Gym Public Service Annoucements

Here are some public service announcements through animation. These feature some pointers on gym etiquette, why women should exercise, and what not to say to fitness women. This is not to reprimand, but to make viewers laugh and think about their behavior in particular settings.

Don’t Stare at fitness glutes 

There is an issue in which some men will stare for long periods of time at a woman’s posterior in a gym setting. This makes women feel uncomfortable, especially if they do not want the attention. There is nothing wrong with admiration, but harassment is never acceptable. It should be an environment that is comfortable to everyone. Women do not go to the gym to find dates. It is tempting to look, but one should learn to control themselves .

You Have The Right To Your Opinion But It Doesn’t Give You A License To Be Rude 

The look of muscular women generates many responses. They can range from negative, favorable, or indifferent. The image obviously may not be to everyone’s preference or taste. This however, does not give the person who has disapproval of the look to insult or disparage a woman who decides to form a muscular physique. Ostracizing the muscular woman has subtle sexist overtones, due to the fact the same people would not attack the image of the muscular male. These women are dedicated athletes and are not doing this for the sake of male approval. It is for the success in their sport. Society has become so shallow that it only values women for their appearance, rather than their accomplishments or ethical character. This is just another form of beauty, at least to people who support this endeavor for women.


Women should Lift Weights 

There has been objections to women lifting weights. They are claims that mainly focus on the more vain belief system of appearance. Weightlifting is an effective method for weight loss and can increase bone strength and metabolic rate. Although the most important element of this is health, it can enhance the female figure. It should be realized that women will not automatically look like a bodybuilder if they lift.That would be the equivalent of saying women will be able to play basketball like Skylar Diggins, if they just touch the ball.  It takes years of training and specialized diet to make such a physique possible. Some may even experiment with performance enhancing drugs. The concept of “bulkiness” is not a good description considering most female bodybuilders weigh less during competition. There is nothing wrong with large muscles on women. It should understood that there age different types of  women  and they can appear however they please.

Gym Public Service Annoucements

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