Happy Birthday Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman turns 75 today. The DC character is one of the most iconic comic book characters of popular culture. First appearing in 1941, she was an Amazon fighting to protect her home from war and violence. Her creation was not just some random accident.William Moulton Marston a psychologist was the creator of the character and was an advocate of women’s rights. He wanted to present an image of a powerful woman which would inspire young girls. Positive role models in entertainment do have an impact on young minds. Wonder Woman was to be that positive image to motivate girls to become strong and independent women. Besides motivating young women, it was to challenge traditional convictions as well. Marston being a psychologist realized male readers have certain emotions and responses when reading comics. He wanted to see boys become men who do not see strong women as a pariah or threat. The character does appear to be a symbol of the feminist movement or at the very least an unofficial mascot. To comics fans she is an enduring and likable character that never backs down from a fight. Certainly Wonder Woman is one of the best superhero characters around. To celebrate here are some depictions of the character through comics and fan  art.

sensationcomics wonder_woman_5_cho_large










Happy Birthday Wonder Woman

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