RIP Chyna

There is more lugubrious news to be reported on top of the death of Prince. Joan Laurer known as Chyna was found dead in her apartment in Redondo Beach. There has not been official announcement of the cause  of death.It has been alleged that it could have been a drug overdose or a reaction to insomnia or anxiety. Chyna was a true WWE legend wrestling men and women throughout the 1990s to early 2000s. She had in many ways broken a barrier for women in professional wrestling. She was part of a golden age of professional wrestling in which storylines were outrageous, wrestlers performed excellently, and stunts were spectacular. There was one element of Chyna that was overlooked. She presented female muscle to the mainstream in a popular entertainment format. Normally, it is believed that such a woman could not become popular . That was the opposite when wrestling fans saw Chyna in action. They enjoyed her strength, talent  and beauty. Chyna may be gone, but her impact on wrestling is eternal.



Chyna-- - 1




images (1)160421-chyna-joanie-laurer-jpo-144a_0b47af48a837d4ba90bb3b5793885626

RIP Chyna

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