Cindy Phillips

Cindy Phillips is a Canadian bodybuilder who was born in Nova Scotia in 1983. Growing up she had very little athletic background, but did participate in cheerleading in high school. She was not interested in weight lifting at this point, but was mostly focused on losing weight. Cindy attended St. Mary’s University earning a degree in criminology. While in school she began more interested in weight training. She says she “started seeing definition in her arms and was hooked.”Initially, she wanted to be a fitness competitor, but had difficulty mastering the intricate posing routines. Her trainer the suggested that she just enter bodybuilding competitions. So at the age of 19 in 2003 she entered her first bodybuilding contest placing second in the lightweight division. She mostly competed in Canada from 2003 to 2007. She came in first place at the 2004 Canadian Nationals. Around 2007 she got her pro card at the Canadian Nationals. Her best win was the 2005 Nova Scotia Championship. She also made a switch to the physique division in 2009. This was the first time she competed in the United States. Although a professional IFBB bodybuilder, she has not made any competition appearances since 2012. Not, offically retired it seems she may be taking a hiatus. That does not mean she has stopped working out. She has trained  with weights since 2002 and it is clear she will never stop.

Cindy Phillips has now taken to other athletic endeavors such as crossfit. This appears to be some moderate down time. Physique is still an evolving category, so it leaves competitors a bit confused on how to adjust training.  Although Cindy has not made many professional wins, she is popular among fans. Her body measurements in contest display 14 inch biceps,  quads of 14.5 inches, and a 27 inch waist. During her competitions she trained five days a week, but would sometimes extend it. Mainly , it was to target her abdominals, do cardio, or focus on her calves. She enjoys training heavy and follows that by some cardio afterwards. Cindy says she loves doing chest exercises the most, but does not care for pull downs. The body she built seemed reminiscent of female bodybuilders of the early 1990s.  It was a cross between Laura Creavalle and a Lenda Murray paradigm. Not exactly enormous, but a in between. Cindy did her best as a lightweight or middleweight. Cindy Phillips also had thoughts on how women’s bodybuilding should be judged. She said in an interview ” bodybuilding should be judged on the best bodybuilder physique.”Cindy expounded further : ” they say they are going for the more feminine look, but it should be about the best bodybuilding physique.” Cindy says ” the more feminine form of bodybuilding is figure so that type of judging should be left to that.” While she may have some points, who’s to say that larger women cannot be feminine? Cindy Phillips presented a physique that was still womanly and muscular. Like other competitors, she disproves the detractors. Her photo shoots with Bill Dobbins and Gene X Hwang demonstrate how photogenic she is in front of a camera.

When she became pro she had to postpone her debut due to an injury. A three year recovery with light training followed. Cindy has much to proud of being one of the youngest IFBB pros at the age of 23. Now 33, it she may return to do more physique shows .Considering that bodybuilding divisions are decreasing, this could be where she appears next. She claims that is a former competitor, but still trains like one. Cindy Phillips still maintains her website and blog as well as having social media. Obviously a talented athlete, it is unfortunate that the IFBB does not give their female athletes more respect. While Cindy did present an impressive physique, but she realized when she turned pro it would be harder to push it further. Cindy got the urge not to compete. She returned to stage in 2012, but revealed that she was disappointed with how she looked. It seemed somewhat ludicrous to say she did not look good, but judging has always been inconsistent. Accomplishing so much in so little time can lead to burn out. It appears that Cindy had experienced this. During this time Cindy got married and had a family. She wrote on her blog “I don’t know when or if I’ll compete again, but the passion still lives inside.”

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Cindy continues to have a large online presence and appears to be very busy. According to her twitter account she has tried crossfit training.  Besides her bodybuilding and sport activities, Cindy loves reality TV, walking her dog, and hanging out with friends. One of her notable friends who is also a fellow athlete is Britt Miller. These two were such great friends they would appear in photo shoots together and videos. Fans called them the new generation of female bodybuilders taking the scene by storm. During the early to mid-2000s it was said that female bodybuilding was on a death bed path. This period was considered a decline. That seems like an exaggeration with competitors like these. Maybe if the financial rewards were better, women like this would remain longer in competition.

They both did retire from  the stage around the same time frame, just around 2012. For some women, this is nothing more than a hobby. Others see it has a longtime passion. Many are probably wondering what method Cindy used to turn pro at 23. During the off season she did more cardio and consumed more of her favorites snacks. When she prepared for a show she made sure to get enough protein in her diet. Cindy has stressed that was most critical. A precise diet and targeted training allowed her to build a physique the propelled her to the professional ranks. Diet is just as important as the amount of training done. While many athletes say they are retired, the never leave completely. Cindy may not be posing on a stage, but could have some role in the future. That may be a long wait, however fans still have their photos when she was at her physical maximum. Cindy Phillips in many was proves it not the number of competitions you win, but the physique you present that make you a great bodybuilder.

Cindy Phillips

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