Princess of Prowess : Comedy, Medieval Mayhem, and The Fairy Tale

Princess of Prowess was mentioned before ( Preview of Princess of Prowess), but it deserves an in depth review. It is a fun webcomic that is unique in its presentation, yet has the delightful charm of what is familiar. It is the creation of an artist that goes by the screen name of  Lester Yeoman . The setting is in a fantasy world known as Rywerheim. Dolores Dulac is the princess that resides in Pommerland. The webcomic made its debut in 2018 and has been evolving ever since. Princess of Prowess is a mixture of traditional fairly tales, Monty Python, and Disenchantment . Reading it one can notice that there seems to be a Disney trope to it. King Harold Dulac, her father seems to fit the mold of the protective father that appears in Disney animated feature films. The story is divided into books. The story is serial based, so there could be more characters and settings on the way. What will be discussed is what happens so far. Further discussion may occur on the Femuscleblog Reddit page. This webcomic has shown great promise and it can only get better as time goes on. While some may just think of it as just another female muscle fetish comic, it is more than that. It created a wonderful female protagonist, along with a mix of comedy and action. Right at the beginning the author tells you what this world is all about : “I welcome thee, o brave explorer, to my domain: the world of Rywerheim, the kingdom of Pommerland, the home of the Princess of Prowess – the strongest princess there is!” He hopes that the pages bring the reader merriment. The comic has done more than that. Princess of Prowess is a refreshing and different take on the fairy tale and fantasy genre.

          The comedy is one of the first elements a reader notices. A Disney reference is what reader are introduced to when Dolores begins singing. The birds help her get dressed and in comes her stepmother. The only problem is the birds leave their droppings all over the place. Bug eyed, they are not the cute animals common in Disney films.  Yelling at Dolores it reminds readers of the stock Disney villains. However, she is not what she seems. Stepmother( Queen Stephanie)  is a product of witchcraft. These armies of stepmothers  are being controlled by the evil Witch Queen Marzipan. Along with her troll, they seek to take over various kingdoms with these stepmothers. The problem is they make poor assassins. Every attempt at murder the stepmothers fail miserably. Stepmother give Dolores a poison apple. She did not eat it, instead making it into a pie. King Harald was going to eat it, but stepmother takes it from him and eats it herself. She then dies. The next step mother pushes Dolores out the tower hoping the crocodile will get her. All it does is safely put her on land. All while this is happening Dolores is blissfully unaware that these stepmothers are attempting to kill her. These antics become funny to a Warner Brothers cartoon level. When Dolores runs into Sir Rupert more comedy follows  .He was injured from his duel with Sir Waldemar . Losing a finger to him is no problem as he mentions it with nonchalance.

Princess Dolores Dulac was changed by the magic of the black rose . The magic was protecting her and altered her body making her very strong.
This a unique character. She has the charm of a Disney princess combined with the strength of He-Man.
The comic is updated every Tuesday three times a month. The adventures are placed in books. currently the comic is on book one and going into book two.

Start Reading From the Beginning

Tex Avery style slapstick seems to be a part of this comic. A mix of humor and action reminds a reader of watching a Jackie Chan film. After she nurses sir Rupert to health other knights show up bleeding and bruised. Vexed Dolores marches to confront Sir Waldemar. Washing his face off in a near by lake, Dolores scolds him for his duels. “That wasn’t very nice she said. Once more the stepmother attempts to make another assassination attempt an is taken out by Waldemar. Another stepmother tries to kill Dolores while she was sleeping, but was protected by the black rose. Stepmother end ups with the knife in her head.  Queen Marzipan lured Dolores into tarp thinking its from Waldemar. When hit ring Mug-ba’ krai the rose saves Doloes. This time it alters her body as a result. Dolores is now much stronger and proceeds to pulverize the stepmothers.




The art style only adds to the hilarious nature. It seems to have design similar to John Kricfausi. Exaggerated expressions and Robert Clampett like cartoon physics make it funnier. There is a tendency for some entertainment to take itself too  seriously. It either is strictly action or humor. Princess of  Prowess does a nice blend of both. Losing fingers must be a running gag. Slapstick humor has become more rare. The great thing is that it has never left animation or comics. Seeing as this is set in a fantasy world and Middle Ages era the possibilities are endless.

       The Medieval period refers to a period of European history starting with the fall of the Roman Empire  to the Age of Exploration. Sometimes this period is referred to as the dark age. That becomes problematic, because Africa, Asia, and the Americas did not experience a dark age during the  Middle Ages.  Abbasid and Umayyad caliphates preserved ancient Greek and Roman knowledge. Ghana, Mali, and Songhay became some of the most powerful empires of West Africa. The Mongol Empire was one of the largest land empires in history. The Maya, Inca, and Aztecs built empires along similar lines. Europe would not catch up until the Scientific Revolution. Superstition and religious fanaticism stunted Europe’s progress. A feudal system did not help. Europe was a place of  kings,nobles, peasants, lords,  and knights. The kingdom of  Pommerland seems to be modeled on this. Knights make an appearance with Waldemar being the strongest. European knights have been subject to much lore and fascination. Knighthood was an honorary title  granted by  a head of state, the church, or military for service. Mounted warriors were given this title during the Middle Ages for performance in combat and service to their lord. They adhered to a certain code referred to as chivalry. It was a mix of warrior ways and courtly behavior. Princess of Prowess demonstrates this with Dolores’ conversation with Waldemar. “The soul of the sword is double edged it does good it does evil” Waldemar proclaims. However, he then reveals “sooner or later it will always draw blood.” What he was explaining to Dolores was warrior ethos and the thrill of battle. While she dismisses it at this point, she may be embracing the idea later .

The mace an iconic Medieval weapon.  Female warriors in fantasy tend to appear scantily clad as seen here in Dolores’ metal bikini.
Women could not become knights. However, this did not stop them from entering combat. Joan of Arc  was famous for her role in the Hundred Years’ War ( 1337- 1453) .
Princess of Prowess also has a Tumblr Page: Princess of Prowess Tumblr

The Middle Ages had a huge influence on fairy tales and European folklore. Being a fantasy and fairy tale based webcomic, the historical foundations of fiction cannot be ignored. This world in which Dolores lives maybe more along the lines of fairy tale fantasy with a mixture  of  historical  Medieval society. Princess of Prowess draws upon this historical time periods and the folklore shaped by it .

         Fairy tales are part of a long tradition of folklore with features magic and creatures of the imagination. They are conveyed in the form of short story. The term fairy tale is a recent one only coming in use when serious academic examination of literature shifted in the past centuries. Fairy tales are mostly associated with children’s literature. This can become confusing when trying to distinguish between fables, legends, and myths. These terms are different, but there are some connections between them. Fables are stories that convey a moral lesson, yet also have legendary creatures.  Legends are part of folklore that puts emphasis on human action and grounded its narrative in a certain history. Myths refer to narratives that are important to a culture of society. These stories feature either gods or supernatural beings. Every culture in the world has a creation myth. Princess of Prowess is a clever parody of fairy tales with a twist. Our princess is not a damsel in distress, rather the hero of the story. Witch Queen Marzipan is not a typical fairy tale antagonist. Witches in fairy tales are mostly as elderly women. Marzipan appears to be closer to Dolores’ age. Sir Wadelmar may appear to be a stock character in fairy tales known as the knight in shining armor, but it seems he has more personality. Gubber-Clobb Marzipan’s troll does not seem like the terrifying depiction in European art or fairy tales. He is a comedic character adding his own commentary to events.  Gubber-Clobb is just a troll looking for fun and excitement laughing along the way. The fight with the stepmothers he sits on a tree branch eating snacks watching Dolores pulverize them. This will be unlike any fairy tale that was read to you as a child. Magic also is a large part of this world. The black rose will certainly have importance to the plot. It not only changed Dolores, it has a mysterious origin. The only person that may have information is Master Ragelbite. Magical items appear in multiple fairy tales and Princess of Prowess continues that element of folklore.  As the story progresses, there could numerous magical items and creatures. The comic does an homage to fairy tales with a mix humor and folklore tropes.

        The internet has allowed for webcomics to be viewed by millions of people. Before, an artist would have to seek out a newspaper with the hope it would pick up their strip. Since the 1990s, many comics published on the internet have rapidly expanded. They are not bound by senseless censorship or editorial control. The result is unrestricted creativity. Princess of Prowess is a wonderful combination of the familiar and new. Mixing these elements has created a comic that is very unique. Starting in 2018, readers were introduced to a princess that could bench press 100 knights.  The  webcomic is coming on its third year and looks like it is gaining momentum. Dolores Dulac is going on some crazy adventures and it is something you should not miss. Reading this comic will want you to revisit some old fairy tale literature and fantasy related genre. If a reader and fan of webcomics is looking for something new, this is highly recommended. Fans of female muscle and strong women will truly appreciate the character designs. Even if you are not, the comic is still engaging enough  to keep a reader interested. There are times you wish this was an animated series on Adultswim. Dolores Dulac may end up becoming a popular webcomic character as time goes on. So remember to add Princes of Prowess to your favorites, because Medieval mania  awaits .

Princess of Prowess : Comedy, Medieval Mayhem, and The Fairy Tale

Me Write Good Blog – The Simpsons ” Strong Arms of The Ma” (2012)



Me Write Good Blog

The Simpsons has been on the air for 30 years, reaching another milestone. This was no simple feat. It ushered in an era of adult animation which has continued through the decades. When it premiered in 1989, there were few cartoons on prime time. The Flintstones  was the first prime time animated show broadcast back in 1960. This is not the first time that its 300th episode was discussed here. This review provides a different analysis than others. There is of course debate among fans about the quality of seasons past 12. Some say it has declined and others state it still the same show it was. Certainly, if a series has produced 674 episodes, every single one is not going to be great. This depends on the plot and writing. “The Strong Arms of the Ma” can be criticized for some flaws and praised on it strengths (quite literally). The Me Write Good Blog has some valid points, but others can be confuted. The episode did have a positive story about Marge overcoming fear and getting stronger. Yet, then it descended into a if  woman gets too much power than she abuses it trope. This odd message seems to be more conservative in how women should look and behave. The author seems to agree with this point in the review. Maybe we just should not take a cartoon or comedy too seriously. The current era of woke culture and cancel culture may be harming entertainment itself. The recent Apu controversy is just a reflection of that. An episode like this may not get made today. However, it is worth revisiting. There is a love hate relationship with it that many fans have.

     The reviewer makes it known is he not a fan of muscular Marge. He even admits he was dreading watching the episode because of the design change. The fear induced in him a “roided up Muscular Marge filled with rage.” This seems like an overreaction considering she only get aggressive at the end of the episode. It was actually justified when Moe made a rude comment about her appearance. What The Simpsons did in this episode was to take every negative stereotype about female bodybuilders and make fun of them. Some are so overused they become tired. These images include that of a sexually aggressive , steroid using, unfeminine, and pugnacious woman. Marge really does not become unfeminine and only got aggressive when attacked at Moe’s Bar. The muscular woman induces feeling of fear, disgust, and even hate in some people. Women with power are seen as threats and women with physical power upset notions about gender roles. Physical strength still is seen as male only and women who attain it are condemned. Marge does not look that terrible only bigger and physically more powerful. The problem is that with her new found strength she becomes a bully. This seems to be the irrational fear that men have. If women get too much power they will become abusive toward men. Much of Marge’s bullying happens off screen accept the infamous bedroom scene with Homer, which still generates controversy with some fans.

1080830 1163412 1166540

The fact that in the show and fans in real life react to the design change shows just how women’s bodies come under extra scrutiny. The demand that all women look a certain way is sexism, but it has become acceptable. Marge does not appear ugly or so extreme that Homer would stop loving her. While a vast majority of Simpsons characters are stereotypes, it seems the female bodybuilders are subject to more cruel remarks. The announcer at the female bodybuilding contest says ” know meet the ladies that our doctors assure as are women, the iron maidens.” It is a joke, but based in prejudice. The women that compete sculpt bodies of a certain aesthetic. It may not be attractive to some. They are not competing to please or get the attention of men. The design of Marge is not the problem , rather her personality. It can be blamed on the drugs. It was just out of character for her. Only when Homer talks to her to calming down does she go back into her character. The destruction of the weigh set was more telling. The steroids were what made her more aggressive so it would make sense to dispose of those. The destruction of the weight set seems more like an indirect message that a woman who is too strong is undesirable. Marge says “you know I really do missing being a lady.” Well she never stopped. People judge women by a different standard. Being different makes a person subject to ridicule. Strong Marge was a fun concept, which was really a highlight often ignored about this episode.

         One of the few positive aspects of this episode is that it demonstrates that Marge can be a fun character. The antics normally come from Bart or Homer and sometimes the progressive rebel Lisa. Marge may have fewer episodes compared to other characters simply because fans may think she cannot be interesting. This episode was a different experiment. What would be considered a straight man ( or rather straight woman character ) flips into. What can be praised is that there is a depiction of physically strong women in show that rarely does it. The Simpsons has always been good at creating secondary and one shot characters. This episode did a good job with its one shot female characters. While certain jokes may not have shown female bodybuilders in a positive light at least there is some visibility. That is what the critics of Apu do not understand. The character can be changed to address racial stereotyping issues, but making him disappear does not help. Hopefully, Hank Azaria will reprise the role of Apu. This can also be applied to female characters in any medium.




Do not be afraid to try something different with them. Specifically with animation do not be hesitant to utilize a variety of character designs. This was the fist time The Simpsons depicted highly muscular women and the designs were great. Seeing as there are no plans to end the series anytime soon, there are opportunities for more experimentation. These nameless background characters most likely will not be seen again. They did have potential. The woman who sang “The Who Shot Liberty Valence”  and the woman lifting the piano were the best bits of the contest scene. Nameless characters sometimes reemerge in background shots. It would be worth it to bring back the two just for the sake of having more of a variety of female characters. The wonderful thing about the The Simpsons   is that it proves female characters can be interesting.




Ruth powers is one of those under used characters that reappears in this episode. Although much more muscular her new backstory was that she won Ms.Mexican mafia. Ruth did this while in prison. The unfortunate reality of female characters is that they are never given too often strange or unusual backstories. Marge over the past 30 years has become more than just a typical house wife. She’s been an activist, real estate agent, and cop. The 300th episode had her do the craziest things yet. Who would have thought that the humble housewife would beat up her own mugger and trash all the guys at Moe’s Bar ? It is good that the writers explore Marge’s character and what she can do. Too often female characters are either stock ones or the typical voice of reason and ethics. It is nice to see deviation from that.

           There were flaws with this episode. The first is that it seems disjointed. The agoraphobia theme could have been its own stand alone episode. The bodybuilding theme could have been another. While some jokes are funny, its not season one to ten quality. The odd mixed message of drugs are bad seems irrelevant to other subjects in “The Strong Arms of the Ma.” The story is not as solid as Me Write Good Blog suggests. That is way there is sort of a love hate relationship some fans would have with this episode. The concept of strong Marge is an awesome one, but her being drunk on power is not. Bullying or being mean spirited is just not part of her character. The strong women domineering men stereotype has been so overused. One could look at it from another perspective saying that it could be male sexual fantasy. The way it is normally presented in popular culture is a bad thing or being against a man’s will if they are intimate. The Marge forces herself on Homer scene is tasteless. However, comedy does tend to push appropriate boundaries.

Sorry Family Guy, even The Simpsons did it.
The infamous scene that has become controversial among fans.
American Dad’s portrayal seemed to be a break from the common narrative about muscular women.

That is the point of vibrant entertainment. It goes beyond safe spaces or what makes people comfortable. The scene probably would not be done in 2020 considering #Me Too. Maybe it would, seeing as it is a man abused and rarely is that a concern for third wave feminists. There are multiple issues with the episode, yet it cannot be hated completely. The worst episode in the entire series was “Lisa Goes Gaga.” This season 14 episode did not reach that level.Some  fans may say the The Simpsons best years are behind them and other still watch. It could be that in the 2000s the show made some changes and did experimentation. People rarely react positively to change in something they like. The changes were made out of practicality seeing as it did not want to get stale or repetitive. Seasons 13 and 14 was a period in which The Simpsons went through a modernizing process. The modern era Simpsons differs from its 1989 to 2003 stage. Plots are more antics based, compared with the more traditional sitcom character focused format. Occasionally in recent seasons, they seem to switch between the two. “Strong Arms of the Ma” is an example of the show doing antics based plots combined with character focus. This experiment does not always work, yet sometimes it does produce an entertaining episode. The 300th episode does not execute this well. It may not have re-watch value and still it can have some positive attributes. The series is now in its 31st season and it is uncertain it will end. Rumors of another film being produced have been circulating, so it appears The Simpsons will be around for awhile.

Me Write Good Blog – The Simpsons ” Strong Arms of The Ma” (2012)

SSJ9K: Kale How You Get So Swole


Dragonball Super finished its run on Toonami last night.  Watching it brought back some wonderful memories of Cartoon Network’s golden age. Let us not forget that this was the first time we saw some powerful female Saiyans in the series. Enjoy this wonderful SSJ9K  video can be sure to subscribe to his channel on Youtube. Ever wonder how Broly would sing about Kale if he was into her? Well it might sound like this. Fans can rejoice with the possibility of another movie and the manga still publishing new chapter arcs.  It was not just Kale that was buff. Caulifla showed her power too. At some point the series will return, but it may be a longer wait. Until then, we have plenty of episodes to enjoy.

SSJ9K: Kale How You Get So Swole

Drawing Muscular Women The Right Way

Cartooning,caricature , animation, and drawing are art forms. There has been a concern that there is not enough body diversity in animation or  cartooning. The problem seems to be related to body image conformity and sex bias in media representation. This may not always be the case. Some cartoonists and animators may not know how to approach certain body types because they have been drawing in the same manner for so long. There are drawing guides and model sheets,but doing a new style can always be a challenge. Drawing the muscular woman takes a level of finesse. A general guideline can be designed for artists who want to draw the muscular woman in the right way. The thin hour glass figure has been used so long it is difficult to gravitate away from it. With simple instruction an animator,cartoonist, and artist can present various female bodies. Some of the rules still apply from basic drawing with slight changes in character design. The most important element is to expand one’s imagination when creating characters. Drawing a realistic rendition or cartoon requires set of directions.

            Understanding the basics of the human body is critical for drawing. This is even helpful with more cartoon like art. The human body consists of the head, neck, torso, arms, legs, and the thorax. There are fingers attached to the hands and toes that are with the feet. Hair can come in various styles, texture, and general shape. The head contains the nose, eyes,and ears. There is also the mouth which contains 32 permanent teeth. Women have breasts and a wider pelvis giving a distinct look related to sexual dimorphism.  Height and somatotype can differ among individuals. The attributes listed are the most basic elements of human anatomy. The body structure is simple to identify,but drawing it can be an arduous task. The best method is a simple one. When drawing a human figure, think of it in terms of shapes and proportion. Objects have shapes and the human body does too. The thorax of the body can resemble different shapes depending on body type.

Model sheets are normally used by animators to keep a character looking the same in each frame of animation.  Model sheets can also be used for comic books.
This is a sketch,which is no a final product but a simple outline.
Looking at this solid  line  drawing it is easier to see the shapes. Sketching before making final touches is advised.

When drawing proportions of the body are also essential. The limbs and  body itself have different lengths as well as ratios. The arms can reach as far as the knees and the neck has a certain length. The eyes are a certain size, however they can be adjusted for drawing cartoons or caricatures. The face projects emotion through the position of the eyebrows.  The basics of human body structure can be applied to both realistic renditions, caricatures, or cartoons. For a person attempting to draw, starting with an object that is not so complex and gradually moving to more complicated subjects is the best technique. Drawing chairs, fruit, or a general still life representation would be the best for beginners. The process of learning this skill takes considerable amount of time and practice.

        One should also be able to distinguish between realistic renditions and more cartoon based works. The realistic renditions of drawing attempt to capture shadow and anatomical structure. They can be reproduced images or content that is original. The idea is to make the drawing as close to what is in reality presented. Cartoons and caricatures function on extreme exaggeration. Realistic renditions do not use exaggeration of features or anatomy.  It is preferable to be well versed in both a cartoon like and realistic rendition. Trying something different can help a person grow as an artist. The art below depicts Nikki Fuller and Lenda Murray at the top. Notice these images are based off photographs and their likeness. Anyone familiar with these individuals can easily recognize them considering how life like the renditions are. The image below by David C. Matthews and the other by a Deviant Art contributor are not real individuals, but look like they could be.

The realistic renditions can be based off a person or an original creation. Online artists have produced characters in a more realistic rendition that are not based on individuals, but seem just as real in terms of morphic proportions and anatomy. Cartoons and caricatures are the opposite. The basic anatomy structure is still present, yet certain features are are highly exaggerated. Large eyes or for figures are a common form of cartooning character design. The caricature is nothing more than a cartoon version of an actual person. The point is not to make it so it imitates a photograph through drawing rather a representation as an animated cartoon character. The idea is to produce a comedic effect rather than an actual depiction of reality. Noses can be bigger or smaller than what a real person’s would look like. Fingers could be four or five depending on the decision of the cartoonist. Four fingers may from a perspective of  animating could be more efficient than drawing five in numerous frames. Even a minute of hand drawn animation can take multiple drawings. Head shape and limbs are often drawn in a manner that would not appear on a real person. Some characters may not have shoulders or necks in their design. The realistic renditions are bound by anatomy and biology. The cartoon or caricature can ignore biomedical facts or physics in general. The cartoon offers a greater range of visual style.

        Artists can vary in terms of style. This means a character can fall in various size and shape ranges. There are certain drawing styles that have become very recognizable. Anime has become an international phenomenon. This style of drawing is unique in terms of body proportions and facial expressions of its characters. Western animation and drawing can be at times more goofy looking or be an imitator of other styles. Realistic renditions can also appear in cartoons. That is rare, because the character design may be more so for comedic effect or the taste of cartoonists or animators. The depictions of muscular women can either emphasize the biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, or legs. Another tendency is to depict muscular people of both sexes with large upper bodies and small legs. Other designs have a more balanced look between both sections of the body.

When looking at animations  and drawings there is a certain level of muscularity. Some characters can be  the size of a female bodybuilder or figure competitor. Others may have some lines drawn to show a certain level of definition. Then there are artists who go to the exaggerated levels imitating giantess art. A woman’s musculature would be larger than what could be humanly possible. Artists do have various tastes and it depends on what style you like the best. Always experiment with techniques and styles to gain a real mastery of drawing. Developing your own unique drawing style will take time. Every artist started somewhere; they did not become skilled overnight. Some character designs can be more complex,but their is one unifying factor. When drawing humans, the basic anatomy still applies. More liberties are taken with funny animals or mythical creatures. Sometimes its best to draw items before moving on to people. Style comes from years of practice. Character designs can change over time for a single cartoon character.

         Approaches can vary, yet some are better than others. One way muscular women should not be drawn is similar  to the male physique. The female body has wider hips and in comparison narrower shoulders. Women can have strong looking upper bodies, yet males have broader shoulders. The male body tends to be block like compared to the curvature or hour glass figure women have. These differences in body shape may seem minor,but one error can cause problems.  Drawing muscular women the wrong way only gives the appearance of a male character with long hair. This has been done with the brawn hilda trope and at  the other extreme amazonian beauty. It is important that one creates characters that beak away from the common stereotypes and tropes that are ubiquitous in all forms of media. The choice is still up to the artist to how they want their work presented.  Sometimes the hyper exaggerated artwork can be a delight if done correctly.


The She Hulk rendition above works mainly because it is what you expect from such a character. What can be seen is the basic female anatomy still as the base. The hips and waist are still a certain size that is not similar to a male character.   Marvel comics has recently given She-Hulk a different design bigger than what she has been before. Fan art renditions and Marvel’s official art demonstrate how to experiment with a different style and character design. The question remains how much muscle should be added. The answer can be however much you want to. It can be small amounts or large amounts. Aesthetics and preferences vary it all depends on what you are happy with presenting in terms of aesthetics. The most important part is to not be afraid to make your female character look physically strong. Remembering proper approach and technique can help you draw muscular women the right way.

              Following the basic steps can help a person improve as an artist. Sketching an image and breaking it down into shapes is the fist step. Use a pencil and do not be afraid to erase mistakes. Once the basic outline is done then the pencil image can either be inked or colored. Keep in mind before starting that the body has a basic anatomy structure. It is important not only to get drawing texts, but anatomy books as well. The best artists have an understanding of anatomy, which aids them in the depiction of it. This technique is useful for more realistic renditions. It can also contribute to cartooning and caricature. What better way to exaggerate or do artistic hyperbole than to understanding what is anatomically real and warp it. The art of caricature is designed to warp a person’s features so much through artistic rendition, that they almost become a cartoon character. Cartooning and animating is rich boundless imagination. Whatever can be thought of can be drawn on paper. There are limited guides to drawing women with different body types,but these steps.  can be a general introduction for artists attempting to do so.

Drawing Muscular Women The Right Way

New ‘One-Punch Man’ Hero Goes Viral For Her Gorgeous Muscles (2018)


Captain Mizuki

One Punch Man has become a popular anime with a wide following.  The story revolves around Saitima a powerful superhero who can destroy any foe with one punch. Being able to do this causes him much frustration due to the lack of challenge. Along with Genos  and the Hero Association they battle numerous monsters and super villains. The manga and anime are a parody of both the superhero  and  shonen genres. The what makes this anime so enjoyable is its comedy, action, and fascinating characters. Yet, there is one character that is notable for multiple reasons. Captain Mizuki went viral in 2018, when fans became responsive to the new character. What is different about her is that she displays a muscular and strong looking physique. Although not as strong as our main character, she has much battle prowess. The appearance of Captain Mizuki demonstrates that female characters are not always fan service or a stereotypical representation. The image of the physically strong woman has a global presence and it appears in various mediums. Comics and manga seems to be ahead in showing such an image. This character also reveals that the elements of the female muscle fandom have entered the mainstream. The female athlete may be gradually becoming a new archetype in popular culture.

        Captain Mizuki like other heroes has a back story. She is an athlete that wants to use her physical prowess in the fight against monsters and crime. She can be effective in battle thinking of fighting as athletic competition. Mizuki as far as it is known is a top performing athlete having at least three medals around her neck. The character obviously is modeled after tack and field athletes. It may even be closer to a crossfit athlete. Mizuki’s powers include superhuman physical prowess and weapon transformation. Mizuki is a class B hero with a rank of 71. Seeing as she has been recruited by the Hero Association to be part of the strike team during the human monster story arc, she does not compete as an athlete full time. Part of the comedy of this character is that she thinks of her hero work as an athletic competition. Her fights involve her using javelins, shot-put, and hammer throws.  Her personality seems easy going and cheerful despite the mortal danger she faces.


So far, that is all that is known about this character. She may be a bigger mystery than how Saitima got his incredible strength. At some point this character will appear in the animated adaptation of the manga. She may just be a minor character as the series progresses or grow to have a more prominent role. Seeing as she’s becoming such a popular character with fan art being produced on various websites. Hopefully, this character can have more appearances and development as the series progresses. One Punch Man has many stories to tell, so the possibilities are endless.

       It is no secret that there are men who like muscular women and its seems to be infiltrating popular entertainment mediums.  Comics, cartoons, and manga were ahead in presenting the muscular female image. However, this did not make these art forms immune from stereotypes or sexism. The brawn hilda was the sexist stereotype and trope that either presented strong women as ugly or unfeminine. There is another alternative to this that is more positive in media representation. The amazonian beauty is a trope that is becoming more common at least in animated and comics related works. The image of the physically strong woman is not demonized rather vindicated. A cultural shift has occurred where at least there is some acceptance of a woman that is skilled physically and presents strength.  Women have since the late 20th century gotten more involved in professional sports with women from all over the world competing at the Olympics. It is rumored that Captain Mizuki’s character design was based off of Michelle Jenneke.


The standard was to make women character designs similar to that of runway models. Mizuki ‘s body has defined muscle on it.  There has been serious discussion about the importance of body diversity in animation or cartooning mediums. The mold has been broken with artists attempting to try something different. The idea is to present a wide range so that children do not get distorted ideas about how they should look. It is not guarantee it will prevent body image issues, but there is no reason to constantly push body image conformity. From an artistic perspective, it is critical to make your character designs unique. Using different styles and designs shows that an animator has grown as an artist. Besides looks, it is important to develop characters personality. A good female character has a personality and is not there just be to a token. Although it is early, Mizuki seems like a brave and yet carefree person. If the proper approaches are used, animators and cartoonists can create quality female characters.

         Unknown to the mainstream, there is an entire underground community to female muscle art. This could range from female muscle growth, illustration, or fan art. The culture sometimes likes to collect materials that show muscular women in mainstream publications or entertainment mediums. Mizuki’s fighting moves give an indication that the author is into female muscle fandom and art. One move she does to one of the monsters is killing them with the force of her bodyscissors. Female muscle fans can easily see that the artist enjoyed this very much.

Many female muscle fans enjoy the idea of women with strong legs using them against their enemies.The bodyscissor and headscissor fall under a sub-genre of the female muscle fetish.  Female muscle fandom is very large and expands into various media. Often the artistic element is forgotten. Websites, forums, and social media become spaces in which female muscle art can be seen and shared. Captain Mizuki  going viral does not seem like such a shock to anyone familiar with female muscle fandom. Characters in female muscle art could be either one shot or consistently appear in webcomics. The female muscle growth genre normally shows a woman who is average or weak in terms of strength gaining superhuman power by means of magic or science.

Female muscle artists will create original characters or produce fan art. Female characters who are not muscular in appearance in their appearance on a show are given that image.  Although it is art for the mere sake of it there also is another aspect. There is an erotic nature to it. Such an element is connected to stenolagnia and cratolagnia. These fetishes have to do with displays of muscle and strength. The strong female could be lifting trucks, battling against a foe,  or wrestling men  Art styles cater to certain tastes. Women can be realistically depicted or exaggerated beyond belief. Seeing as the internet reaches millions of people internationally it is easy to see why something subcultural would get more mass exposure. What started with television exposing the female athlete to wider audiences spread into popular culture.  Captain Mizuki’s introduction to the manga is a much welcomed change in the way female characters are done. Hopefully One Punch Man‘s anime will continue with a third season at some point and reach Mizuki’s appearance. A black and white comic has an aesthetic appeal, but nothing beats the lively rush of colorful animation. Until then, you’ll just have to admire Mizuki’s muscles in black and white.

New ‘One-Punch Man’ Hero Goes Viral For Her Gorgeous Muscles (2018)

The Angry Asian Man Website Banner Art


The Angry Asian Man

This is the banner from the Angry Asian Man  website. The artwork is for the subscriber drive of 2019. The interesting element of note is that it features a woman literally throwing a man up over head. It seems that the image of the physically strong woman has appeared in numerous forms of media. The website discusses issues and challenges facing Asian Americans from racism, discrimination, immigration policy, and the general political atmosphere. It also makes commentary on racial stereotypes in media, news,television, film, and literature. The  May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month which celebrates the community’s contribution to US society and history. In an era of rising white racism and xenophobia it is important to remember the contributions of our diverse communities. Visit  the Angry Asian Man  and learn more about Asian American history.

The Angry Asian Man Website Banner Art