Lift and Carry

Lift and carry refers to a fetish in which an individual is aroused by being hoisted in the arms of another person. This can overlap with other fetishes such as cratolagnia and sthenolagnia. This could be a rare fetish, but it is difficult to get actual statistics. It is almost impossible to say when this type of fetish even emerged. Relevant to the discussion of strong women it takes another fascinating turn. Their are men who love to have strong women lift them up. What could be a simple fetish could have gender relations implications. Compared to other fetishes this is not harmful or dangerous. There has to be some reason why certain men like the demonstration of a woman’s strength. Normally women such as bodybuilders and weightlifters participate in this activity.However, women who are just strong without training also participate. To many people’s surprise sometimes even a thin woman can lift a full grown man. What appears to be an exchange that seems humorous, sexual, or strange  may have more meaning.

          Like all things this lift and carry fetish has an origin. One theory is that it could stem from childhood. Young children are held by their mothers and it may be a memory of that. This is not an Oedipus complex, but simply enjoying human physical contact. Infants who do not have physical contact of some sort do develop emotional issues. Mothers teach their children basic emotional responses. At the early stage children learn to like physical contact with other people. This can explain the development of this fetish. Many people were carried by their mothers as children and never have this fetish. A more plausible cause could be an event in later childhood. When boys and girls play together in school on a playground, this could be the catalyst. Boys may not understand their feelings, but could like arm wrestling  or general horse play.

The boy may find this interaction fun and remember it. This could follow into adulthood. while youth experiences could mold our behavior, sometimes it could be discovered by accident. The internet has allowed people to access large amounts of information. It also exposes people to different people and activities. Video sites contain millions of clips, which do include lift and carry. Some men stumble on to these videos and cannot get enough. This discovery does not only happen in an internet setting; it happens between friends and intimate partners. A random act of a woman picking up a man could spark this fetish. He may not even know he likes it until it happens. The idea of asking a woman to lift them or even if they are capable seems unimaginable.

When people discover something they like it can become addictive. These women who randomly do this in the men who discover it, may not be athletes. They are just women who are strong. This leads to another reason why people develop this fetish. The image of a physically strong woman is appealing. It goes beyond simply looking strong, but actually being able to perform strength feats. A woman could be muscular, but not as strong as she looks.

A weightlifter would probably be stronger than a bodybuilder. The goals of both of these athletes are different. One wants to gain maximum muscular hypertrophy, the other is about strength. While men are captivated by the aesthetic appearance, some want to see women do strength feats. The prevalence of the female athlete and the wider exposure of  the muscular woman could be a catalyst for the lift and carry fetish. There is also another element to this that is not sexual in nature. There is a humorous feeling seeing a woman pick up a man like a baby. The comedic effect  comes even greater when the woman is smaller than the man.This could be related to memories of early childhood play. Another reason for the development of this fetish is the appearance of strong or muscular women on various media. Exposure to something new or interesting can generate curiosity. A person watching an women’s athletic event could like not only their performance, but the powerful bodies they have built. The first reaction may be shock, then wonder. This could happen when a young man watches the Olympics, tennis, weightlifting, or other sports.

The women have muscles, which attract attention. The men become even more fascinated to the point of liking women who are very muscular. The aesthetic becomes an arousing and attractive quality, which could have been fostered from television, film, or printed media.  Comic books and cartoons could be the first exposure men have to the idea of a muscular woman. This attraction and love grows to liking this particular look. Upon discovering this the individual wants to explore further. These are just a few possible origins for the fetish.

         There are men who merely like looking at muscular women, but never think about experiencing their physical prowess. There are men who are simply not convinced that a woman could be that powerful and seek to find out if it is true. Just like session wrestling, there are sessions for lift and carry. Most of the time session wrestling may have this included, but the emphasis is more on the wrestling.



When a woman proves those muscles are not just for show the experience becomes thrilling. There are men who hide this fetish from their wives and girlfriends, out of fear of ostracism. They may go to certain websites to fulfill desired fantasies. It could be difficult to work up the courage to go to a session. When this happens the client either meets the session woman in a private place ( hotel or residence). Contacts are either made by websites or a listed travel schedule. Seeing as there is not a huge amount of  literature on the subject, it is hard to get a grasp on the thoughts and motivations of a client. Sara Lips a session wrestler has described several emotions that clients experience when she wrestles or does lift and carry. Clients sometimes like the feeling of being powerless. The idea of being physically dominated by a powerful woman excites them. This is a projection mostly of cratolagnia. The demonstration of strength feats causes sexual arousal. Then there are times in which the client enjoys the fact the woman struggles a bit to lift them. The idea behind this is that the client becomes a human dumbbell.


There is also the aspect of the unexpected as Sara Lips reveals. Most women struggle to open jars or do a pull-up. These women pick up men like they are a one half pound bag. It is a phenomenon that men are not used to or see on a daily basis. There is also a dynamic of trust involved. The client has to have a level of trust that the woman will not drop him or injure them some how. What comes with this action is a feeling of security or safety. The other aspect to this is role play. This activity happens around a scenario that a client imagines. Submission appears as a constant theme and emotion. The client will not attempt resistance, but prefers to be dominated in physical contest. Submission is usually associated with session wrestling. With lift in carry the submission aspect appears in the sense the client hoisted in the air and cannot escape easily. It is about having the more powerful woman in control. Another part of the role play involves the concept of super heroine. This idea intrigues and entices the men who like physically strong women. The scenario reverses roles having a woman save a man. This fantasy of a super strong woman hero has come from comic books and graphic novels. It is no surprise that men who love women like this say their favorite superhero characters are Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and She-Hulk.


The psychology is also based in stress relief. Men of all backgrounds have been known to have a lift and carry fetish or s desire to participate in session wrestling. Men of immense power businessmen, lawyers, or even politicians could engage in this as a means of stress relief. The reason could be is it provides a place in which pressure can be reduced from daily life. The demands of family and work can cause distress and unfortunately men have few outlets for this. Ceding power temporarily can be similar to a brief vacation. Unfortunately, wives may not be so accepting or understanding of this fetish or fantasy which is why this is done in secret. Friends and colleagues may not either thinking it strange or inappropriate. Regardless of this, it can be fun for the man of power and authority. This is a basic explanation of what men feel during these lift and carry sessions. It still is ambiguous in regards to other psychological aspects.

          The often forgotten element of this lift and carry fetish is women. The writings or what little of them exist focus solely on the perspective of men. This is a problem, because it reduces women to passive objects. It is clear they are anything but passive. Obviously, these physically powerful make this possible. Women who  do this may also have a fetish. There is a myth that women do not have sexual desires and are passive receivers of male advances. Biologically that is inaccurate. Women have fetishes like men, however society does not condone women having sexual expression. This has changed since the sexual revolution and feminist movement. Relevant to this subject, it would be no surprise that women get enjoyment out men who are amazed by their strength.

  It is rare that women in their lives wield such absolute control. Most human societies are male dominated and women have less power. There has been improvements in terms of political and social rights, but men still hold the majority of the power. Here a powerful woman can be as strong as she wants to be and not be criticized for it. Muscular women face harsh comments or rude stares on a daily basis. Participating in activities gives them validation. There are plenty of fans to counter detractors. Physiologically, when women gain these athletic skills they get more confidence. Many women have stated that they have a more positive image of their bodies and are more confident in other areas of their lives. Besides this, it becomes fun. The fun comes in the fact these women can toss full grown men around like rag dolls. It reminds them of time when boys and girls could play with each other in a much more rough fashion. After puberty, this co-ed competition in sports cannot continue because of men’s gains in strength. Here, this is recaptured due to the fact most of the women are stronger or close enough in strength, than the men they wrestle.There are women who have enjoyment in the physical challenge of wrestling or lifting  a man.

Being athletes a competitive nature is common. Power whether physical or mental is an attractive quality. Women with these qualities are something unique. Society however, does not seem as accepting of these qualities in women. The strong woman can gain respect and open admiration in a safe space such as this. The idea of having power is something women want, but are often denied. Here they can demonstrate a form of power.The women who do lift and carry sessions also may like the fact they get to travel and meet different people from around the world. Women are often discouraged from doing anything adventurous, mainly for the sake of their safety. Life contains a level of risk that one cannot avoid and it is too short to be afraid to try something new. So these women take a path of the unknown. There is also another dimension, which involves the desire for physical contact. Just the act of holding another person creates a sense of emotional warmth . Women could experience this during these sessions, but men could as well. Women’s motivations are more complex. It may be that this experience is more empowering. The weaker sex stereotype is prevalent and constantly presented as truth. Here women can challenge that directly in a literal sense. Doing so women gain acceptance that they can be both strong and still feminine.

             Lift and carry has several different types of methods of picking up a person. There are piggy backs, fireman’s lift, the overhead lift, cradle carry, and over the shoulder lift. The piggy back lift is recognizable from a person’s childhood. It involves one person being on the back and shoulders of another. It is one of the easiest lift to perform. This type of lift has romantic overtones in some cases. Korean films and cartoons make reference to the piggy back ride as a romantic overture.This expands beyond Korean entertainment and appears in Western media as well.

 The fireman’s carry does not really require as much upper body strength as one might think. This involves using the pectoralis major muscles to slide an individual on to your shoulders. It is fast and efficient, which explains why this is preferred in firefighting and the military.However, the casualty drag has replaced it to reduce the risk of injury . This is more convenient for a smaller person trying to carry a large person. Women who are involved in physically demanding professions would find this helpful.

 The overhead lift is one of the most difficult lifts for women to do. This involves hoisting a person’s whole body in the air. The reason this lift is difficult is that involves a significant among of upper body strength. This means it incorporates the use of the trapezious, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, deltoids, and latissimus dorsi. The skeleton also contributes with the use of the scapula and clavicle. Women have lower levels of upper body strength and lower bone mass. This makes the fact some women who can do this more impressive. Even the most muscular women have difficulty doing the overhead lift.

The over the shoulder (OTS) lift is rare, but not because it’s physically demanding. It can more uncomfortable for the person being carried and the one lifting. This involves shifting the weight of the person on one shoulder. The arm is worked more which means the triceps brachii, bicpes brachii, and brachioradalis will be utilized. The interesting aspect about this lift is that it is a trope in popular culture. This normally involves an antagonist taking a damsel in distress hostage. The trope can also be seen when a protagonist rescues victims. It has mostly men doing the carrying, but in other cases women do it as well.

 The cradle carry is more comfortable. The lifter can use both arms which give more mechanical advantage. The one being lifted also has the support of two arms so this does not put strain on them. This lift is also simple to perform, because it does not take many body movements.  It seems lifting a person is more complicated in action. There are a variety of lifts and carries. These are only the basic ones. There are others that could overlap with some wrestling moves.

There is one lift that seems like a pile diver, except the goal is not to drop someone on their head. It starts with the first phase of lift a person up, but not executing the hard drive down. It would be hard to argue that is this is part of lift and carry. The other shoulder carry seems to easier to grasp. The move has a person get on the shoulders of the person lifting, almost like parents do with their infants. The shoulder  carry for lack of a better term, is also infrequently performed. The reason is has to do with discomfort. The carrier would have more weight on their spine. The person lifted is more subject to pressure on their lower body in order to keep themselves up right. There are many categories of lift and carry, but there are also considerations of biomechanics.

        Lift and carry depends on certain biomechanical factors. The most important one is strength. The success depends on how strong the woman who lifts is and the weight of the person being lifted. A woman’s weight can also be a factor. If she weighs more than the person she is lifting it will be simple. If she has the ability to bench more than her body weight, then she should have no problem lifting many men.

Here Roberta Toth lifts a man of lower weight. When she tries the over weight man she cannot do it. There has been a myth that muscle weighs more than fat, but that is not the case. 

A man who is overweight or obese would be difficult for the strongest women to lift. Reaching the 285 lbs mark would be over many women’s maximum bench press. Then there is the factor of height. A short woman may not be at a disadvantage lifting a taller man. A woman lifting a taller man means she does not have to bend her back as much. That means reduced pressure on the spine. Starting position is important to the movements performed. A taller woman would have to use more of her spine and vertebrae to reach the person for the lift. cradle  carries would  would be a challenge for a woman who has shorter arms. The taller longer limbs  of a bigger woman provide more leverage. Women have smaller hands, which also make it a challenge holding a bigger person . Lifting is also effected by the legs and torso. Long legs and a long torso mean a sponger spine. This also means more load can be felt, when performing a deadlift for example.

The torso refers to the trunk of the body. Short legs and long arms provide an advantage in deadlifting .

Other than the varied differences in leg and torso length their is the upper body. Women have narrower shoulders, which means less room to house muscle on the skeletal frame. Although women can build impressive upper bodies, male upper body strength is greater even  when the weight and height are the same. Narrower shoulders mean it would still be a challenge for even a muscular woman to slide a large man onto her shoulders. This obstacle can be overcome my using more power from the legs and lower body as a substitute. Essentially it is similar to how one should move boxes. Never bend with your back , use your knees. Women who do these sessions have figure out how to assess the dimensions  of subject and the most efficient way to carry them. Sometimes athletes state they have a maximum weight limit to lift, but this is very rare. Many want to see if they can lift the largest man as a personal challenge.

   Society judges harshly what it does not understand. What seems to be relatively harmless ( unless someone drops you) gets condemnation. There could be sexist overtones to this objection. Lift and carry could be seen as abnormal, because people still do not like the idea of a powerful woman either physically, mentally, or socially. Although it is seen as a simple fetish, it could be a desire for men and women to meet in an area on equal footing . Gender roles are not rigidly enforced and there is a level of playful fun. No one ostracizes a desire in this hidden   microcosm  . Saying this is abnormal lacks factual support. This does not even rank as a paraphilia  according to clinical psychologists. It hardly gets any examination or academic investigation in sports related circles. It is a unknown world that is filled with rumor or speculation. There is a meaning beyond simple sexual expression. This could be a metaphor for women’s rising power in certain societies.


It can at times be praised or condemned. Then there are those traditionalists and reactionary figures that oppose any form of change or advancement. This is not a small phenomenon; thousands of  web sites have emerged that carter solely to this activity. This raises  more questions. If there are men with this fetish, how many women have it?   It has been seen as normal that a man carries a woman. It also seems more likely that a woman would have their fantasy fulfilled, because on average men are stronger. However, the woman who is an athlete, stronger than average, or muscular can certainly do strength feats. That is not to say, that they would not like their men doing lift and carry with them. As more women are willing to talk about these sessions, answers are found. there may never be an accurate number of how many men and women participate, but it is clear there are many.

Lift and Carry

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