Top Ten Reasons to Love Athletic and Muscular women

  1. They can be inspirations to other women and young girls – It is important that women and girls have a role model to look to if they decide to enter a profession that is male dominated. This is important for sports, were support is generally  limited. The athletes now will motivate future contenders to carry the torch.
  2. They embraced the “strong is the new skinny” before it was the fitness Zeitgeist – This concept has been seen as a recent fitness phenomenon, but the muscular women of sports were preaching it before it was hip. They were the true harbingers before the mass marketing fitness campaign.


  3. They challenge the weaker sex stereotype– Some men have used the argument that seeing as men are stronger, this gives them the right to control women. These women destroy this belief with the flex of their biceps. They may not be as strong as the strongest man, but surpass average men.


  4. Their athletic talents and strength feats are amazing– Considering the physiological differences, women’s accomplishments in sports are impressive. They are able to achieve strength, endurance, and speed even though  there is a difference in body composition and skeletal mass.


  5. They are symbolic feminist icons–  The athletic and muscular woman represents the concept of amazon feminism. This branch emphasizes that women can be physically capable and biological differences are not a limitation. 

  6. They overcome obstacles that are imposed on them– The athletic and muscular woman has to deal with certain barriers. This includes disparities in pay and training facilities. Harsh public scrutiny and ostracism does not help either. Yet, they still succeed at their profession. There has been great talents emerging over the years.
  7. There is a level of confidence among them– The athletic and muscular woman does not care what people think about their appearance. They are secure with themselves and their body image. Never do they say everyone should be like them. They are happy just playing their sport and achieving their fitness goals.


  8. Their diligence is admirable-  The amount of work women do to excel at their sport is something to respect. They have to work twice as hard and to see such immense results of that is an inspiration. Dedication, discipline, and focus they prove are the attributes needed to reach certain goals.


  9. The aesthetic is unique– There are not too many women who look like this. They are something special in that regard. Washboard abs, big biceps, and round full posteriors create a combination of curves and power.
  10. This is sexy–  There are men who like these types of women, but do not admit it. There could be more men who love physically strong women. The internet has allowed more people to get easy access to photos, when the only source use to be magazines. Power is an attractive quality and here women are displaying a version of it.

Top Ten Reasons to Love Athletic and Muscular women

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