Hot Pics # 1

These photograph collections are here to show the beauty and greatness of the female form. They are athletes of various sports who sculpted their bodies into living works of art.

Hot Pics # 1

Don Rickles, Janice Ragain, and Tina Plakinger

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These are photos taken in the late 1980s with comedic legend Don Rickles. The comedian was known for his insult humor which attacked politicians, celebrities, and just about everyone. He was a frequent guest on late night talk shows with Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and know for being on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. Rickles passed away at the age of 90 this year from kidney failure. Don Rickles had a career that lasted decades and left a major impact on comedy. These photos show Rickles meeting Janice Ragain and Tina Plakinger. They were top competitors in bodybuilding in the 1980s to early 1990s. These photos were taken at Gold’s Gym and the expression on Rickles face is priceless in the first photo. Who knows may be he was a fan of athletic women as well. Rest in peace Mr. Warmth you brought laughs and joy to a world that has grown too serious.

Don Rickles, Janice Ragain, and Tina Plakinger

Black Power

This collection of photos highlights African American female athletes. It is a combination of past and present figures.This collection includes Alice Coachman, Wilma Rudolph, Toni Stone, and Althea Gibson.  There are also athletes that younger readers are more familiar with. They have  inspired, motivated, and enticed many people in American society. The struggle for racial justice continues, but there has been progress. One should be thankful for the people who challenged the status quo and fight oppression.These women fought both racial and sex barriers. That is a testament of real strength.

Black Power

Top Photos from the Rio 2016 Olympics


Sakashi Malik  won India’s first medal in wrestling .

Deng Wei

Deng Wei breaks weightlifting record.


Shanuae Miller and Allyson Felix  racing to the finish line.



Risako Kawai celebrates a victory by doing a wrestling demonstration with her coach.

Katie lacdecky

Katie Ledecky swimming.

ap_16226090631754Michelle Carter doing shot put.


Elaine Thompson  and Dafne Schippers compete  in the 200m semifinal.

Simones biles

Simone Biles wows the crowd.

Top Photos from the Rio 2016 Olympics