bros should be more than willing to be with ladies that share their interest. If not that means more muscle women for us average Joes. After awhile you just get tired of women falling for the same gorilla size jocks; let other men have a chance. Women may only be attracted to men solely for their status, but women with more rational judgement select men  of character. Who knows ? Maybe opposites can attract.

        Having a relationship with a female bodybuilder would definitely be a unique experience.  For one thing, you almost become a celebrity with all the stares in public. This may bother you at first, however there is a thrill to getting attention by way of the woman you are with. A bashful person may be overwhelmed by this fact. Others may take it negatively, but the stares and attention may not be out of disgust or disdain. It could be simple curiosity. Just like that you have become famous with your female bodybuilder.




It is  the Kardashian effect . Do nothing and become famous. The only downside to this is that pretty women get the attention of other men. Don’t be jealous or frustrated; she’s with you after all.  It’s highly unlikely she’ll run off just with another guy because she gets one compliment or a passing glance. When you are with a woman like this, attention from other people is unavoidable.  Who cares what other people think ( if they do that in the fist place) . Judgment only comes from the closed minded and people who don’t try to understand. Just sit back and enjoy the extra attention.

      Goal driven women may not have as much time for you. A competitive female athlete has a very structured schedule. Being with her much as you would like just may not be feasible.  This may be a downside, however it has benefits. Often couples may enjoy long periods of one another’s company. After awhile people may just need their personal space. This is not pushing a person away rather having time to one’s self. Some women feel that all of a man’s attention should be devoted them, but really do not need to do the same in return. Men continually have to put more effort into relationships. There is even more labor in simply starting one. A woman with a certain focus may not demand things to such a degree that you feel more like a servant. Strong women have a level of independence, which means they do not have the same insecurities that are projected by other women. The real insecure ones become jealous when you engage in conversion with other women, have the need to know where you are at all times, or constantly ask  how you feel about them. Trust simply is not there. The strong and confident woman trusts you. When you see her after training it will be more of a delightful treat.

        There is an advantage of being with a fit woman which is related to health. A fit woman will keep a man healthy. It has been proven that men who are married do live longer on average ( well so do sheltered house cats). Eating out may have to be reduced. Burger King and McDonald’s are not part of an athlete’s diet. Well, maybe on occasion a cheat meal can be allowed. At least seeing  your partner eat healthy may inspire you to do so.  Positive encouragement is the best method for long term change in lifestyle choices. A healthy woman can keep a man healthy. The diet will be sugar and mostly fat free, but you will be full. Chicken, eggs, and vegetables could be your diet. Another benefit to being with a female bodybuilder is a personal exercise partner. It is easier to remain dedicated when a person is there providing support. She will also get more motivated in her goals as well. The point is to elevate one another. A strong woman may help improve both your fitness and health. There could be psychological benefits as well. A woman that takes care of herself would certainly not let her man fall into decline.

        The fun side overall would be to experience a woman both physically and emotionally who is different. Exposure to an assortment of people allows us to grow. Don not seek conformity or the same thing out of life. Embrace variety and great things will follow. Broscience only thinks about the physical part of a relationship; one should be looking at the full benefits of a long term engagement. Maybe you and your Amazon princess can frolic off into the sun set. It may be your dream come true. It is funny how so many people disparage something before they even try it. Those who claim they do not like women of such appearance contradict themselves when going got with one. Changing your mind is fine, but acting like you are not a recent convert is not. The internet has shown there are a portion of men that do not find a muscular woman unappealing. To them they are their ultimate dream and fantasy. Even some large muscle bros are into muscle women. It makes sense seeing as it is a woman that shares their passion. Broscience does not get it. Buff babes are the best thing on Earth. You just need to open your eyes to see the greatness in front of you.

A Confutation To Broscience : The Fun Side of Being With A Female Bodybuilder

Please Stop Praying At Sporting Events

Religion still remains a large part of people’s lives even in a highly technological and information based post-industrial society. There remains the debate on whether science and religion can coexist in a civilization. There are obvious extremes in the spectrum that can be seen in religious fanaticism and scientism. Blind devotion to a single ideology can be dangerous, if it suppresses critical thinking skills. Whatever belief system an individual adopts, it should be subject to rigorous analysis and criticism.  For the believers in a higher power, there is one practice that should be stopped. Praying at sporting events should not be done. The problem with this is that it merely makes faith seem nothing more than wish granting from an unseen genie. If one is going to make a plea for for an event to change, why do something out of a selfish motivation ? Organized religion survives in the modern world due to the fact it is a meme that is transferred from generation to generation. The discomfort of knowing at some point life will end makes some want to believe that their is immortality of the soul. People who suffer under extreme conditions like the idea that their is some God protecting them from harm. There is no evidence that such a force or creature exists. Faith is just the conviction that such a God exists without any factual basis. Prayer to the pious acts as a communication link. Athletes and fans that pray during sporting events almost take this act and cheapen its value.

          Athletes and fans tend to pray at sporting events with the hope that it will reverse their fortunes. The question remains why would God care about a sporting event ? It seems devoid of all logic. Why would an omnipotent and wise being care about a simple game. It would make less sense for such an entity to care about a regular person. Few people care about the ants  that they step on walking down a street. God and humanity can be compared in the same manner. The more power something has, the less it will care about a being below it.


God has nothing to do with where you got in life. Too often people say they are “blessed” when when something positive happens to them. People can end up in various situations both good or bad, but divine intervention has nothing to do with it. An athlete praying for success or the strength to continue seems more comedic, when other factors are considered. Diligence, talent, support from family or friends are the keys to an athlete’s success. A good coach provide motivation and guidance, when stress or disillusionment can be fall an athlete. People rather thank some entity they have never sensed  than the people who moved them forward. Praying too much almost reduces its relevance. Praying over meals, celebrations, and before bed becomes  a ludicrous practice. There is nothing wrong with people having a religious belief system, but there is a point when it becomes excessive. The more dangerous cases result in extremist thought.

         Praying at a football or basketball game does not hurt anyone. Yet, religious fundamentalism is a serious threat to freedom and basic human rights. States that cling to religious law will not adhere to the rule of law. Fundamentalist religion seeks to impose one ideology on everyone and devalues other systems of thought. The Christian right in the United States attempts to undermine science and open debate of ideas. The reject human evolution, climate science, and women’s reproductive rights. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a theocracy in which one religion is law. Israel although it has democratic institutions is a theocracy in the sense that it is  a state for Jews only. The ethno-religious centrism of the Likud Party sees only Jews as citizens with Arabs, Somali, and Ethiopian   people in the state not be true citizens.  Islamism and Zionism are examples of the perils of fundamentalist religion. The Christian right in America are also on a crusade to discriminate against the LGBTQ community. The traditional academic theology is also under attack beaten down by extremist voices.

article-0-0257341100000578-258_468x286 Theology is a rich philosophical discipline. Over time as the major monotheistic religions became organized religion. Organized religion is designed to control a population and prevent a disturbance in the status quo. The establishment of the Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation are cases in which organized religion was used to control the political affairs of states. Islam was used by the Ottoman Empire to keep subjects unified. Even in countries that are secular organized religion still has some influence over politics. The fact that appears in sports also show its hold over culture.

         When prayer is done it is assumed that it is a direct communication to God. Thinking critically, this poses a logical problem. There is no one who answers and believers say God only communicates indirectly. The claim is either there are miracles or possible supernatural forces ( angels).  Faith is not fact. Simply believing in idea does not make it true. It can be verified that certain animals exist. Microorganisms can be detected by microscopes. Subatomic particles can be detected by linacs and cyclotrons. God cannot be detected or proven to exist. The concept of faith would not be acceptable to people if someone said ” I have faith your operation will be successful” or  ” I have faith you will be paid for your work .” The answers people would want are either a definite yes or no. Obviously,  faith and logic cannot not coexist so people selectively use logic depending on the situation.

406368-bfdc47b7d77d641d3af6bcfd5e875fa6.png   Cognitive dissonance can be found in followers of religion. At a greater extreme some may be just contradictory or hypocritical. The closed minded either say the heathens, gentiles, or infidels are going to face eternal damnation for not following the right religion. If  God never told a person what the “right” religion was, then such a claim is ridiculous. Religious texts are not authored by supernatural forces; they were written by people.  There cannot be cases in which a person demands evidence and others not. Religion is not just something followed by the credulous. There still a large portion of the world population that follow multiple faiths.The reason why religion still remains in a world that become more technologically advanced is due to humanity’s fear of uncertainty and death.

         Uncertainty is something that most do not like. Many want to feel in control of their fate or destiny, but can be random. Life may not turn out the way one expects or misfortune can occur. Uncertainty only adds to fear. It can be potentially a pathway to a better life. The reality is that there are no simple answers to major questions of life and existence. This takes an immense amount of thought and introspection. The existentialist approach is that life is what you make it. Instead of seeking answers from a religious system or political ideology an individual charts their own course. The biggest uncertainty in life is the end of it. Death comes for all living things. Age, disease, and violence are how human beings reach their end. The idea of dying or simply no long existing bring fear to one’s thoughts.


The religious believe that the soul can be immortal. A soul as it is described does not exist. There is a life force that is  driven by biological and physiological functions. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. The energy of the human body merely transfers back to the environment. Spirits and souls are not matter. When human beings die, their consciousness vanishes. The brain becomes inactive and with it it all the functions that make a person unique. Death is part of the natural process of biology. This is one thing that cannot be stopped. Immortality may not be a biological possibility. As far as it is known this could be beyond the powers of biomedical science and genetic engineering. Doing this would have unintended consequences. If  people lived forever healthcare systems could not cope, overpopulation would become an issue, and  the economy could not adjust. The fear of death is the reason that some cling to religion. Everyone fears  it. The idea that a worshiper can go to heaven or be granted a reward is comforting. The problem is that we only get one life and that is it. It should be lived to the fullest. Embrace uncertainty and learn to find purpose on your own terms. A person that prays for something to happen will never see change. A person must take action to take control of life.

       Religion should not be banned nor should praying. The only concern should be to question a belief system. It is very important to be critical of ones that you support. Religion is one of  the belief systems that thinks it should not be criticized. Praying at sporting events only cheapens the significance of a sacred ritual. The lugubrious part of this practice is that it used for wish fulfillment. The world of hyper consumerism and advertising has spread to religion. Like any other product it has become packaged in marketed to a specific demographic. Religion has become just another item to be sold. There are individuals who are lost, but don’t know they are. This explains why some join either extremist movements or follow a demagogue. Cults are able to attract people who do not have direction, seek purpose, or want some sense of community. While it is rare that individuals go to this level, there remains mental chains that cannot be broken. Praying may be a good coping mechanism for a time. Yet, it does not solve problems because no one is listening. The all powerful entity is simply not there. There have been many Gods that man made throughout history. Zeus, Ishtar, and Aphrodite are no longer recognized. Gods and mythology change overtime. This is the product of human imagination.    Athletes can pray as much as they want. Yet, it should be remembered that God or Gods did not have anything to do with their success.

Please Stop Praying At Sporting Events

Why Female Muscle Is The Sexiest Thing Ever

Everyone has their own  concept of beauty and attractiveness. The mistake is that some believe it is only one paradigm. The modern era is seeing women define beauty on their own terms. Whether body positivity  can be considered a feminist statement or a temporary fad has yet to be seen. Even before such a movement, women were changing their bodies in a way that was once thought impossible. Women in sports and fitness developed bodies that are physically powerful. Highly developed musculature may be a turn off to some people on a female body, but to others it is another form of beauty.  The image of female strength can either induce feelings of wonder, trepidation, lust or disdain. Although many are closed minded when seeing something different to a person who admires the female body in various forms can see the pulchritude of the female mesomorph. People who do not like the idea of a strong woman can even admit that their bodies  are  impressive.  The effort and dedication is not only a testament to physical strength, but strong mental drive. This is why female muscle is the sexiest thing ever. Their body becomes a living work of art with the aesthetics of traditional sculpture. The areas considered traditional beauty marks on women are enhanced. Power is sexy whether it is physical or mental. These are just a few explanations why female muscle can be attractive.

          Women with such strength and physical power are not that common. They are in many ways unique. They are women with strength greater than average men, but have their feminine allure. The strong woman breaks that traditional codes of gender roles, by defining them on their terms. This makes for a new and dynamic interpretation of feminine beauty. The gentle softness is contrast with a rock hard image of strong bodies.Combining these two elements show a body that is more voluptuous  that could be imagined on a female form. Being too thin does not give the body shape. additional curves enhance and exaggerate the female figure. Some women have the goal of obtaining an hour glass like shape. The muscular woman does too, but does it by other means. Developing the upper body to a high degree makes the waist look smaller. Other women acquire a larger waist, but it does not make them look block like. The female muscular body has a a magnificent fullness.


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The combination of beauty and physical power is unique. This was once thought to be a male only quality, however women seem to have given it a feminine touch with this new paradigm. The attractive aspect is that they are challenging the norm. If every woman looked this way, it would not be so special. Body image conformity demands that men and women look a certain way to suit gender role norms. This is unrealistic, because individual can vary vastly in appearance. The error is that beauty is assumed to be one thing or entity. The beauty ideal  can be different depending on personal preference, culture, and time period. The muscular woman in many ways is a new revolutionary concept. Women have defined what is beautiful based on their terms. Women are not just presenting muscular physiques on bodybuilding stages, but other sports as well. Only the elite become the best champions in their sport. Women of different appearance can be more than just a curiosity; there is a sexual allure.

          It is no secret that when people describe what is attractive they mention parts of the body. This could include features of the face, chest, lower, and upper body. The lower body on women specifically the legs and posterior are of particular interest to certain men. The muscular woman’s body only enhances these areas to the highest degree. The gluteus maximus on most of the women are highly developed. Before the popular fitness craze, female athletes were already doing training of this body part.   Sometimes it may also make a person admire other areas of the female body that normally are not given focus. The upper body was thought to be an area that women should not train for aesthetics. Yet, doing so gives women wonderful back development.





Biceps can even be attractive to the lover of female muscle. Some men do not like it because they think it is a male quality to have strong arms. However, women have shown that their is a graceful charm that comes with it.Women flexing their arms can be both amusing and arousing.  Breasts to others can be considered a beauty mark. When women train to this degree, breasts may decrease in size. Weightlifting does not increase breast size, but can improve pectoral muscle strength. Women do not need large breasts to have a nice physique. Granted, every woman has a difference in breast size. A woman with pecs can still fill out her chest. People find different parts of the body attractive. The female body shape has an elegance and majestic pulchritude. The only way to describe this is to imagine looking at nature. The mountains, forests, or steppes induce feelings of admiration due to their beauty. The love of the muscular can be more then just simple lust; it can be admiration.

        Admiration for the physically strong woman comes from challenging the status quo , embracing confidence, and having  charisma. Women have to deal with double standards in relations to behavior and the activities they choose to do. The muscular woman has mastered the complete control of their bodies. They molded, sculpted, and trained their bodies to the highest degree. The responses that their bodies generate prove that this is a radical statement about what women are capable of. The 20th century and 21st century have seen women all around the globe become more powerful politically and socially. While challenges still remain, it seems that the women being subordinates is over. The women of the sports world are embracing strength and some are pushing themselves to their maximum.


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Clothes cannot even hide such powerful looking bodies. So great their muscular development has become, they almost seem like living statues. The female body was at one time thought to be weak or lesser than that of men. The female body is capable of many astounding things. Giving birth is one that is easily recognized, which requires an more enduring strength. However, women can gain an impressive amount of physical prowess, which stuns people who have more traditional ideas about women’s bodies. Sometimes the status quo most be disrupted to allow for progress. The strong woman has muscled her way into what were thought to be manly pursuits and presenting a new paradigm. The new woman is not just independent or strong willed; she has the strength of body. There is something women gain psychologically from engaging in strength sport. Many say they have a greater self confidence. The pride comes from what they have accomplished and the challenges they overcame in the process. The new found confidence spreads to other areas of life. A woman with confidence  can be an attractive attribute  and women of this level have an unlimited supply. The muscular woman projects a charisma that supporters cannot ignore. Seeing them on stage or competing creates an even bigger magnetism. It may be perplexing to people who do understand the attraction to female muscle, but these are a few general reasons. The attraction or erotic nature does not come from appearance. The force and charm of personality are a factor.

     The fetish element cannot be forgotten. There is a misconception to view a sexual fetish as abnormal, but it is not. It is a form of sexual expression that people have. The sexual fetishes related to muscular women relate to stenolagnia and cratolagnia. This is arousal from the display of muscles or the demonstration of strength. The sexiest part about this is that women display their bodies with a great sense of pride. To the lover of female muscle there is nothing better than biceps, abs, glutes, or pecs. Mixed wrestling shows the full extent of  the muscular woman’s physical power.





Normally , men are stronger than the women they are with but in this situation roles are reversed. The muscular woman can be physically imposing. There is a gratification that some men get from having a woman over power them. It should be noted that woman also experience some form of satisfaction from physically dominating men. Here a man is in her compete control and unable to do anything about it. Sometimes its not just wrestling it extends to another activity known as muscle worship. This does not involve women physically dominating a man, rather a man admiring a woman’s body. Others may not appreciate the aesthetic, however the lover of female muscle can see the voluptuous pulchritude of an athletically developed female figure. These fetish related activities or practices link to the idea of power.

        Power is sexy. There are many types of power. Mental power can be the ability to use intellect to produce great works or have acumen in negotiation. The power to influence people is related to charisma.  Physical power meaning a person of great athletic prowess can be attractive for women. There remains some objections or aversion to such strong female bodies, however there are men who find them irresistible. A paradigm shift has occurred in which a strong and independent women are praised. Backlash occurs with any change, yet this development will not vanish. As there is a growing presence of women in the public sphere and multiple areas of society, it would make sense that another step would be taken. Mastery of  one’s physical self is the next step. The sports women of the modern era have feminized physical strength and power. It is not intimidating or unladylike its a new type of woman. The male attraction comes from seeing that confidence and power. Some men may want women as subordinates or submissive, but that is not suitable for a man of more open minded taste. A strong man and handle a strong woman.

       People question why some men like the physically strong woman. The answers are similar to the answers given for liking any other woman . A certain appearance, personality type, or other factor is at play. If seen from this perspective, the love of the muscular woman is not that unusual. Female muscle can be sexy. The lover of female muscle just appreciates different versions of beauty. Society has not caught up with this idea as whole. The obsession in regards to a single beauty standard is driven by a profit motive and a bias against women in particular. Women who look different or refuse to conform are ostracized. Supporters also get some negative criticism. This does not deter people from doing what they do or enjoying what they like.  What could have been a small niche could be larger than imagined. Surfing through the internet and social media platforms demonstrate there are people who like the idea of a strong woman. Few may admit their support publicly, yet the anonymity   of online use allows a person to express themselves more. The online traffic related to women’s sports or muscular women in particular is not just people who stumble upon it or view it out of curiosity.  The muscular woman is an embodiment of grace, power, and pulchritude.

Why Female Muscle Is The Sexiest Thing Ever

The Eroticism of Female Muscle

It is not just the sport itself we like. There is something memorizing about the image of the physically powerful woman. To some it can evoke feelings of disgust,fear, or hatred. Yet to others there is an erotic nature to the highly developed female form. There is no secret that there are men who love muscle women. They do not have to be bodybuilders specifically rather women who display physical prowess or some muscle. The specific fetish for this has been called cratolagnia and sthenolgania. Arousal form either displays of strength or muscle. Men who like muscle women are either seen as strange, sexually confused, or deviant. This is not the reality. These prejudices only represent what people do not understand or attempt to comprehend. No one would question a person’s attraction to women who are pretty in the conventional sense. Having discussions about such women seems normal. The fact is it is normal to admire and be arouse by various types of women. The misconception is that the lover of female muscle would reject women who are either slimmer or bigger. The truth is they are more open to different types and more appreciative of variety. Society does not like people who think differently or want to challenge the status quo. A woman who decides to take her athleticism to the maximum is doing a radical act. A man who shows affection and arousal is also challenging the status quo.

           To understand this fascination with the physically powerful female form, eroticism must be defined. Eroticism can be ” the attributes of sexual feelings.” The connotations can also extend to elements of desire, aesthetics, sensuality or romantic love in certain cases. Eroticism appears in literature, art,film,and other forms of entertainment. At times this term is both fluid and nebulous being defined by both the culture and time period. Psychology and biology are two fields that have extensively studied human sexual behavior. Sexology specifically devotes study to the cultural, social, and biological aspects of human sexual activity. The study of sexology has its roots as far back as the ancient and classical world. Sexual  manuals have existed for sexual practices, methods of contraception, and advice on sexual relationships. The Kama Sutra  was a notable Sanskrit text on eroticism and sexuality. Sexual mores change dramatically overtime. It is very ironic that sexology as a modern science did not emerge until the Victorian Age. Havelock Ellis was an English physician and social reformer, who pioneered sexology. He was an advocate of sexual liberation and the study of human sexual orientation at a time when these topics were taboo. Richard Von Krafft-Ebing  produced Psychopathia  Sexulais  in 1886 becoming one the first texts devoted to sexual pathology.

These images of women can induce sexual feelings. Some may find the more muscular women to their liking and other may like the thinner women. There could be a portion that like both. 

The problem with the work is that it reflected the homophobia at the time classifying being gay as a mental disorder. Homosexuality and bisexuality are just different sexual orientations. Asexuality seems to be more difficult to classify seeing as there is no sexual desire present. Eroticism could work in the same manner for people of different sexual orientations. Yet, when discussing desire or arousal there could be multiple possibilities among individuals .  The existence of various fetishes demonstrates this. Objects,actions, or people can induce erotic feelings. The reason people have such desires and thoughts can be related to biological evolution. According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution animals compete with one another  to produce offspring. Doing so ensures that genes and certain traits will continue. Favored traits would carry on through natural selection. Both sexes have desires and fantasies. Through out history female sexual desire was suppressed. Freedom only came with the sexual revolution and reliable contraception.

Relevant to the discussion of muscular women,  Magnus Hirschfeld coined terms that are applied to a particular fetish that lovers of female muscle have. Sthenolagnia  was coined by Hirschfeld another sexologist and physician who contributed much to the field. He described what are now known as  sexual fetishes. Cratolagnia and sthenolagnia  are not modern phenomenons. Nor are the kinks that people have. Eroticism’s denotation can be extended further to include an intense state of sexual arousal. There is a connection to sexual drive commonly referred to as libido   . Millions of years of human biological and social evolution have produced human sexual behavior.

    The female muscular form although a contradiction to traditionalist of gender roles creates a new paradigm of beauty. There are areas that are considered beauty marks on the female body. The chest and posterior tend to be popular areas of focus for the male gaze. The face has been important to both sexes. Some scientists even believe that beauty can be defined as symmetry within the face. While philosophers and scientists have attempted to define beauty people have done this on their own. It also varies from culture to culture. The muscular woman only exaggerates numerous aspects of the female physique. The lower body especially. Every man loves a woman with some well developed glutes.





It used to be that having a big butt women considered a bad thing. Now women are attempting to make them look bigger. The muscular woman was already pioneering this look before people became obsessed with “thicc.” Being too thin is not healthy and far from what many believe to be beautiful. The greatness of the female form is its voluptuous shape. This does not disappear with adding muscle. Women still retain higher body fat percentages and for female bodybuilders their off season provides a very nice look. A layer of fat comes over the muscle giving the image of softness combined with powerful hardness. People often get confused not realizing that women look different on stage. Limited body fat,tans, and high amounts of vascularity may seem unsightly to people who do not understand bodybuilding aesthetics. The point is to create and mold a physique like an artists molds clay.The phrase “her body is a work of art” is used by fans to approve of the image the athlete has presented. Merely showing the muscle is not enough. Posing routines become part of this erotic display. Women on stage posing in bikinis will generate arousal. The traditionalist argument that such activity and display lacks feminine charm seems to be misguided. It is the contrast between a  powerful body with smooth curves. Gender roles can flexible, so being a strong woman should not be a contradiction.

              There exists other forms of beauty and aesthetic presentation that few people can appreciate. Just like works of art ,there are various styles and techniques. The main parts of the muscular woman are highly exaggerated with the legs and chest. Women who build such physiques still want a similar hour glass figure with the difference in higher upper body development.

Making the upper body look larger and the lower body in proportion creates a look in which the waist appears smaller. The women are not building masculine bodies,they are adding shape to them. The female body ideal first began with a more voluptuous figure to a slimmer one in recent history. There is a return to a wider variety in what is considered the body beautiful. Living flesh becomes the marble of sculpture. Knowing this the admiration goes far beyond mere amorous fantasy. The body becomes an artistic representation through the building  of  a physique. Art is subjective, just like physique sports. The definitions can become unclear at times. People know what they like when they see it. Each muscle radiates power. Traditionally in art, the muscular male body was the image of masculine beauty. This was more so a style in ancient Greek and Roman civilization. Women in art were represented with bodies that were more soft. The female mesomorph does not fall into an androgynous mixture of the two rather it feminizes physical power.

        Power can be sexy. It can come in various forms such as mental and physical. These attributes have been promoted and praised in men,yet their is a realization that are great characteristics in women too.  There is a change in gender roles and sex politics in which women can have more freedom  and independence.  The phrase strong woman is used constantly,yet few really mean a literal representation. Bulging biceps, rippling abs, and impeccable glutes become a radical image of physical power never before seen on a female body.

For those who find such women attractive it goes far beyond looks. Seeing women perform  feats of strength becomes a major turn on. Lift and carry or  arm wrestling have become fetishes unto themselves. There is an amusement factor that captivates female muscle fans. Like watching a concert or stage performance there is a shock factor. It is not everyday their are women doing this. Maintaining such a body and the diligence it takes is incredible. The elite female athlete does not just have physical strength; there is a mental component present. The amount of drive, effort,and sheer willpower to attain such physicality would boggle the mind of an ordinary person. The mental strength that the women posses is a very admirable and attractive quality. It should be noted that women also have fetishes and desires. The common misconception is that women are only passive receivers of male passion. Women who participate in session wrestling primarily do it to support their sports endeavors. Yet,women who have other sources of income may do it any way. Women may get enjoyment out of dominating men physically. A large part of muscle worship is that the strong woman has her muscles admired by the man, Much of this has to do with power display. While it is acceptable that women can admire a powerful man the same does not seem to be true for women. The great thing is this taboo is discarded and reversed with a focus on feminine physical power. Maybe this is not a new phenomenon at all. The admiration for the powerful woman could be rooted in ancient myth and religion. Prior to the rise of monotheistic religion goddesses were recognized.

This is the Birth of Venus  by Sandro Botticelli. There is an erotic innuendo coming from this painting. 

       Mother goddesses appear in various cultures such as Nuwa in ancient China  or Papatuanuku in Maori tradition. Venus was not only the goddess of love she also was associated with sex,beauty, and fertility. There is a reason these subjects were placed together with this Roman goddess. The admiration and lust for muscular women may be going back to a worship of the mother goddess. It may be just a coincidence that female muscle fans may refer to their favorite athletes as goddesses, yet the connection seems to lead to such a conclusion. Monotheistic religion also brought about a more strict view about human sexuality and sexual behavior. Desire and lust was seen as sinful in these traditions and it ignored biological reality.  Eroticism has a biological component. These thoughts and urges are millions of years of encoded sociobiological behavior. Power is an attractive attribute,but it seems to becoming more acceptable for women to display such strength .

              The exploration into eroticism leaves many questions. What is beauty ? What is considered sexy? These questions do not have a one answer because so many people have their own ideas. They are influenced by the culture, society and media they watch. There is a difference between eroticism and pornography. At first this may be ambiguous or confusing due to the fact these terms are used interchangeably. Pornography specifically refers to the depiction of sexual acts or explicit display of the body for the purposes of sexual arousal. There may be overlap with the existence of erotic art or general erotica, but the words do not have the same denotation. There still has not been intense academic debate or discussion on these topics. Sexology is still has more research to produce to fully comprehend human sexual behavior. What can be known is why a person is attracted to certain types. Muscular women have a certain appeal. The parts of the female body are exaggerated to a greater degree. The posterior and legs have been areas of the female body that receive much attention. The image of the physically strong woman induces many feelings that can range from fascination to arousal. Liking the muscular woman is no different from liking any other women. What is different is that it is becoming a new paradigm of female beauty. While not embrace completely by the mainstream, it looks like there is a large portion of men who love it. The erotic nature has drawn in many men.

The Eroticism of Female Muscle

I Love Muscular Women And Why That’s A Great Thing

Valentine’s Day is that time of year in which we celebrate our most significant others. This celebration is named after Saint Valentine who was a Christian priest during the time of the Roman Empire. Persecution of the new religion was due to the fact there was a fear this group could threaten the power of government. There were many priests called Valentinus during this period, however scholars believe that he was martyred in 269 C.E. in relation to classical text. It was not until the Middle Ages did the holiday become associated with romance. Love can have multiple meanings. Sometimes it can be amorous, a sign of respect, or acknowledging a close bond with another person. There also is the possibility it can be all of these. Loving something that does not conform to the dominant cultural or social norms gets people branded as an outcast or eccentric. Saying you like muscular women can either cause reactions of ridicule, disgust, or repudiation. For this reason many male admirers of female muscle a either furtive or embarrassed about their love.This makes no sense to hide what you love. I love muscular women and there’s a good reason to. Even some supporters who say they just like women who are “toned” or “athletic” are really just saying they like muscular women. The only difference is magnitude. There are a portion of men who would reject women of great strength and they do not realize what they are missing.

         The muscular woman is a different type. Her uniqueness makes her something special. This is a breath of fresh air in a world that demands conformity in thought and behavior. To the philistine and closed minded people who are different need to be ostracized. The more thoughtful individual values and respects greatness of being unique. The world has become too npc. This neologism  stands for non-playable character in a video game. When applied to a person it means someone who is so conformist they are almost running on a computer program, rather than thinking for themselves. A portion of men base their preferences on either the culture they are raised in or mass media exposure.

 The only image of beauty was one paradigm, yet this shifts with time and transformation of culture. The uniqueness of the muscular woman is that there are few few instances in history in which women developed their bodies to this degree. The desire to go against the status quo make these women admirable. Especially since they do this in a male dominated field. There is often the claim that women just will not be interested in certain areas no matter how many barriers are lifted. That is not true,because women have become more active in sports, science, and politics. The muscular woman is unique which can be a very attractive quality. A person and grow if they expand their horizons. Learning from different people or interacting with someone outside your regular zone can enrich you. So fellas, why not try deviating from your standard type on dates ? Just think, you are taking out a woman that is above average. It may not be something you are used to, but it is a new experience.

         One reason to love muscular women is that they don’t care about other people’s negative opinions. This is something everyone should do. Faced with negativity both inside and outside their field they still persevere. The internet enables trolls through social media to attack them. Pusillanimous behavior such as that is only a sign of weakness and failure. Others may express an opinion in a civil manner, but really just are secretly supporting a desire to impose gender roles.


n_a (1)

9435_MiHyunJung_0066f Society has made progress in some ways, yet remains backwards in some elements. Women are still seen as things and not independent people. Gradually, there has been more acceptance of  legal and social equality. However, the freedom of choice do control a  their own bodies seems off limits to women in regards to appearance and reproductive rights. People have the problem of being prejudicial without knowing a person.This behavior gets magnified over the internet. The strong woman can easily brush this off and continue to be successful. Detractors and the closed minded can be vociferous, but this does not stop them. Not caring about what others think of you is an admirable quality. Peer pressure and societal expectations keep the creative, the innovators, and the free spirits suppressed. Only when these individuals go against conformity do the  reach their full potential.

            I love muscular women because they have made strength both artistic and beautiful. The sculpting of the female form becomes similar to a sculptor producing a work from clay or marble. Through training, nutrition, and attention to detail they produce a physique of symmetry, size, shape, and definition. The feminine version of strength becomes both graceful and dynamic. This aesthetic is new and the general public may not appreciate it as much as the artist or fan of feminine strength. Strength is no longer viewed as masculine, grunting, and brute image. Women’s entry in the fitness and bodybuilding sports  has brought about a wonderful charm.

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Their bodies become living works of art. There normally is the criticism of muscular women being “too big” or “too much.” The reality is they are not “bulky” rather they have sculpted their physiques to a degree which makes them appear bigger than they are. This is not some imitation of the male physique, rather it is a strong and elegant one. The general public does not appreciate this image of woman. Figure studies and sculpture are major parts of art. What the muscle woman does on stage is like performance art, with the body acting as the work. There should be at least a level of respect for the dedication and focus required to attain such fitness. Mental strength also is essential part of this task.

       The more obvious reason I love muscular women that must men can understand, is that look. The voluptuous figure seems to be coming back in vogue. The muscular woman embodies this to the greatest degree. Some fellows say that a woman is thicc, but have not seen such a thing in its magnificent glory.

The muscle only accentuates the female figure. Shape on a female body is more appealing compared to extremely thin body that has been promoted in media for so long. There are men who are threatened by the sight of large arms on a woman. Oddly, large arms on a woman can be attractive. The sculpted arm with shape enhances the chest.  Having a certain type does not mean one should reject others. A thin body image should not be  exchanged for a fit one. Female muscle lovers embrace numerous body types on women. This should not be strange considering they love on that is not accepted b the mainstream. Embracing a muscle woman is a great thing. She can expand your horizons and you get exposure to someone different. Sometimes it is a positive thing to go outside your comfort zone.  Dating one of these women could be a fun experience. Who knows, if it really goes well a long term relationship could emerge. If you strike some good luck maybe marriage. This love of the muscular woman goes beyond mere attraction. They are make an important statement. It is a feminist message even though many would not consider themselves part of the movement or ideology. A woman can be strong, beautiful,  and have power.

I Love Muscular Women And Why That’s A Great Thing

Words Of Praise To The Women Who Pushed Their Physiques To The Maximum

There are a portion of men who love female muscle. Yet, there are different tastes. Some say their is an extent in which women gain too much. Others just say “I like a woman who is in shape” or “just athletic.” They attempt to distinguish they do not like female bodybuilders. While muscular women may not be everyone’s preference, there has to be a level of respect for their accomplishments. Detractors make the argument that such physiques caused the death of the sport or scared women away from lifting. The fact is women’s sports get less exposure, not because women are poor athletes rather their is prevalent sexism within the sports culture. Corporate gatekeepers control what people see and do not attempt to market it to audiences that want to see such athletes. Such women should be praised for developing their physiques to an maximum. Detractors or those who do not understand state women went too far or have gone “extreme.” The term extreme can be relative. To some men who who do not fit into a size zero may be extreme. When such labels are used it only exposes a double standard. The point of being an athlete is to improve and increase your performance; not limit yourself for the sake of societal convention. Women are pressured to do this in areas or fields that are thought to be traditionally male. There are numerous reasons women should be praised for pushing their physical limits. They challenge social convention, make a bold women’s rights statement, demonstrate that women’s sports can be entertaining, and do this under less than favorable circumstances. There is a beautiful aesthetic that only a longtime observer and fan of the strength sports can truly appreciate.

        The common social convention is that women should all look a certain way. Women are held to a different standard in regards to appearance. When they challenge this notion they are ostracized. The most muscular women challenge the concept of women being weak, passive, and being men’s property. There has been some gradual acceptance among some related to the image of the muscular woman. However, these supporters say their is a limit. Getting “too big” reduces femininity in their perspective. Everyone has a preference and a different view on muscular aesthetics, but to say women are less woman like because they are strong is ludicrous.

Some men and women who make these claims either are closed minded or simply do not like people who are different. Society likes conformity and conformists rarely make history or world shaking change. There are those who may just be ignorant of what these women do and when knowledge is imparted, they become more understanding. The muscular woman challenges gender convention in a society that believes women should limit themselves . Things change and people must get used to it. The body image positive movement stresses  the importance of self-esteem in appearance and challenging a ridged standard of beauty. While it seems that the curvy women or bigger girls are more visible, other women are ignored. Why should they be ?  The muscular woman pioneered body positive image even before this 21st century movement.  Women have so changed their image in the sports and bodybuilding world some have even stated they went too far.

There are women who have over the course of the bodybuilding sports produced physiques that were just as impressive as their male counterparts. This was criticized in the fitness community as being “too extreme.” Well, if extreme meant being fantastically accomplished by this measure the women were extreme. Although various pejoratives were directed at them, they continued to be successful.Some sports fans and observers still think that men are the better athletes , yet women have proven them wrong. The more vituperative detractors state “these women look like men” or “they are manly.”  It should be noted that not every man is as built as they are. People look different from one another. At least in America, you have the freedom to be what you want. If women can be scientists, CEOs, and politicians why not have full control of their appearance and bodies? Normally, detractors give some reason that lack cogency. The first is that women’s bodies are designed for child birth only. This is blatantly sexist, but the belief is common. Women’s sole purpose in life is not to have children and please men. Another argument detractors make is that this is unnatural or unhealthy  for the female body. They say this even i the athlete achieves their physique by natural or pharmaceutical means. Drugs have been a part of sports for a longtime, but women are not the biggest consumers of performance enhancing drugs.

Who cares if she uses drugs or not? This is very impressive.

If there is such a concern about actual health most Americans are either drinking or eating too much. Limited physical activity makes it worse. Obesity has become a public heath issue. The problem is also spreading outside the developed world with fast food becoming more available globally. There are many things we do to our bodies that are not natural. Plastic surgery, genetic engineering, and transhumanism will become more common place in the future. Nature its self is strange when examining the changes that involving human evolution. Biology does not follow a set path; it could be erratic. Now humanity has the ability to control its own biology through technological and scientific knowledge.





The women who are drinking and smoking , may not be in the best of health later. While the athletes at the bottom may be pushing her body to its highest limits, there are worse things one could do to it. 

The argument against women building strength to such a degree based on heath lacks cogency. There are many unhealthy activities people engage in, yet there is little to no criticism of those activities.  Smoking although it has been reduced in the US is considered an acceptable activity. At one time it was not for women in the United States. Cigarette companies realized that women were a big demographic, which meant more potential buyers. If cigarettes were marketed women in a certain way that show them being more independent and powerful women would buy them. Women in the 1920s began buying more cigarettes. It was the age of the Roaring Twenties and the flappers were women who repudiated gender conventions of earlier generations. Women building muscle whether by unaided or pharmaceutical  is not anymore dangerous the the common unhealthy activities people engage in on a daily basis. Like the suffragettes or flappers the muscular woman repudiates the social conventions of gender.

          Women developing their physiques to this extent makes a bold feminist statement. The feminists normally talk about empowerment, but other factions do not act on this conviction. The rhetoric is articulated; the action is never carried out. To the empowerment feminists women doing just about anything could be considered empowering. Simply getting out of bed they would praise a woman for. These women have taken empowerment to a new level by empowering themselves physically. Women’s bodies were viewed through the perspective of medicine and biology as being inferior to that of men. The difference in physical strength had been used by sexists has a way to say men are better. While on average men are stronger, women can build significant strength through training. The narrative of  “men are strong and women are weak” gradually crumbles. There are some men who feel that women need to be controlled, by force if necessary. A woman strong enough can defend herself from violence and not have to be reliant on male protection. The image of male protector was nothing more than a myth. It is highly likely that women in their lifetimes will be abused or attacked by an intimate partner. Developing physical skills and strength liberates women in more ways than one could have imagined. Certain tasks can be done without male assistance. Moving furniture, opening jars, groceries, or shoveling snow become easier.  When men see this they come to the realization they do not have a monopoly on sports or strength.

This almost seems like a silent revolution that few are paying attention to. The feminists of the third wave and the emerging fourth wave do not even seem to be focusing on this seriously. The women who are active in developing their physiques do not even realize they are making a feminist statement. Many do not want to use that label because it has been associated with either a pejorative. Stereotypical images of man-haters and bra burners are recycled through the media ad nasusem. Despite these images, it should be realized that feminism is a vast body of political and social thought that advocates women’s rights and equality by basic definition. This phenomenon of the strong woman could be classified under amazon feminism. This branch has not been fully developed or articulated, rather it describes the sudden acceptance of women who demonstrate physical skill and prowess. The biggest change is that female athletes are not as afraid to show their more muscular bodies.

It is not only about what the body looks like; it is about what it can do. Women competing in the Olympics train specifically for a certain sport. These sports involve strength, speed, agility, and skill. Their bodies do not just look powerful; they are. That is the most radical statement. A woman’s body is more than just appearance. It can come in different shapes and sizes. Maybe amazon feminism is turning into a coherent idea or dispersed cultural movement. It still seems too early to tell. However, there has been no point in documented history in which women have developed themselves physically to this level. There are myths of amazons and Valkyries, but it appears they are becoming real in front of our eyes. Women’s history may be taking a revolutionary turn culturally, socially, and politically. This phenomenon of the change in the female body could just be one part of that.

       Claims that women’s sports are not interesting a challenged when examining the mass amounts of internet traffic directed at athletes’  social media and websites. Seeing women like this is rare so it is no wonder such videos generate views. Comments can either be positive or negative. However, it is a fact that their is a fan base for such women. Fans are amazed by their athletic feats as well as what they consider another form of beauty. There are many reactions that such physiques on women generate. There is a shock factor when seeing them in action for the first time. These tiny bodies were molded into something out of a comic book  or an ancient Greek statue. The strong female image is not the only impressive element about this it is the mental aspect. There is an enormous amount of mental strength and will power to attain this level of physicality. Combined with that, the muscular woman has to endure being a underdog in the fitness community that does not always embrace her presence. Ridicule and shaming from the public also becomes a challenge. However, when some learn of the magnificent performances they do, prejudices can easily be erased. Just think, these are some of the most physically powerful women on the planet.

The shocking surprise is that some female athletes do not look as strong as they really are. Weightlifters focus on strength, rather then aesthetics in spots competition. Seeing women lift twice their own body weight is a sight to behold. When they compete the audience is captivated by women that are very unique. The problem is these talented athletes are not getting enough exposure. If women had the same attention given to male athletes in the media, no one would say it is not marketable. Women’s sports can be just as interesting as their male counterpart. It needs more favorable and a supportive atmosphere to survive. No matter how dismal the conditions this does not stop women from competing and doing it well. Most importantly, they do not care what people think. That should be lauded  just as much as their athletic performance. Renee Toney a female bodybuilder claims to have the largest biceps of any woman in the world. To some this may seem unsightly or repulsive. The more enlightened are amazed that a woman with 22 inch arms is in existence.

3bec08937569894.jpg She could probably  beat many men at arm wrestling with no problem. There are not many men or women that could reach her level. People may say this is “too extreme.” This is a relative term which has numerous meanings to many fans and outside observers. A woman with any muscle may seem extreme to a person. If being extreme means you are accomplished in what you do it is a compliment. The term extreme when directed at female athletes is meant to be pejorative, but this comes from critics who do not understand or like them in the first place. For dedicated fans it is the best thing ever.

       The women sculpt physiques the are in the tradition of classical Greek sculpture. The paradigm was  normally applied to  the male body. The amazons were not depicted with large muscles in art, yet there were instances in which muscular women did appear in artwork.  Michelangelo during the Italian Renaissance did depict women with bigger physiques. What the female athlete involved in physique sports is mold her body like clay. Sculptors either mold marble or clay to produce a work. Here the female physique athlete’s own flesh is the material and her body the artwork. An artist wants to make a work that has both a unique style which has symmetry, balance, and a particular aesthetic. Bodybuilders are thinking in similar terms. Size, shape, symmetry, conditioning, and definition are important to producing a quality physique. The female body has gone through evolving ideals of what constitutes a beautiful form. The female muscle only enhances the beauty of the female form. Detractors state that muscle makes the body seem more masculine. The criticism seems unfair,mainly because it just add shape. Female bodybuilders aim for the hourglass figure by building a bigger upper body, which makes the waist seem smaller. Legs are also developed and  the posterior being a traditional beauty mark.

The problem is that most people only see the women on stage in their most vascular form. Off season shows the softness and curvaceousness of the female form. It is a wonderful fusion between the muscular build of males statues and the voluptuous figure that appears in European art. This is not androgyny; this is another paradigm of  female body shape that women are exploring. They are harbingers in the area of seeing how the female body can be manipulated, trained, and what it is capable of. This is a silent revolution that even the women do not realize they are a part of. The idea that women gain huge amounts of strength and like being strong speaks volumes to the changes in terms of gender politics. There is an artistic side to body sculpting that few people realize. The muscular woman has become an artist using her own body as a medium.

         Men’s sports get more attention and praise, but that does not mean women should be ignored. The women who decide to developed themselves physically to the highest level should have recognition. Supporters have their multiple tastes, some make the claim that women got so large that they turned many women off of weight training. It ignores the fact that women have been deliberately excluded or pressured away from sports or exercise. Such attitudes reflect the narrow views people still cling to in regards to sex and gender. Strict gender conformity insists women should all behave and act the same way. Not only that, their is a demand to look a certain way. Sexism demands that women place themselves in a subordinate position to men in all areas of life. Women who do this act of building their bodies are expressing a desire for most people : freedom. Besides the impressive bodies or athletic feats, they should be commended for resisting the ridged conformity that pressures people to think alike and be the same. Difference is a good thing and it enriches our world.  The phrase girl power has be used redundantly, yet there are women who embody that literally.  There is a new paradigm of physically powerful woman that has made an impact on sex politics and popular culture.

Words Of Praise To The Women Who Pushed Their Physiques To The Maximum

The Problem With John Mattis’ Perspective On Women In Combat

As John Mattis makes his exit as Secretary of Defense, it should be remembered  that his judgments and perspectives were not the best ones. While his resignation letter stated a support for NATO and the disapproval of removal of troops from Syria, there is one problem that will be scrutinized during his service in government. Women in combat positions has remained a controversial issue in the US military. John Mattis stated that there were too small a number to say that women in combat was effective or positive development for the US Military. Mattis made his position clear when speaking to students at the Virginia Military Institute in September of 2018. Mattis expounded further saying ” there are a few stalwart young ladies who are charging into this, but they are too few.” Then Mattis added ” clearly the jury is out on it, but what we’re trying to do is give it every opportunity to succeed if it can.” He did not seem very enthusiastic about women in combat. John Kelly who served as President’s Trump’s chief of staff made a baseless prediction that fitness standards would be lowered to accommodate women in the US military. Mattis’ statements did  not echo this extreme view, yet there seems to be doubt about success. There are numerous problems with such an assessment. It assumes that just because there are a few women involved that indicates men are just better suited for the military occupational specialty. The position sees women in combat only from the view of biological determinism. Mattis’ position ignores the data that shows women are entering combat jobs. History also shows that women have fought and died in wars before. Mattis’ perspective is limited and does not realize that the nature of warfare is rapidly changing. Sex integration within combat jobs will be a difficult process, but prejudices and low expectations must be eliminated for  the sake of success.

         When there small numbers of a certain group in a given profession, this does not automatically mean that they are less capable. Saying that there are very few female athletes or construction workers does not automatically mean women as a collective are terrible at such jobs. There are reasons why many women are not a large part of these occupations. The most obvious reason is sex discrimination. The reason many women would not have appeared in combat positions was because they were banned from it. The ban on women in combat was established in 1994 and only ended in 2013. Qualified women prior to 2013  were discriminated on the basis of their sex. Under the Obama administration this was challenged legally. Women had to do this in other professions that discriminated against them on the basis of sex. Firefighting and construction had policies prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that kept women out. Law enforcement had a similar attitude of an anti-woman bias. 




Total numbers do not indicate which sex is better at a job. It may be an indicator of discrimination. Sometimes its not discrimination as a reason for diminutive numbers . The matter also comes down to personal choice and recruitment efforts. Women may choose to avoid these professions for a number of reasons. They may not want to take the risk, be as competitive, or family obligations take a higher priority. The reason that the wage gap remains is that women do not enter certain positions that are male dominated. Pressure and being discourage can also hinder career success. These factors are sociological. There still is a persistent belief that their are certain jobs or activities women simply should not do. Seeing as women have been kept out of certain professions one can not make general statements about which sex is better at them. A system based on meritocracy and equal opportunities allow for a high quality workforce. Mattis makes the mistake of thinking in terms of generalities. One could easily say that men are better at women at sports seeing as more men are athletes. This ignores the women who are active in sport and also how legislation as well as a change in social policy allowed them to advance.




Title IX enabled young girls to participate in sports. These girls who continue to benefit from The Education Amendments of 1972 have found themselves becoming top athletic competitors in the Olympics. More women now are part of international competition than ever before.  This again demonstrates, when barriers are removed numbers in crease. This does not mean seeing as there are few women they are not good athletes. When applied to the US Military, this does not mean that women are horrible soldiers based on their smaller numbers. If one is trying to assess the integration of women, their performance should be examined rather than their total numbers. There should efforts to increase those numbers if  possible. Target numbers would be better than set quotas. Certainly just being male does not make you automatically a better qualified or efficient combat soldier.

        The arguments against women in combat or that it is a misguided idea normally make the argument based on biological determinism. Women they state do not have the strength, stamina, or speed to handle the physical rigors of combat. The average man has a higher natural physical fitness capacity than the average woman. However, every man and woman is different. Physical fitness is determined more than just by sex. Genetics, health condition, and somatotype are factors. Sexual dimorphism explains the biological, physiological, and anatomical differences among the human sexes. Training can raise a woman’s fitness level to a degree. Saying that biology is permanent would not be correct. Through exercise regimens, nutrition, and combat training women can be made into able soldiers.  

Even when the training is the same men gain more strength. Differences related to physiology, anatomy, and biology will influence results in the total increase in physical fitness capacity. 

Genetics can have an influence on height and body size.  This has been noted to be related to athletic abilities. Men have more muscle mass, more bone density, bigger ligaments and tendons. Higher levels of free testosterone allow for more protein synthesis enabling a higher amount of muscular hypertrophy when responding to exercise stimuli. Estrogen means that a woman’s body composition would mostly have a higher body fat percentage. The biggest factor related to success is the requirement for upper body strength. The soldier will be carrying packs, ammunition, and weapons. Women have smaller shoulders , which means less skeletal frame to house muscle. Women’s running speed is also effected by smaller lungs and heart. Wider hips mean slower speed and higher risk of injury. Seeing as men are bigger they can sustain more physical trauma compared to their female counterparts. One would assume that this would mean it is not possible for a woman to become a combat soldier. The opposite is true. It can be done with particular actions. A woman would have to be on an exercise program prior to going onto basic training. Following successful completion standards of MOS should be examined in detail to progress further. Improved combat armor and maintenance of health will prevent attrition rates in the US Military. The problem is that women are still viewed in physically demanding occupations as the weaker sex. 

It is just automatically assumed that men are better a physical tasks or jobs. This does not match reality. Which in the pictures above would you think would be better at something that requires strength ? 

Similar arguments have been made against women in law enforcement, firefighting, construction, and other male dominated occupations that require strength. All men are not suitable for combat positions either. A male of ectomorphic body type and low fitness would do poorly compared to a female mesomorphic body type and high fitness. The best technique for women to increase their strength is to engage in weight training. Utilizing compound exercises allows for various muscle recruitment. Muscular hypertrophy functions in the same manner in women compared to men. This means micro-trauma will occur in the muscle and during rest periods will grow stronger as a result of the training stimuli. Rest is as important as training. Adequate sleep aids in recovery from the training regimen. During training it is advised to rest either three to four minutes between reps to have the body part trained to recover for the exercise. Women must lift heavy to see effective results. Gradually, progressive overload should be introduced into the exercise regimen so that women can gain more strength required for a specific MOS. 

This is the new Occupational Physical Assessment Test.  There are no male and female standards just a general assessment predictor of occupation success.

 The OPAT wants to reduce attrition rates and increase recruit career success. Based on what is known about the female body there can be an estimation of how women would do. There are only four scoring levels for the army. The deadlift and seated power throw would put women at disadvantage in comparison with men. This can be negated with strength training. Training response does seem to increase female bone and muscle mass . This may take a longer time compared to their male counterparts, who have more muscle mass to start off with. It would be easier for women to build more lower body strength compared to the upper body. The interval run also may also be effected by aerobic capacity. Aerobic power is 50% higher in males compared to females. Women have a lower amount of hemoglobin and less oxygen to activate the muscles during vigorous physical activity. The vo2max is reliant on the hearts ability to pump blood and simultaneously oxygenate blood coming back from working muscles. Oxygen carrying capacity is essential to aerobic fitness. The hardest part for women would most likely be the run and the long jump. The difference in quadriceps angle and the pelvis could be a risk for injury. ACL tears can effect men and women, but women are more susceptible to such a health hazard.Most women would be able to reach the significant scoring level with considerable effort and training. Seeing as the heavy level requires the most physical strength and speed women would still remain a minority in that MOS. 


image 84c177d2-af0c-464d-ae45-0f302933a116

The US military has finally taken a more scientific and exercise physiology based approach to the training of its soldiers for combat. Examining how female athletes train for competition can also be of assistance.  Seeing as women are allowed in combat, it it time to have them register for the selective service.  It makes no sense that men have to do this, while women do not. Sex differences may complicate a draft. if a majority of women have less physical capacity than the average male, they would fall into the unqualified bracket. There is a general lack of physical fitness within the US population with obesity becoming a public health concern. Men and women would have to either go on a weight management program before going onto basic training. Then there are men and women who do not have weight issues, but do not exercise or are not in shape for particular military jobs. Fitness training for such individuals may take longer compared to those in peak physical condition or an athletic background. 

Women have the same muscles and there is no difference at the cellular level. The amount of fast-twitch (type II) and  slow twitch muscle fibers vary depending on sex and genetics.
The basic physiology of hemoglobin’s role in transporting oxygen. Oxygen is a vital source for tissues throughout the human body.
Muscles are not the only contributor to strength. Bone mass and density are important. Women can not only build bone mass through strength training, but prevent diseases of the skeletal system such as osteoporosis.

Knowing how sexual dimorphism related to biology and physiology effects physical fitness can contribute to designing proper exercise programs for female recruits. One consideration has to do with hand to hand combat. A female soldier may be at a disadvantage with a male soldier in terms of a fight. The differences in male and female strength are large. The weakest male would still have more muscle mass compared to the weakest female. Training does not make the strength gap disappear. However, there is no limit to the amount of fighting skills women can learn or acquire. Assuming they are given the same and correct instruction on hand to hand combat Fighting requires more than just brute strength. The martial arts such as judo, karate, or taekwondo are designed to have various fighting styles that are either better at being offensive or defensive. Similar techniques are utilized in self-defense programs. Women must be taught to fight and be more aggressive. 

 The men are strong, but that would not automatically make them great soldiers. May be the female soldiers could teach them something or two. 

Women are not taught to defend themselves. What also has to be done in training is deprogramming some elements related to cultural behavior. Fighting and war is still seen as a male only affair when history as shown otherwise. So far, what it seems that the new assessments could be working. Women can handle combat, yet every military occupational specialty may not be gender balanced anytime soon. The Marines and the Navy SEAlS  have some of the most physically demanding requirements. Only a few women would be able to reach such levels. The higher the physical demand, the more women will strain. This does not mean there are not other opportunities in the navy, army, and air force. The military will certainly see the numbers of women in combat positions go up. 

        John Mattis when he was speaking in September was probably not aware that data showed women were increasing in numbers in MOS. Mattis cited  there being too few women in infantry ranks to make a lucid conclusion. The ban was only lifted in 2013 so making this statement seems premature. What has been noted is that at the time of Mattis’ statements 800 women were serving in combat units in the army. That includes multiple divisions ranging from infantry, cavalry, and fire support. There are 51 female infantry officers and 253 enlisted women in the infantry. A total of 17 women passed the army ranger course. There are 51 women in the ranks of the Army Reserve. August of 2018 saw only 26 enlisted Marines. Considering that the ban was lifted only a six  years ago that is better than expected. Considering that the Marines were attempting to prevent the opening of combat jobs to women in 2015, it is even more astounding. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter rejected the Marines request to hold positions for men only during the Obama administration. They could not prove that women were just not suitable for the tasks at hand. There is obvious resistance and doubt about women in combat. The Army and Marines have acknowledged that the numbers of women may remain small. The Marine Corps has a very demanding set of physical fitness requirements, which a large portion of women struggle  to meet. Under no circumstances should standards be lowered and so far, this has not occurred. 



army gal

The few women that are present are showing women can be capable if they are held to the same standard as their male counterparts. Secretary of Defense John Mattis’ perspective seems short sighted. It may also represent a antiquated view, which is dangerous in a rapidly changing world. Mattis also stated ” we cannot do what militarily does not make sense” when addressing the Virginia Military Institute. The opposition to women being in combat is that it is action that is not necessary. There claim is there are enough men to fill such positions and women are just distractions to them. Number of men joining the military a slightly decreased, but there is a possibility there may not be enough to fill combat positions. The idea that women would distract men seems ludicrous. There may be cases of relationships emerging, but that can be countered. The US military would have to impose a strict dating policy in various branches. The rampant problems of sexual harassment and assault can be stopped with rational human resource policies. Allowing women to enter combat jobs does make sense, because it only adds to the the size and strength of the US Military. It would not be a surprise if after decades women will be having more leadership positions in the armed forces. The nature of warfare is changing with no frontline. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan saw women in combat without being part of combat jobs. That realization was what led Leon Pennetta as Secretary of State to end the prohibition of women in combat roles. It would make sense to put women in combat positions, if you get more qualified and enthusiastic soldiers. 

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Audrey Griffith, a native of Castlerock, Colo., points out an area of interest during a force protection drill to Spc. Heidi Gerke along the perimeter of Forward Operating Base Hadrian in Deh Rawud, Afghanistan, March 18, 2013. Both women are members of the 92nd Engineer Battalion from Fort Stewart, Ga. (Photo by Australian Army WO2 Andrew Hetherington/Combined Team Uruzgan Public Affairs)
Fighter pilot
This is Japan’s first woman female fighter pilot Misa Matsushima, Japan has been a close ally in Asia to America since the end of World War II. If our allies are seeing benefits of women in combat why are we not following the same policies ?
Ayesha Farooq is Pakistan’s only female fighter pilot. Pakistan has challenges that come from India , the Tailban, and a number of armed groups. The US has relations with Pakistan and a number of agreements regarding counter terrorism. The relation is complicated with China seeing as the US in the middle of a trade war.

According to Mattis’ logic it would hard to say if women could be skilled scientists since their numbers are low in that field. There have been female astronauts, physicists, biologists, engineers, and doctors.  Biological arguments or pure pseudoscientific ones have been used to explain the difference. It was thought women were not as intelligent as men, yet the supporters of this belief did not acknowledge than many women were denied an opportunity for a high quality education.  When barriers are removed the numbers will increase. The amalgamation of that will not be known or accurately predicted. A recruitment program should be designed to target the female demographic. The goal should not be to make the male to female ratio  the same, rather allow for a gradual increase over time with realistic number targets. Numbers do not show anything about success or failure in the battlefield. A nation could have a large military, yet still lose wars. This is why Secretary John Mattis’ view lacks accurate analysis.  Women are going to be more involved in the US Military seeing as more career opportunities are available.  When the amount of women reach enormous size in the distant future, Mattis’ comments will only show a simplistic view of women’s combat capabilities. 

         Women have fought in combat throughout history. Although they were not officially recognized, there is a tradition of the woman warrior. The Mino warriors of Dahomey and the Onna-bugeisha of Japan demonstrated that warfare was not a male only business. During World War II women served as fighter pilots and snipers in the Soviet Union. American women were also involved in warfare. One of the forgotten facts of the American Civil War was that women disguised themselves as men to fight. The war had generated such energy to either save or dissolve the  United States. 

Cathy Williams had the distinction of being the only female buffalo  Soldier and the only woman know to serve in such a regiment. It is unfortunate that people of the present do not learn form the past. These female warriors demonstrated what they could do under unfavorable circumstances. John Mattis needs only to examine US history to know that women are capable of combat. The real shame is that such events and women in history are not discussed or mentioned in classrooms. Americans have a limited understanding of their history, which allows the country to never lean from its mistakes. These women who were harbingers to women in combat should have their history discussed with female recruits as a source of motivation. John Mattis with his narrow minded view does not look at the wider global and national reality. Women were fighters during the ancient to modern period,but were never given the same respect or recognition. Other countries are already letting women get involved  or have been allowing in combat such as India,  the UK, Canada, North Korea,  Israel, and Eritrea. This is more than just a trend it will be a major adjustment to armed forces around the world.
    John Mattis cannot be considered a major stabilizing force in the Trump White House. The mainstream media has been in panic with his exit and even more so over the withdraw from Syria. This was a wonderful move toward stopping the system of permanent warfare. The myth around Mattis is that he was a capable Secretary of State keeping the global order functional. This was not true, seeing as he was more in favor with neoconservative foreign policy. Nation building, US military presence around the world, and support for the military industrial complex have caused multiple domestic and foreign problems. He was no friend to the average soldier seeing as he made no attempt to address mental health issues among troops, sexual harassment in the US Military, or made an attempt to collaborate with the Department of Veterans Affairs for improving healthcare for troops. Under President Donald Trump women are facing extreme hostility and the military is no exception.  John Mattis and John Kelly are two men who have little regard for the female soldier.  While Mattis did not seem to interested in women in combat, it  remains unclear if progress will continue under a new Secretary of Defense. One simply cannot say the “jury is out”  in regards to women in combat.                                   


The Problem With John Mattis’ Perspective On Women In Combat