The Importance Of Schmoes In The World Of Bodybuilding!!! A Video by Marcie Simmons

The term schmoe often has a pejorative connotation. Even among female bodybuilding fans it can be taken as an insult. However, it may not be as negative as people present it. Marcie Simmons a newcomer to the sport presents another perspective. Her Youtube channel Marcie Madness explores elements of the bodybuilding and fitness culture. Being a neophyte she did not know what a schmoe was. Her video presentation explains what a schmoe is and the role they play in female bodybuilding. Normally, it is assumed that female bodybuilders would have a negative perception of  schmoes. Marcie offers a refreshing counter argument to that position. Here Marcie explains that there is a difference between a man who just likes muscular women and a schmoe. Schmoes are devoted fans of female bodybuilding who can name or describe everything about their favorite athlete. A schmoe could tell you the bench press, leg press, and all maximum lifts of his favorite female bodybuilder. They could easily name which contests they competed in.

Marcie does not disparage schmoes in the video, but praises their support as fans. This video is unique, because it has a woman’s perspective. This is valuable information coming from someone who is an athlete and is making a journey through a hidden micros om. Marcie describes the stereotypes that many hear all the time. Schmoes are described as socially awkward, strange, or perverts. This is not the case. Marcie says “they are a positive asset to the sport.”  They are providing financial assistance to the sport and going to contests. The organizations in which women compete in do not provide financial support, like male competitors.

800625782  Schmoes appear at female bodybuilding shows almost like groupies at a rock concert. Marcie reveals sometimes they “pose as photographers.” There are some that run websites in which they have athletes do posing and routine demonstrations. An athlete can get paid better from that than from the actual contest. Prize money and sponsorship is limited. Unless an athlete has a lucrative business, high income, or a wealthy husband that can support her, schmoes seem like another option. Some schmoes go further by sponsoring athletes helping with the costs of posing suits, tans, and travel. Marcie reveals that “there  who simply cannot afford to compete.” Sometimes Marcie says this goes beyond simple sponsorship. Muscle worship does occur and sometimes sexual favors. It is unknown to what extent. Doing sessions may have risks ( especially meeting strangers), but Marcie says that schmoes may not be as dangerous as one might assume. Not all schmoes participate in muscle worship or mixed wrestling. There are some who just content going to contests or watching athletes  pose on videos. The wrestling matches may be out of the question due to the fact that some schmoes rather not risk injury.


There is the possibility that a woman doing muscle worship could run into someone who could be criminal, yet it seems these instances are rare. The chances of being sexually assaulted or worse murdered seem low. The schmoe as a sexual predator seems to be an exaggerated claim. Sessions are charged by the hour and depending on the rate be as much as high as $400. By doing two sessions that is more than what an athlete could make in a single contest. It’s a lugubrious commentary on IFBB prize money and the disparity in pay between men and women in general.

Take a look at the prize money here. Yeon only gets $750. She may have come in third place, but it should at least be $1000.

  Schmoes are men with a fetish for strong muscular women. Society does not tolerate people with different views or ideas which is why schmoes and female bodybuilders are ostracized. Nothing would ever change in the world if people did not think differently from the majority. Beauty standards as Marcie points out do vary. However, there is a similarity when discussing schmoes and their obsession over women’s bodies. The fact of the matter is it could no different from how  men look at other women’s bodies. Men who are not attracted to muscular women also obsess over women’s body parts. This could be the posterior, thighs, face, or waist. When applied to men who love muscle women the same body part preference emerges.

Margie Martin 678

Schmoes like women who have nice posteriors and wide hips. These feature of the female body are accentuated to a high degree through training. The is the difference that some say they like women wit developed biceps or abdominal muscles. Mainstream fitness even is trying to sell the idea that muscle and women can mix. Instead of calling it building muscle, they refer to it as “toning” or “body sculpting.” Any fan of female muscle would know there is very little difference. There is just a difference in the amount of muscle on the woman’s body. It’s a way to end the fear that women will “bulk up” ( a misnomer which is really not describing what athletes are doing). There seems to be a slight acceptance of some muscle on women.

 1104-sleek-sexy-armsBrenda smith

Lisa Aukland 29

There are ranges to muscular development. That is why there are various divisions in the bodybuilding sports. The fact is they are still women no matter what they look like. Men have a large range of attraction to various types of women. Schmoes may still like women who are not strong or muscular. Marcie continues to explain that schmoes having a presence is keeping the sport alive. It may bring about some revival. It’s not just athletes that make a sport what it is; it is also the contributions of the fans. Every time they fill up seats during a competition or buy videos from an athlete’s website, it advances the sport. Marcie focuses on the monetary aspect, but the positive support is critical. Female bodybuilders face an industry and public that are hostile to their activities. It helps the women’s psychological well being to see men who are jubilant about their athletic performance. It motivates them to continue, when it seems like it is not worthwhile. Another important development is that it allows consumers to break away from corporate gatekeepers. Marcie’s observations are perspicacious and are worth watching. More videos from her will be featured in the coming weeks.

Marcie Madness

Published on Aug 8, 2016

The Importance Of Schmoes In The World Of Bodybuilding!!! A Video by Marcie Simmons

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