Remembering Leilani Dalumpines (1955-2018)

There were some unfortunate losses in 2018. Leilani Dalumpines was an athlete of the classic era of female bodybuilding that unfortunately lost her battle with cancer. To hardcore female bodybuilding fans, she was the one to present a full and power physique of the 1990s. Leilani Dalumpines was both a martial artist, actor,  bodybuilder, and later became a lawyer. She competed between the years of 1991 and 1994. Her best wins include coming in 3rd place in the North American Championships (1991 and 1994)  and 2nd place in the 1993 USA Championships. Leilani even had a brief acting career in a number of cult classic films. She appeared in Ring of Fire II, Death Run in Istanbul,  and DeathGamerz . Normally, she was typecast as a henchwoman  or muscle to the antagonists. These films were low budget, but still have an entertaining quality to them. Considering the time period, it was rare that a muscular woman would make an appearance in film. She also had no problem making appearances in mixed wrestling productions. With her martial arts skills, it made the videos more believable. Leilani Dalumpines was a common woman featured in Baltimore Productions. Ms. Loo was a comic on L-H Art which was adopted into a video production. Leilani plays a business owner cleans the crime infested streets by beating bad guys into submission.  Leilani Dalumpines  may not have been the biggest names, but her physique and warmth of personality charmed fans. Samuel Oldham a director who worked on her films,  stated on his youtube channel about on May 15, 2018 “she was one of my closest friends and her legacy will be remembered.”

Leilani 45

Leilani 67

Leilani 450jpg


LD 34













Remembering Leilani Dalumpines (1955-2018)

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