Gina Davis

There are some athletes who leave an impression without having long competitive years. Gina Davis was a bodybuilder who competed mostly in the early to mid 2000s. Her shear size and mass were legendary in the community of fans and athletes. she was born in Texas in 1969 and at an early age showed athletic talent. The interesting aspect about her start with the sport was that her parents indirectly encouraged her. She had such an admiration for Corey Everson, that they bought her a weight set. Apparently, she found out that she had an immense amount of strength. Gina said “I was in athletics from 6th grade on, and during the conditioning times, I always outlifted the other girls…and some of the guys!” Her weightlifting hobby began in junior high. She did not get serious until the age of 22. At that point she began to train and it took her nine years to build the necessary muscle mass. Her first competition was in 1999.

She won her first contest in the Lakeland Classic. Her best wins were the 2002 John Sherman Classic and the 2004 Nationals. Gina became a IFBB pro in 2006. She had a major setback with a bicep tear in 2005, but was able to recover and reach her goals. Gina is a personal trainer by profession. This seems to be one of the common occupations for competitive bodybuilders. Currently, it seems as if she will no longer be competing. After 2007, she rarely made stage appearances. Many fans still miss seeing her. Her body was powerfully built and had impressive measurements. At her physical peak her biceps were an impressive 17” and quadriceps that were 27.”  Her calfs were 17″ and she competed at a weight of 156 pounds. Off season she would be up to 200 pounds.


Gina said her long term goals were “to become Ms.Olympia one day.”She has also stated as long as she loves to compete, she will continue. It seems these days she has other priorities. Besides being an athlete and personal trainer, she engaged in business ventures. Gina was involved in a start up called Pro Looks. The service provided tanning, make-up, and training assistance to female competitors. Gina’s educational background is in biology, but she also has an interest in anatomy and physiology. She put her extensive knowledge to use building a quintessential female bodybuilding physique.

How she won the 2004 Nationals required a careful mix of nutrition and various training techniques. She said ” My starch carbs were very limited and consisted of rice and oatmeal only.” Gina also as she stated in various interviews ” My protein source was chicken and plenty of veggies. I did 2 hours ofcardio per day on a stepmill 6 times a week.”Gina also gave credit to her coach and trainer Howard Huddleston. Gina has also explained :”I only use protein powder”  and continues to use multivitamins, BCCAs, and glutamine  For twenty weeks he put her on a grueling training regimen to create a balanced and large physique.  Other than bodybuilding Gina does love to box. She never boxed professionally, but enjoys it as a hobby. 


She is a fan of boxing herself. Her other athletic endeavors also include being a former varsity basketball captain. It seems she loves the competitive nature of sports. Gina often has stated “she is a walking contradiction because she loves girly things.”  She has explained “she loves jewelry, designer cloths, and purses.” This is not much of a surprise to more open minded people. A strong woman is still a woman. Another hobby of hers is researching topics that interest her on the internet. This she refers to as her “guilty pleasure.”

This is the product of sixteen years of training . She started lifting weights around 1990.

It is uncertain if Gina has completely retired. She still maintains her website that features photos, a blog,  and commentary. She still is a personal trainer and helping clients in Oklahoma. Occasionally, she will post a current picture and she is still in excellent shape. Not as impressive as before, but she still is great. Her physique was of great quality. There were rumors back in 2008 that she coming back to the stage. That year she did compete in the USA Bodybuilding Championships. A major reason she stopped appearing regularly on stage was that her mother was ill. Unfortunately, her mother took a turn for the worst and passed away in 2007. Gina being a good daughter cared for her in her final years. 

aGina davis 336

You can see Gina Davis’ website here :

It was the least she could do for a person that supported her through her life. Her parents bought Gina her first weight set. This is important, because encouragement is essential to young children. Gina’s perspective on bodybuilding is a refreshing one. She believes the sport can flourish and that it is cyclical. Her general articulation is that their will be a type of renaissance in the sport. Gina likes the uniqueness of the sport and the joy of seeing accomplishments pay off.  Her best advice is that women starting out should find a knowledgeable trainer and do not sacrifice your health in the process. Having realistic goals Gina believes is critical. Much has changed in the past few years, with the MS.Olympia vanishing. However, the physique division could be an area in which Gina could appear. She may have lost the love of competing, but not lifting weights.


Gina for a competitor who seems to have a brief career on stage has made an impact. While she cannot boast of having as many wins as Iris Kyle or Linda Murray, she is  immediately recognizable to fans.  Gina Davis said one of her goals was to bring a positive image to the sport and she did. Gina continues to do so by sharing her knowledge of fitness with her clients at Four Star Fitness in Oklahoma.   

Gina Davis

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  1. turner says:

    Dear nintendo87,
    Thank you for this piece. It always is interesting to know some details about athletes’lives both in the aspect of their sport achievements and other preferences. I would like to make a request. Please, could you do a post devoted to a famous bodybuilder from the US whose name is Maria Calo?Particularly,could you shed some light on because of what reasons all pictures in which Maria Calo is have recently been withdrawn from the site ‘girls with muscles’?


    1. I will try to post as many entries on various athletes. Maria Calo will be on the agenda, but I’m not sure of a specific date. I do believe that Maria was actually Argentinian. She became a US citizen. As for the disappearance of pictures, on Girls with Muscles. com they were probably under copyright.


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