Don’t Fear The Fetish

It should be no surprise that the world of female muscle and fitness has a fetish element. There is one section of the female muscle fandom highly devoted to mixed wrestling, sessions, fmg art, and stories. Typically, the hardcore fans are called schmoes, which carries a pejorative connotation. Supporters and fans of the female fitness culture tend to be suspicious or want to repudiate this section of fans. The reason mostly surrounds an irrational fear of fetish element. Everyone fan and athlete alike has an opinion about the female muscle fetish subculture. Some believe such activities lower the image of the sport. Other view it as harmless. It would be a hyperbole to say that the female muscle fetish element has harmed female bodybuilding. The biggest damage came from the corporations in the fitness industry and lack of sponsorship. Generally, this is the case with the majority of women’s sports along with unequal pay. Yet, detractors never mention those issues. Thus, a scapegoat is created to deflect attention away from the actual problem of institutional practices holding women back. Some athletes and fans have become very fearful of the female muscle fetish element within the fitness industry. There should be no concern  about this aspect of women’s involvement in fitness. Rather than judge there should be an understanding about why people like it and participate. Fans who are content creators even avoid the subject. A female muscle fetish is nothing to be scared or ashamed of.

            The male followers of female bodybuilders develop a female muscle fetish for a number of reasons. Personal experience, media images, or the ideas about aesthetics contribute to this development.   This is not just liking the muscular physique, this is immersing one’s self into the subculture. Men may go to session wrestling appointments, be members of websites , or produce web content of their own. That could feature art or stories. An outsider looking at these materials may be perplex or have more negative feelings. the first thought is that this is strange or abnormal. Other  opinions are more exaggerated such as this is a sexual perversion.  These views are spoken from a perspective of ignorance rather than knowledge.

The question then becomes, how is this anything different from other activities ? Every subculture as a strange uniqueness to it. There is memorabilia collection, platforms of fan communication. and merchandising . Anime fandom has cosplay, conventions, and fan dubs. What is colloquially called “nerd culture” consists of comics, video games, and science fiction.  The female muscle fandom and fetish follows in that similar sociological model. Fans enjoy discussing their favorite subject with other fans and exchanging materials of the subculture. The muscle woman fetish happens from exposure. Many men in say in their youth they were exposed to an image that sparked their interest. As the years pass the attraction grew. Others may just like the concept of a strong woman. It seems that now in popular culture and wider society  the notion of a strong independent woman is slowly becoming more accepted. The female muscle fans were celebrating this idea in a more literal way.

Juanita Blaino P




It seems odd in the age of girl power being promoted that the muscular woman is still regulated to the space of subculture.  The female muscle fans were more progressive before many people were.

       Some say that the fetish element tarnishes the sport. This seems more facetious, rather than a statement of fact. Whatever the general public view is of the sport is, has little to due with the fetish element. The problem is the narrow view of what women should be and can do. Traditionalist would say women should not be allowed to do this at all. That dated mode of thinking needs to be retired. The idea that some how if the fetish element did not exist, female bodybuilding would gain more mainstream appeal is false. The sport itself is smaller compared to team sports like soccer  or basketball. There has been rapid expansion over the years, but it may not reach the level of larger sports. The subcultural appeal makes it unique and fun for longtime dedicated fans. Adding certain subculture to the mainstream tends to degrade their quality to a generic and uninteresting activity. Female bodybuilding and muscular women are slowly becoming more mainstream. The hope is that the wonderfully unique quality of women’s fitness culture remains intact. The fact that women are posing on stage in very little clothing is sexual. The only reason there is some distinction is that the women present a different type of beauty. The women’s bodies are analyzed from their chests, legs, arms, and torsos. That is in itself a fetish.





There are certain parts of the human body that people like and pay attention to. The sport just wants the body sculpted into an aesthetically pleasing representation.  It cannot be ignored that there was a sexual element before the female muscle fetish. Women in bikinis who appeared in advertisements and TV are not just there for the sale of products. The fact that there is a sexual or fetish element should not reflect poorly on the sport. Human nature enables this sexual expression. That is not what the sport is all about either. Bodybuilding is about creating a powerful and balanced physique.

         The fear surrounding the fetish element has several origins. Ignorance seems to be a major culprit. People tend to ostracize what they cannot understand. The intense predilection for the athletic or muscular female physique produces these feelings. Liking or having a fetish for muscular women should not be feared. It is no different from liking women who are red headed or have another particular type of  feature. Another issue is people’s problem and lack of knowledge about human sexuality and behavior. Sexology  is a topic rarely discussed in mainstream circles. Human sexual behavior is driven by psychological, biological, and sociological forces. It is not entirely understood and more research has to be done. Fetishes are not bad or abnormal rather just a type of sexual expression. The only time it could be harmful is that it interrupts daily functioning. Most men with this fetish are average and come from a variety of backgrounds. The other reason for the fear of the fetish element is that it makes the women’s fitness culture appear sleazy. This has to be the most illogical fear. Women wrestling men or doing wrestling session is no more sleazy than offering pole dance fitness classes. Making such claims makes a critic look like nothing more than a traditionalist fanatic creating a moral panic. The fitness industry has operated on the concept that sex sells for decades.  The “moral purity” argument lacks credibility. - MW-79 - Scissored by She-Hulk!

Angela K 3A




Objections and irrational fears seem to held together by weak or spurious claims. Society must learn to deal with human sexual behavior in a healthy and balanced way. The desire to either eliminate or act like it does not exist does not help. An opened mind about other people’s behavior and decisions can go a long way.

       The fear of the fetish element can also be internalized by fans. It is not uncommon for fans of female muscle to hide their videos, books,magazines, or any other material related to strong women. These items are not even adult content. The nervousness feelings about being judged for their preference in women becomes intense. What should be noted is that not all female muscle fans are hardcore fetish fans. Some may watch those videos or read fmg stories, yet have never done a session. These two factions of fans are not abnormal or deviant. They just enjoy different elements of the female muscle fandom.This is the life of a secret fan hiding what they like for fear of judgement. This is unfortunate to love something in secret. There should not be shame if a person has a female muscle fetish. People are into different activities. It does not matter what others think of it. Just as long as individuals like it and get enjoyment out of it. Denying the existence of the fetish element seem more ridiculous when it is an open secret.

       Session wrestling has been a financial tool for some athletes, when the sponsors left. Even women’s sports that are larger in exposure face a money problem. The women just found out how to finance their expenses for competition . However, there are women who have enough money not to do sessions. Some do it for the fun of it. There is no surprise that women may share with men some fetishes. Women just like men have sexual urges and fetishes. The reason it is not been discussed is that women were forced to be silent about it. Throughout history women’s sexuality and behavior was rigidly controlled. The sexual revolution change that in the 1960s. Women had greater sexual freedom and birth control enable more control of their bodies. Sexual expression was no longer for men only. It should be no surprise that women may feel some type of turn on wrestling men. This may be acting out a female power fantasy. Male sexual fantasies are well known, but female versions remain a mystery. The women who get pleasure out of sessions may like the idea they can dominate a man physically. When it is the instance of muscle worship, the idea of being treated like a Queen. This has not been studied in depth so what can be stated is just conjecture.

        session wrestling, muscle worship, and the female muscle fetish are just a part of the female muscle fandom. Accepting that fact will not damage the sport as a whole.The fetish element is nothing to be feared or treated with ignominious behavior. Humanity must come to terms with its sexual behavior and sexuality. This is not to say that the female athletes are sex objects designed for male pleasure. These women are athletes of the highest caliber; they deserve respect. That does not mean all should pretend that the sexual or fetish element does not exist. The reason fans flock to contests, collect photos, and watch videos is to see the unique aesthetic  presentation of the muscular  female body. Maybe the controversy is not so much about what the women and fans do, rather it is how people react to a new image of woman. The public may not realize it, but there has been a major change in gender roles and how the sexes relate to one another. What can be learned is not to fear change or something different.

Don’t Fear The Fetish

The Guardian : Butt Seriously How Bottoms Became a Fitness Obsession


Butt Seriously

There is a fitness trend that has become immensely popular. While some want to build their arms or their pecs, now it about building the butt. Women have in particular have been very responsive to this. Body parts becoming part of a fetish is nothing new, but the recent phenomenon is that gym culture and commercialization of it has become common place.  Women ‘s body goals are being changed rapidly to a new ideal. Mainstream women’s fitness magazines have shifted from a flat stomach to strong glutes. People may object to such a craze seeing as it promotes unrealistic standards about the human body. There are also accusations of cultural appropriation oddly enough. There are racial dynamics that are present that Chrissy King a fitness professional mentions to The Guardian . Black women’s bodies have been caricatured for looking a certain way. King then says that same stereotypical is now being used for profit and now seen as desirable on white women. Other criticize that this new emphasis on women’s bottoms is not progressive rather just objectifying women. At times it seems people may be taking this too seriously. Others may not realize women were pioneering developed glutes before this sudden fitness fads. Many fads come and go, but it appears women are having a greater impact on fitness and sports than ever before. Rather than seeing this as another mishap for women, it could be an opportunity for influence. It should also be remembered how much of a struggle it was for women entering the fitness world in the past.

     Female bodybuilders and weightlifters were the harbinger to the developed glutes look. The built more firm or “juicy” glutes before  the current fad. Prior to this, women with large bottoms were not as admired.  The female athletes of the 1970s and 1980s produced bodies that few had ever seen before. Advances in training, nutrition, and diet created a more physically powerful female body. The most developed bodies appeared on bodybuilding stages. While women who competed in track, weightlifting, or gymnastics had some muscle it was not to the same degree as female bodybuilders. Every part of the body had muscle, but the lower body became something of interest. This may have ancient and prehistoric  roots. A well built buttocks on the female body may have been an indirect indication of fertility to our hominid ancestors. Art from classical Greece shows the female bottom being a symbol of beauty. The Venus Callipyge was an example of this, thought to be produced around 300 B.C.E. Marble copies were produced which are still present in certain art museums.





Overtime a developed buttocks became a beauty mark for women. There was in the 19th century a clothing fad of bustles. The garment was mostly from keeping dresses from dragging, but it had another unintentional function of making the female bottom protrude more. During this period women were restricted in the Victorian Age. Women’s bodies were either placed under some form of restriction or direct control. From foot binding to limited access to contraception women did not have full used of their bodies. That changed in the 20th century with various waves of feminism. The female body was evolving as well. Women began to get involved in sports and fitness. Few could have imagined how radically women would develop themselves. At one time it was considered impossible that women could attain such strength. The female body has been subject to criticism and controversy. Even this glutes fad seems to generate criticism from both men and women.

Bustles were worn under large dresses.
Tina and Isabelle
This is the first time in human history women have developed themselves physically to this level. There were muscular women in the past, but not to this degree.
Venus Callipyge a marble copy thought to be from the first century C.E.
Training for aesthetics is a new concept

These arguments range from either women being sexually objectified or exposing themselves too much. The argument about sexual objectification seems to be a more feminist leaning position. The one about women exposing themselves seems to be more in line with a traditionalist philosophy about women behaving in a proper way. The compliant is that some women get on social media platforms who are not athletes and use their looks to exploit followers. The rise of fitness influence personalities has generated criticism from men who think it makes a mockery of hardcore fitness. This seems like a ludicrous claim seeing as men have done the same thing. There are multiple male fitness personalities promising other men that they will look like them on social media. On top of that, they also provide pick up artist advice. The feminist argument also lacks cogency. If women are in control of themselves and merely using something to their advantage it cannot be considered exploitation. The internet allowed more female athletes to get exposure through video and images more so than TV. There are women who could be objectifying themselves, but that is their choice. People just like certain parts of the body.

        The debate between aesthetics and functional fitness does come up in this new fitness fad. While some may think that working out to look a certain way is frivolous, there is an artistic appeal to it. The body almost is like clay being molded into a statue. The product is a body that was the product of training, nutrition, and exercise science. This can only be understood by people who have an appreciation for art and the human form. It is difficult to convince people of this argument, however there is a benefit to training glutes.

glutes 67




Glute activation warm ups may have a benefit. Strong glutes may have the ability prevent knee injuries and back problems. Holle Grant who is a Pilates trainer claims that postnatal woman can also benefit. The muscles of the bottom lengthen during pregnancy. Making them stronger can avoid the challenges that are the result of the relaxin hormone. Jim Pate who is a physiologist at the Centre for Health and Human Performance also is in agreement for the importance of glute activation. Squats, lunges, and deadlifts are compound exercises. This means many muscle groups are being exercised, which include the core. There should be an emphasis on all the muscle groups. Spot training or exercising one muscle group means others over time could atrophy. Imbalances could also result in possible injury. The worst result of this would be poor functional  performance. Strong glutes also aid in the strength of the pelvic floor. Some women suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction which means pain, prolapse, and incontinence. Physical intimacy could also be painful. Developing strong glutes can be a solution to this women’s health aliment. This seems practical to do like many fitness professionals have suggested. Women should not be afraid to train other parts of the body.

      Training the lower body still is seen as a woman’s activity. That must change. Upper body strength and development of other muscles should be a goal. Women should be free to develop their bodies as much as they wish. Kelechi Okafor stated that this glute fad was not body positive, rather just an attempt to make women look like real life Barbie dolls. The solution to this would be that women train their bodies for strength and muscular development. Men have been doing that for a long time, now it is women’s turn. Muscles and women can mix. Building strength can be the most empowering thing a woman can do. This is not another model of body image conformity. It should be about getting more women involved in exercise, fitness, and strength sports. Many of the women who criticize the fad would repudiate a highly muscular woman. Too often female trainers either say “don’t worry about getting too big” or “girls can’t get bulky.” There is nothing wrong with the look or a woman that is reaching for that goal.

Andrea Shaw34




Working both the upper and lower body for maximum strength can have multitudes of benefits for women. Bone and muscle mass decrease with age. This puts women at a greater risk for osteoporosis and sarcopenia. Getting enough regular exercise can be good for health and improve quality of life. Strength actually has more uses beyond mere health maintenance. It enables women to be more independent. Doing physical work will not require a man if you are capable yourself. Moving groceries, shoveling snow, or moving furniture can be done without male assistance.

        One controversial element about the glutes fitness fad relates to race. Black women’s bodies have been subject to ridicule and racism in both the UK and US. Chissy King mentions the reality that black women’s bodies are caricatured while white women are praised for the same characteristic. This goes to a larger problem of racialist physiognomy. This ideology believes that races have distinct physical characteristics, which relate to behavior and personality. The racist pseudoscience is nothing more than ignorant prejudice presented as fact. Jews have large noses, black women have large bottoms, and Asians have slanted eyes. Blacks were seen as animal like and barbaric. Jews were viewed as greedy and money obsessed. Asians were seen as tricksters or strange exotic oddities. People can have a variety of body types, but in a racist view one has to be superior. Racialist physiognomy was designed to show the inferiority of non-white races. This has been discredited seeing as anatomy, biology, and evolution prove humans no matter what skin color are the same species. The reason black fitness professionals are vexed is due to the long history of abuse of black bodies. Sarah Baartman was kidnapped in the 19th century and put on display in a human zoo. She was in the UK, Ireland, and died in France in 1815. Her large posterior fascinated European audiences and scientists. When she died her body was dissected and not even given a proper burial. Her remains were returned to South Africa in 2002. This egregious act of human rights violation was not forgotten and has relevance to this discussion.

Sarah Baartman was forced into a human zoo and toured Europe as a living exhibit.
Large bottoms are not a feature of just black women.
966562327_sh10_122_37lo (1)
Body types vary no matter what your race or ethnicity.
Women do build beautiful bodies, but their athletic feats must also be appreciated.

The black woman was seen in the white supremacist society as ugly. Although this myth was espoused, it may not have even been believed by the oppressors. Just like other women,  black women were subject to sexual objectification. Capitalism once more has made a commodity of black bodies. Chrissy King is right about this fact, yet one point she is wrong. Saying large bottoms is something black women have always had is not entirely true. The idea comes from racialist physiognomy. Unconsciously, many still embrace stereotypes. Beyonce a has profited from her posterior so much so that she was into the fad before it was fashionable. Her wealth far exceeds many white fitness professionals. This is one fact that King does not acknowledge. The legacy of racialist physiognomy and anti-black racism still have an impact of society. The only cure for this is education and integrating people into the wider fitness and sports community.

     A fad should not generate so much debate. Overtime it will be lost to history and become obscure. It can be agreed that women should not be reduced to pieces of  meat. The strong women you see in video are either crossfit athletes, bodybuilders, or those involved in strength sports. They deserve respect for their accomplishments. The irrational criticism of female fitness influencers  seems to be ludicrous. They have just found an economic model to from. That is what a business does; it sells products. One should ask why men avoid the same scrutiny. There are plenty of male fitness influencers promising men that they can get muscular and even add some pick up artist advice. This just seems normal, because the lingering notion is that fitness is a male only activity. Women are making their mark and it is bound to take different directions. There is nothing wrong with this new glute fad. One should be mindful to keep goals realistic and realize that looking like the athletes on social media may not be attainable for everyone. Training all of the body and not just one part is the proper path. Exercising for aesthetics or functional fitness  can be good for women. The more active a person is the least likely they are to suffer chronic illness later in life.

The Guardian : Butt Seriously How Bottoms Became a Fitness Obsession

Lauri Braun : I Don’t Want to Get Too Big (2011)


Don’t Get Too Big

Lauri Braun the founder of Female wrote about a common phrase that women work out commonly hear. The warning is do not “get too big.” For too long women have been dictated how to behave or what to do with their lives. Even more nauseating is the comment “you should smile more.” It is worse enough that someone demands that you look a certain way, but to feel a particular way is more infuriating. Braun calls her discussion a rant, yet it is just an observation of a known double standard. Strong women are constantly criticized for the muscles and power they have gained. The odd aspect about this is that women internalize this subtle form of sexism. They do not lift anything heavier than five pound dumbells. There still is a misconception that they overestimate their ability to gain muscle. Such a process takes years along with specific training and diet. Lauri Barun being a personal trainer herself had to explain on multiple occasions that this would not happen. It is like saying if you hand a woman a tennis racket, they will gain the skills of Serena Williams.  Much of this fear stems from ignorance of the sport, the women, and basic human anatomy. The phrase “don’t get too big” should be retired from fitness discussion.

           Often the phrase “too big” is used for women with the highest amount of muscular development. Female bodybuilders are targets for such ridicule. Unwanted commentary is either expressed as insults, bullying behavior, and sexist abuse. The double standards are so obvious, because men with muscular physiques are not subject to such ostracism. Women should have the right to look however they want to regardless of society’s expectations. It seems so perplexing in an age that is seeing more women rise to positions  of power that this concept has not been accepted. There is a body positivity movement, but it seems to exclude athletic bodies in favor of larger ones. It really is not inclusive as it sounds. Muscular women are either absent or not visible in this social movement. Then again it really is not an organized mass movement, rather a loose association. Women are partially to blame for body image conformity. This is mainly through being involved in the beauty and fashion industry. Businesses like that are kept alive by women focusing on their appearance. The beauty industry is estimated at being worth $532 billion dollars. If consumers had a positive body image, sales would decline. The muscular woman challenges notions of female weakness and passivity. A woman’s beauty in this view should be defined by being dainty and frail. Thankfully, women can define femininity on their terms rather than some dated ideals.

debbie and andrea



The “too big” or “too much” is a matter of taste. A woman who is a track athlete my be too big for some. Having an opinion is not the problem; disparaging people who are different is. Even people who may not advocate the muscular development on a female physique can at least admit it is impressive. There are also a portion of people who appreciate the aesthetic. The lugubrious element of this is that there is a demand for people to look alike and think the same. Getting “too big” is more about perception not anatomical reality.

       Women being too big is not anatomically possible. The only way that could happen is if a woman reaches a body weight that would be classified as morbidly obese. At this stage the ability to walk and have a healthy circulatory system is not possible. The strain on the skeletal system is so great joint issue can occur from being overweight  or obese. Women who are muscular are called bulky. That implies colloquially being of large size. The women on a bodybuilding stage or just muscular women in general do not weigh that much. The average man or an out of shape woman could weigh more. Comparing a muscular woman to a muscular man their is a difference in the morphology of the physique. The upper body of women is smaller, compared to men. The pelvis is wider giving women a distinctive shape. When muscle is added to the female frame it enhances the form. The irrational fear for some women is that their body will become block like. The reality is that the torso of the male is more block like than women. Female bodybuilders still aim for a version of the hour glass figure although they used different methods to attain it. By developing a muscular upper body and lower body  the waist on women appears smaller. Detractors claim that they are attempting to emulate men, but what they are really doing is developing a new aesthetic of female beauty.

aki copy

Colette, Daina, Star 0s9r3mbalmz31

Although women do have big muscles, bodybuilding is more than just about size. Symmetry, conditioning, and definition are what contribute to quality physiques. This is where the body becomes a living art piece. This may be hard to understand if you do not admire sculpture or physique sports. The women are not large massive blobs of flesh. Examining the weight of various bodybuilders from the past to present only further demonstrates the point. Rachel Mclish weighed only 135 lbs., while Corey Everson was 155 lbs. Kim Chizevsky was 160 lbs. The body weight of these three Ms.Olympia champions is less than what would you would think by just looking at their pictures. Few women have reached the over 200 lbs mark, which a vast majority of male bodybuilders reach. Two of the greatest athletes Iris Kyle and Lenda Murray would not be considered bulky simply based on weight. Iris was 165 lbs of muscle and Lenda was 153 lbs.



Lesa Lewis 04


The biggest female bodybuilders do not even compare to men of the same fitness level and size. There can be overlap, but it is not possible for a woman to get man size. Lesa Lewis competed at 193 lbs during her athletic career. Maria Wattel has a weight of 198 lbs. The reason why Lesa and Maria are bigger is due to their height. They are both tall with Maria being 5′ 7” and Lesa being 5′ 10.”  The skeletal frame aids in size. The bigger the skeleton the more muscle can be housed on a frame. Muscular hypertrophy is regulated by myostatin and the MTSN gene. This explains why muscles do not continue to grow endlessly. Getting to the size of the Incredible Hulk would not be possible in relation to human morphology. Women have to work harder to build muscle and strength due to how the endocrine system influences physiology. Reaching this level of muscular development takes much time, effort, and an intricate understanding of nutrition.

       The perplexing problem about the “too big” concept is that women utter this more among themselves. Lori Braun observed that some overweight women do this. The reason for such unwanted commentary could be jealousy, envy, or closed mindedness. Harsh critics could be internalizing some of the messages of body image conformity. The negative response from some men one would assume would be obvious. Coming from other women remains a conundrum. Women being physically strong seems to bother a number of people, yet this would not apply to other areas. If a person said to a woman gaining higher education that she has become “too smart” it would immediately be challenged. Women’s bodies society believes need control. A woman can never be truly free until she has complete control of her body. This remains the last bastion for women achieving equality. Education and employment are essential measures,but control of one’s physical self is imperative. One step is to have reproductive rights strengthened. What should also be part of the process is women being allowed to look like whatever they want to without insults or harassment. The first step requires women to stop sabotaging one another.  Lori Braun describes an instance in which a client insulted a picture of one of her friends competing. Lori  rationally explained that her friend weighed less compared  to the woman making the offensive remarks. Women should not be insulting each other’s appearance. This only aids the system of misogyny based around a single beauty standard.

         The ignored element of this discussion is the false idea that people do not like the image of strong women. The argument is that if a woman gets to big men will not like them. There are men who have a vast variety in what is attractive. Muscular women to some men are the greatest thing ever. The exact number is not known. Many men hide this love due to fear of what friends and family might say. Fans might collect pictures, books,videos, and then hide them. The internet and by extension social media has exposed that there is a bigger following than previously thought. Even if this was not the case, some people just enjoy something that is not mainstream or widely accepted. Female muscle does have more exposure compared to the past considering there is more media. Yet, it started off as a small group of fans of female strength sports.  The irritating claim by detractors is that no man likes a muscular female physique. The growth of divisions in strength sports and the increase in women’s athletic participation just demonstrates there are fans. There also is a potential for  growth. The conversation about women being “too big” just needs to end. Doubtless of what people think, the women will continue to compete, train, and challenge prejudiced assumptions.

Lauri Braun : I Don’t Want to Get Too Big (2011)

Cathe Friedrich : Strong Versus Skinny and Why Strong Is Better


Strong Versus Skinny

Weight loss has been directed at women as the sole means to maintain health. While it is important to manage weight, losing too much can be unhealthy. This could negatively effect musculoskeletal mass of the body. The methods of weight loss that some women have done range from reduced calorie restriction, excessive aerobic exercise, or use of weight loss supplements. Thankfully, more women are using healthier methods. Weight training and a diet that meets the body’s needs can both maintain health as well as improve physical fitness. Women gaining physical strength and muscle is a positive development for women’s health. Muscle can actually improve women’s health. There is a new maxim “strong is  the new skinny” but the goal should not be to replace one body image with another. Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes so there should not be one set standard. There are some women who may not like the idea of developed muscle on their body, but when they try weight training they want more. There are five essential benefits that come with developing strength.

        Functional strength is about being able to do daily tasks. Moving furniture, groceries, or shoveling snow are just a few examples. Some women say that is work for men to do. However, there may not always be a man to  help. You may live alone or there just are not big strong men around to solve your problems. Training for strength differs from training for aesthetics. Both use weights to meet different objectives. Strength training along with compound exercises can induce muscular hypertrophy. The body can then generate more physical force. Bodybuilding is about molding the muscle to look a certain way. Both activities can enhance bone and muscle mass. The major target area of exercises should be the core. This is an important center of physical strength generation.


6f823c1328453015 2-exercise-608x500

Mere weight loss has some negative consequences. Too little calories, limited nutrition, and aerobic exercise only weakens the body. A person who is too thin may struggle doing basic physical tasks. Becoming to obsessed with thinness could put a person at risk for anorexia. Strength training can be a healthy way to maintain body weight. Weight loss only does not enable the building of extra bone and muscle tissue.  This means a person will have less functional strength. The impact can be larger on women who have less natural strength to start off with. Maintaining physical strength is pivotal to health as we age. Having functional strength aids in muscle and bone health.

         Body weight can become a concern if it exceeds a certain level. Cathe Friedrich incorrectly uses the term “skinny fat” when no such thing exists. This is more of a colloquial term that people use to describe people who carry some body fat, while to fitting the definition of being overweight. There are multiple body types which in include ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs. Some people can be in between these categories. Obesity and being overweight are not the same medical terminology. An overweight person may be carry more weight then they should, but are not obese. Obesity can be defined as weight higher than what would be considered healthy for a person’s height. The risk of type diabetes becomes a concern with increasing weight. A thin person with high amounts of sugar in their diet can still get the disease. This can be managed and controlled with exercise. Strength training can benefit anyone, no matter what age or fitness level. The protection of the circulatory system also needs attention. Heart disease and stroke become health concerns the longer people live. Being active can prevent chronic illness related to the muscular, skeletal, and circulatory system.

          Thinness is not an indication of health. Being malnourished can pose a threat. The body needs food as fuel and exercise to maintain organ systems. Getting too thin may pose a greater burden on women’s bodies. When fat levels decline to such a limited amount estrogen is effected. This may result in osteoporosis or infertility. Thinner people could be at equal or the same risk for diseases that effect the obese. Poor eating habits, smoking, and drinking are practiced by large segments of the population. This is not a concern during youth, but as age progresses the effects of poor health decisions emerge.

You cannot determine someone’s health by just their body type. Only medical exams can determine health condition. However, thinness is equated with health due to a beauty standard. 

The issue here is that people equate a beauty standard of body image with health. The concept has eugenic roots and was based in physiognomy, yet never really disappeared. Beauty has nothing to do with health. That depends on a person’s perspective and the culture in which they are raised. The unfortunate aspect is that it has caused women much distress. The mental toll of attempting to reach an unrealistic body ideal can harm psychological well being. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Strength training does have a mental health benefit.

          Self-esteem is essential to a person’s sense of worth. When women do strength train their is also a mental change that occurs. Women report feeling more body confidence not just how their bodies look, but what they can do. This new sense of self and confidence does not only relate to a sports field. It spreads to other aspects of life. Too many girls and women are discouraged from being ambitious or confident. This restricts their potential and  opportunities in life. Learning discipline, consistency, and goal setting is connected with strength training principles. Feeling like a stronger person gives women a larger boost in confidence. A study from  McMaster University demonstrated that women were more satisfied with their bodies after a twelve week training regimen . They were very pleased that they became physically stronger than before.Women’s mental health can benefit from a strength training regimen.

       Women will live longer on average. This means they have a higher chance of either getting diseases related to age, if they do not monitor their health. If a person does not exercise, the body becomes frail. Sacropenia causes muscles to decrease in power and strength. When a person reaches the age of 30, muscle mass gradually declines. Around the age of 50 the process becomes more dramatic. Bone density is also effected increasing the likelihood of hip fracture. Falls and the fractures that follow can be life threatening. This effects women worse seeing as they have less muscle mass and bone density. Strength training can protect women’s bodies from sacropenia and osteoporosis. The elderly can still benefit from some exercise. A woman that is too thin could be at risk of losing functional strength.

        Making yourself thin is not the most health path to take. The intent is to have enough physical activity and calorie consumption to manage weight. Calorie restriction will only harm progress. Diet should be managed and consist of vegetables, proteins, as well as some fruit.  Thinner people may not have as many health problems as an overweight person, but they are at risk for chronic illness. Losing the ability to do simple tasks become a challenge for older people. While a thin body may be seen as ideal  for women, it is not healthy. Being naturally thin does not pose a health risk, but attempting to be underweight is. Building strength is insurance against disease later in life. Strength training can be done by anyone. It is never too late to start. Women can gain more from a strength training regimen. Improved health, weight management, and higher levels of confidence are what women can gain.

Cathe Friedrich : Strong Versus Skinny and Why Strong Is Better

A Confutation To Broscience : The Fun Side of Being With A Female Bodybuilder

“The Downsides of Having Sex With A Female Bodybuilder” from Broscience was published in 2015.  Another  article that pondered the topic appeared on Spot Me Bro. Both were so similar you would have thought it was plagiarism. Or maybe so many people think the same their writing is identical . The real comedy is that none of the authors even have dated or gotten close to a female bodybuilder. How can you write about something you do not know?   The Spot Me Bro article has since disappeared, but my response has not on VK media ( Spot Me Bro ).  The poor attempt at humor is more painful than watching Amy Schumer  stand up. They are the same quotes and ideas espoused by female muscle haters on forums, videos sites, or social media. This is the land of npcs in which anyone who looks, thinks, or acts differently is automatically castigated. Although my response to the Broscience article was a relative short one ( Broscience)  I feel that this needs a bigger exclamation point. Our poor bros do not understand what they are missing. Being with a female bodybuilder has more potential than you think. Our bros only think about the act of sex, rather than a possible long term relationship or a marriage. You would be in good hands with ( or locked in arms) with such a woman.  The fun side of being with a strong woman  outweigh cons. Being with and seeing different people can broaden your horizons. One just needs an open mind.

      Beauty comes in many forms it is just unfortunate only one paradigm is presented as ideal. The female form can have many versions of beauty. This is not about presenting one type as ideal or superior  rather enjoying variety.  The muscular female form combines strength and feminine grace into one entity. Bodies almost take on god like imagery. These women look like warriors ready for battle. The muscular woman seems like a goddess radiating with power. All the same areas that men find attractive on women are merely exaggerated to the highest degree. The posterior and legs are popular sights of interest. It makes a man also pay special attention to other parts of a woman’s body. Normally,  the back is not a favorite part of men. When a lover of female bodybuilders is asked they articulate a beauty in a sculpted back.




The lines, the curvature, and the size of the latissimus dorsi  produce a look similar to a statue. Their bodies have been molded into living works of art. What some consider spectacle is actually a testament to how incredible the human body is. This admiration is beyond erotic desire rather a respect for an aesthetic paradigm. The female flesh is molded into something majestic. It takes an immense amount of mental and physical effort to attain such physical prowess. Such women have not lost their femininity; they have expanded its definition. Womanhood does not have to be frail and helpless; it can be strong and dynamic. This is more of the philosophical basis for liking women of such strength. The sudden beauty fad is to favor women with curves, but the muscular woman had curves prior to it being popular. This may be too hard for the Broscience guys to understand. Some people have different tastes in women. Opening your views to accepting other forms of beauty widens your options.

       Broscience got it backwards about having relations with a female bodybuilder. Why wouldn’t an eligible bachelor want to have some physical intimacy with a different type of woman.  Make no mistake this will be physically intense. These girls are not linebackers or men with vaginas. They are dedicated athletes with the bodies of She-Hulk and the strength of Wonder Woman.  While some men may have a problem with women having more power in both the physical and social sense, the reality is men are going to go to what they want. Brosceince says your friends may tease you, but so what. This is a different sexual experience. Many couples say they get bored doing the same thing. People may get sick of being with the same type in a relationship.




These women are unique in the sense their bodies are different. They are strong and at the same time have a soft voluptuousness. Is this is fetish ? Liking muscular women is not a fetish by itself. That is just a preference for a particular body type. There are fetishes specific to the love of strength and muscles known as cratolagnia and stehnolagnia. Buff babes are the greatest thing for people with this type of fetish. Sometimes it is not about the looks; it’s the confidence that the women project. People ruin their chance for happy interpersonal relations due to their insecurities. Women often get  too clinger like  with  their partner. Men have the desire to be too domineering in their relationships. Broscience says that when you go with a woman like this, “you’re not the man.” The opposite is true. You will go from being a 98 pound weakling to a super saiyan god. These women put hair on your chest. Depending on the woman the sexual experience may vary.Make no mistake it will be wild and wonderful. There will be one thing harder than the muscles on your girl’s body. If your performance is good you should be proud. Especially if you are thinner or smaller man in body size this should be a praised accomplishment.

           There could be complications being with a woman bigger and stronger than you. Some gals just may not know their own strength. However, getting physically intimate with a muscle woman is not like a WWE match. Let’s assume our Amazon does not want to practice MMA for a second. Copulation really involves the lower body were the reproductive organs are located. Unless our strong woman in question is wrapping her legs around you as hard as she can, there’s nothing to fear. Some guys like it rough. Take a risk my fellows it eliminates the dullness of life. If our gals are getting too rough remember the safety word. There is no shame in saying she is hurting you. If you want to be macho just let her go at it. A man  could have the best night of his  life. Why would you want to miss out on that ?




 Getting certain women can be a dramatic ego boost. Being with a strong woman just is a demonstration of how much of an alpha man you can be. It takes a man of extreme strength to handle women of high quality.This should not be regulated to a one night stand. You’ll probably want to see her again and again. Few men would express it publicly, but there is something sexy about a physically powerful woman. Gym bros should be more than willing to be with ladies that share their interest. If not that means more muscle women for us average Joes. After awhile you just get tired of women falling for the same gorilla size jocks; let other men have a chance. Women may only be attracted to men solely for their status, but women with more rational judgement select men  of character. Who knows ? Maybe opposites can attract.

        Having a relationship with a female bodybuilder would definitely be a unique experience.  For one thing, you almost become a celebrity with all the stares in public. This may bother you at first, however there is a thrill to getting attention by way of the woman you are with. A bashful person may be overwhelmed by this fact. Others may take it negatively, but the stares and attention may not be out of disgust or disdain. It could be simple curiosity. Just like that you have become famous with your female bodybuilder.




It is  the Kardashian effect . Do nothing and become famous. The only downside to this is that pretty women get the attention of other men. Don’t be jealous or frustrated; she’s with you after all.  It’s highly unlikely she’ll run off just with another guy because she gets one compliment or a passing glance. When you are with a woman like this, attention from other people is unavoidable.  Who cares what other people think ( if they do that in the fist place) . Judgment only comes from the closed minded and people who don’t try to understand. Just sit back and enjoy the extra attention.

      Goal driven women may not have as much time for you. A competitive female athlete has a very structured schedule. Being with her much as you would like just may not be feasible.  This may be a downside, however it has benefits. Often couples may enjoy long periods of one another’s company. After awhile people may just need their personal space. This is not pushing a person away rather having time to one’s self. Some women feel that all of a man’s attention should be devoted them, but really do not need to do the same in return. Men continually have to put more effort into relationships. There is even more labor in simply starting one. A woman with a certain focus may not demand things to such a degree that you feel more like a servant. Strong women have a level of independence, which means they do not have the same insecurities that are projected by other women. The real insecure ones become jealous when you engage in conversion with other women, have the need to know where you are at all times, or constantly ask  how you feel about them. Trust simply is not there. The strong and confident woman trusts you. When you see her after training it will be more of a delightful treat.

        There is an advantage of being with a fit woman which is related to health. A fit woman will keep a man healthy. It has been proven that men who are married do live longer on average ( well so do sheltered house cats). Eating out may have to be reduced. Burger King and McDonald’s are not part of an athlete’s diet. Well, maybe on occasion a cheat meal can be allowed. At least seeing  your partner eat healthy may inspire you to do so.  Positive encouragement is the best method for long term change in lifestyle choices. A healthy woman can keep a man healthy. The diet will be sugar and mostly fat free, but you will be full. Chicken, eggs, and vegetables could be your diet. Another benefit to being with a female bodybuilder is a personal exercise partner. It is easier to remain dedicated when a person is there providing support. She will also get more motivated in her goals as well. The point is to elevate one another. A strong woman may help improve both your fitness and health. There could be psychological benefits as well. A woman that takes care of herself would certainly not let her man fall into decline.

        The fun side overall would be to experience a woman both physically and emotionally who is different. Exposure to an assortment of people allows us to grow. Don not seek conformity or the same thing out of life. Embrace variety and great things will follow. Broscience only thinks about the physical part of a relationship; one should be looking at the full benefits of a long term engagement. Maybe you and your Amazon princess can frolic off into the sun set. It may be your dream come true. It is funny how so many people disparage something before they even try it. Those who claim they do not like women of such appearance contradict themselves when going got with one. Changing your mind is fine, but acting like you are not a recent convert is not. The internet has shown there are a portion of men that do not find a muscular woman unappealing. To them they are their ultimate dream and fantasy. Even some large muscle bros are into muscle women. It makes sense seeing as it is a woman that shares their passion. Broscience does not get it. Buff babes are the best thing on Earth. You just need to open your eyes to see the greatness in front of you.

A Confutation To Broscience : The Fun Side of Being With A Female Bodybuilder