The Moroccan warrior women beating men at their own games

Moroccan women are becoming involved in a sport traditionally reserved for men known as Fantasia. Players get onto horses riding in unison firing guns. This sport is dangerous, but these women do not show any sign of trepidation. North African Berbers have played this sport for centuries and is a unique part of their cultural heritage. The BBC normally biased against non-Western nations actually provided a quality report. The reporter makes one mistake.. She asks how Arab or Moroccans feel about her participation. Arabs and Berbers are not the same ethnic group. However, both live in the kingdom of Morocco. There is ethnic conflict, but maybe this sport can be a way to bring these two groups together in national unity. For women it can be a step for advancement in society. It is a positive image challenging the notion that women in the global south are weak and helpless needing Western “help” to liberate themselves. There still is a long way to go. Women can compete locally, but not nationally. With enough protest and objection to this measure this will soon change. Women across the globe are enjoying sport and the numbers are growing.

The Moroccan warrior women beating men at their own games

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