Colette Nelson in Barely Political: “No I Said She Threw Me”

This was released in 2008 for Barley Political. The comedy website lampooned politics and culture in the most absurd ways. Sex scandals are given the satirical treatment. This is not uncommon in Washington, but this video has a twist. Congressman Strassburg has a fetish for muscle women who can carry him. Not the worse thing for the fictional congressman, considering real ones take bribes, cut social services, and approve of aggressive war. If he were a real congressman, he would get my vote. Colette performs all the lifts in this video ( no stunt double needed).Colette definitely will not pull any muscle.   Don’t worry congressman Strassburg, maybe your wife can do it after years of training in a gym. If you are feeling dismal that a particular candidate that you supported did not do well on super Tuesday, this will improve your mood. If you just despise the two party system in general, you can at least enjoy Colette in a bikini.



Considering this presidential election cycle is more ludicrous than 2012, Barely Political will have no trouble producing more material. Let’s hope Colette appears in more. Yes, 8,000 is a lot of money.

Colette Nelson in Barely Political: “No I Said She Threw Me”

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