Lenda Murray tryout for The WWF

This is a clip from 1997 , when Lenda Murray did a tryout for the WWF. This was the period in which she lost her first Ms.Olympia in 1996. After competing the following year without regaining her Ms. Olympia title she went into retirement. During this time she was exploring different career paths. Wrestling was one area in which women with muscular physiques were gaining mainstream acceptance. Chyna popularized this image and became a  professional wrestling icon. Lenda’s attempt to break into wrestling was only temporary, but this clip is fun for archival purposes. Lenda would make her return in 2002 and then retire from competition 2004 after her defeat by Iris Kyle. Lenda today is a promoter of female bodybuilding shows. It would have been interesting to see if Lenda went down this path, what type of wrestler she would be. The wrestler names could either be bench pressing Brenda or Marie Muscles. At least  fans got to see her pose on bodybuilding stages. Yet some are curious just how much damage that body of 153 lbs of muscle could inflict.


Lenda Murray 1990





Lenda Murray tryout for The WWF

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