Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, coach,  and personal trainer.Since 2004 she has been training athletes and various clients. Formally she would train clients at her residence and gyms around Dallas, Texas. Sarah was born on a small farm in Minnesota in 1977. She attended Augusta College on a volleyball scholarship,  graduating with two degrees in   athletic training and exercise science. Her minor was in exercise management. After graduating in the year 2000 she moved to Oxford, Ohio. There she took a job as an assistant strength and conditioning coach. Sarah Hayes was involved in developing nine different programs for women’s teams. She also developed more for nine additional ones at the university. She attended graduate school at the University of Miami majoring in sports studies. Sarah Hayes work load became immense and she did not complete it. However, she did find a new opportunity at the University of Minnesota. There she trained both male and female sports teams. Sarah Hayes also started her own business Dynamic Fitness Consultants around that time.

sarah-hayes-467 It seemed only natural that Sarah would eventually gravitate to the sport of bodybuilding. Sarah competed at first in figure being convince by a friend in 2007. Sarah placed fourth in her figure contest. To her own admission ” After prejudging I realized that I’m not a figure girl.” Her first show was in the Gopher Bodybuilding Classic in her home state of Minnesota. Sarah then had to make a new strategy. She then hired a coach Keith Williams a bodybuilder himself, as her trainer. This time the goal was to take titles in the Ms. Minnesota. She was able to change her physique enough to enter the bodybuilding division of the natural Ms. Minnesota. Sarah won overall and was awarded pro status in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. Sarah Hayes turned it down, because she wanted to compete in the NPC instead. There were some setbacks. Sarah had to get shoulder surgery, but still trained. Her next moves involved her working her way to a professional. Sarah says of these early years: ” I was training to compete as an NPC figure competitor seeing as I wanted to do fitness modeling.” Her coach then told Sarah that fitness models are not female bodybuilders and fitness or figure were. This seems like a ludicrous statement, because the only element that separates them is aesthetics and levels of development.

This was some incorrect information Sarah was given, but she continued to figure out this new world of bodybuilding. Her body was too big for what the judges wanted in the figure division.

       Sarah attended the Arnold Classic in 2008 and many asked her if she was competing in bodybuilding. Sarah got discouraged, because she was aiming to still go to figure. Sarah’s hesitant behavior she revealed was based on the idea if she got bigger, she would lose her femininity. She overcame this ridiculous notion and in her own words ” I realized I could maintain my femininity, and  be a fitness model. ” Now that irrational fear was gone Sarah then competed in the The Minnesota Gopher Classic. She won the heavyweight and overall titles and now could compete at a national level.  Her best wins include the 2009 Lone Star Classic, 2009 Ronnie Coleman Classic, 2010 Branch Warren Bodybuilding, 2009 NPC Europa, 2012 Tampa Pro, and the 2009 Europa. Sarah Hayes made her Ms.Olympia debut in 2012.


Sarah is 5 ‘5.5 ” and competes at 160 lbs. During the off season she can weigh as much as 178 lbs.  Sometimes she will compete at 164 lbs. Sarah once said that one of her best features was he backside and glutes.  As she stated in an interview ” I often get complimented on by back and butt. ” The reason she had built such an impressive feature is because her favorite exercises include luges, squats, and dumbbell shoulder presses.

 Sarah Hayes says what she loves most about the sport is that it challenges her physically and mentally. She as stated “to me it is an art.” Sarah attributes her success to her friends and family saying ” my friends and family are wonderful to me giving lots of support.” Many female bodybuilders do get reactions from the general public. Sarah reveals “I often get stared at when I’m in public, especially when I’m wearing sports clothes or dressy clothes that are fitted.” Sarah has iterated that it is mostly positive. This would not be surprising, because she presents a very impressive and beautiful physique. This has made her popular on female bodybuilder photography sites and sports wear modeling. She has appeared in  various photo shoots for Gene X9 and Dan Ray Photography.

 Sarah’s goal is not necessarily to win every contest, but in her words ” be an inspiration to all people.” Sarah  as she puts it ” wants to be a female bodybuilding icon, to which others look to seeing a very feminine woman with muscles, which is accepted and beautiful. “Sarah has inspirations of her own. These include athletes which are her personal favorites. Her favorite bodybuilders include Lisa Aukland, Iris Kyle, Betty Pariso, and Cathy Francois. Shilahe Brown another bodybuilder was helpful to Sarah in her posing practice and training. Chad Ray also provided coaching in guidance in her rise in the IFBB. Besides sports icons that give inspiration to Sarah, she also cites her mother, sister, and grandmother as her first role models.

         Being a professional athlete is time consuming. Sarah Hayes does find time for hobbies and friends. She loves attending Church and reading. What Sarah likes to read are fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition magazines as well as books. Sarah also enjoys doing puzzles like word searches and word fill ins. She enjoys watching movies. Her favorites include Rocky  and The Terminator. Sarah Hayes also loves to travel, cook, and bake during her off season. She is a sports fanatic and enjoys attending sports events. She also participates in bowling, golfing, softball,  and has said “I enjoy  playing all sports.” Sarah has a love of athletic competition. She seems to be the gregarious type stating “I love to be social.” Sarah’s music of choice includes Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Rock and Roll and Christian music. A busy schedule that Sarah  has it needs to have some leisurely activity.

           Sarah Hayes has not made a competition appearance since 2012. The reason being is she was able to get a teaching position at the University of Southern California. Once again she relocated and began coaching. She has nor given up training nor announced that she has retired from the sport.


There are still contests for female bodybuilders to compete in,even if they are shrinking. It was rumored at one time that Sarah Hayes may consider switching to the physique division. After all she did start out as a figure competitor. This should not be a disappointment to fans, because in reality physique is just lightweight bodybuilding. Sarah was fortunate enough to reach the Ms.Olympia stage while it was still in existence. The Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix  is the successor to the now defunct Ms.Olympia. This may be where fans will see Sarah Hayes next. If not, you can follow her on facebook and instagram ( Sarah Hayes ). Certainly it seems the bodybuilding scene has not seen the last of Sarah Hayes.

Sarah Hayes

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