Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day !

National Girls and Women in Sports Day is an observance during the first week of February that celebrates female athletes. Officially it is recognized on the the 4th. That was the day that President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5606.  It is a day to celebrate women’s participation and contribution to sports in the United States of America. Since 1987, NGWSD has been declared by the US Congress  as a day of recognition for women’s sports contributions. Community based events are sponsored by the Women’s Sports Foundation, National Women’s Law Center, Girls Inc, and the President’s Council  on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. The day of celebration was at first to honor Flo Hyman who died of Marfan’s syndrome. The professional volleyball player was active in gaining equality for women in sports. She died in 1986 at the age of only 31. While she did not live to see it more women around the world were competing in the Olympics by 2012. Women and girls are competing in numerous sports such as weightlifting, basketball, soccer, football, bodybuilding, and cricket. Title IX opened the doors of opportunity for many women in athletics. However, there is still much work to be done. Women athletes still face unequal pay, lack of media coverage, and sexist prejudice.  To an extent the internet and social media have circumvented the traditional media gatekeepers, which has allowed greater exposure of female athletes. The irony about the National Girls and Women in Sports Day proclamation was that it occurred in a time of a neoconservative administration. The Reagan administration wanted to reverse the gains made by the civil rights and feminist movement. Reproductive rights and anti-discrimination laws were under attack. Despite the barriers women in the past and present continue to compete and win.





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serena williams



Los Angeles Sparks v Phoenix Mercury, Game 2

Eri Tosaka won Japan's first gold medal of the night after coming from behind to beat Azerbaijan's Mariya Stadnyk

Allyson Felix







Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day !

Legends Football League Gallery #1

Happy Superbowl football fans! Here at Femuscleblog  we celebrate with something very delightful : lingerie football. Now it is called the Legends of Football League(since 2013) . The name change was done possibly for reasons for accusations of sexism or sexual objectification. Seems rather ludicrous, if women are participating by their own choice. While there are critics of the LFL, no one can say  that these women are not athletic. Watching some games their tackles look brutal. The LFL has been in operation since 2009 and continues to expand into other countries.












Legends Football League Gallery #1

Hot Pics # 10

This is the tenth set in an on going series of photographs. I thought I would celebrate with even more pictures. These include a mixture of new and past athletes.




























Hot Pics # 10