Carrie Simmons

Carrie Simmons is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, physique, and  fitness competitor. She has competed in various bodybuilding categories over the years and has a great ability to adjust to judging criteria. Carrie seems to be underrated, but not here. This site uses her picture as an icon. Besides bodybuilding, she is also an aerial performer. She was born in Quantico Virginia, but her family relocated Philadelphia. Unlike other women discussed here, she did not have an athletic past as a child. Her interests were in music. She loved playing the violin and saxophone. After high school she attended Moore College of Art and Design. Graphic design was her field of study. It was not until she took up kick boxing did she get involved in sports. She took the advice from a friend to start lifting weights. Carrie started to notice she was developing muscle and loved her new look. At first she started entered fitness competitions. She admits that it was difficult the first time. Carrie has said ”   I wasn’t a gymnast or a dancer so IDK WTF I was thinking!” regarding the start of her competitive career. This was back in the year 2000.


Carrie found that she was muscular, but too much for fitness competition. She then decided to switch to bodybuilding in the middle weight class. She took some time and maximum effort to increase size. She went into the amateur bodybuilding competition. Carrie found her self stuck in another dilemma. She revealed that “she was the skinniest middle weight ever” (by their standards, because looks pretty big). She then switched back to fitness, but developed another interest. Aerial performance became another passion of hers. This became a major priority performing in a her aerial trope. Carrie found that she lacked the desire to gain more size. It appeared this was as far as she could go in terms of total mass. She explained ” I was performing a lot with my aerial troupe and with all of that I couldn’t/didn’t want to get bigger for BBing.” Carrie seems to be the one that favors the more classic female bodybuilder physique of the 1980s. Some argue that the enormous size seem today is not possible without performance enhancing drug use and this may drive away competitors. Some women can achieve size, but to go further in the IFBB some use may be necessary. Carrie was not willing to do that and may have quit entirely, until physique was offered. When Carrie entered the physique category she did better. This was around the year 2013.


Carrie was still able to earn her pro card in fitness.  Although she has not placed high in competition she is a renaissance woman of physique sports . She has been in fitness, bodybuilding, and now physique. Not many women can say they have competed across various categories over the years. She is a woman of immense talent. Considering she started rather late in terms of involvement in sports, this is impressive. Her competitive longevity is incredible with 14 years on stage. Seeing as bodybuilding does not pay the bills she works as a creative director. Carrie describes her work like this :  “It changes, depending on what I’m working on. I’m in charge of a department that handles everything from corporate branding, web sites, product packaging, marketing presentations, FDA compliance documents, and a ton of other stuff.”


Staring off Carrie was only 105 pounds and in 14 years improved enormously.

She does admit she misses working for the Kinetic’s Circus Trope as an acrobat. Her current occupation is a regular nine to five job and there would be no time to do both. She still trains and performs on occasion as an aerialist.  She explains she got involved ” I started taking lessons from a lady who had a rig in her home when I lived in Philly.”Carrie loved doing this so much that she performed at  area events and night clubs.Carrie definitely is one busy woman. Carrie’s favorite female bodybuilders are Lenda Murray, Margie Martin, and Iris Kyle. These athletes are clearly inspiring to her.

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She loves the fact the sport can transform the body. However, her least favorite aspect about it is the dieting. She is not alone in this sentiment. A regimented diet such as these creates a level of discomfort. Carvings for surgery foods are hard to resist. To maintain a body like this Carrie used carbohydrate cycling. She used other methods  including  keto. Carrie said the trouble with dieting was that “I have a tendency to overdo the fats.” F or Carrie the consumption of fats triggers some over eating, according to her experience.Carrie’s favorite physique category is fitness, but also favors bodybuilding and women’s physique.  Carrie does want to make it to the Olympia, but has stated it will not be happening this year. As far as weight lifting goals, she just wants to maintain her gains and possibly compete more in the future. Many fans hope to see more of her on stage.


Visit Carrie’s website :Carrie Simmons. Com

Carrie agrees that the internet is a positive development for bodybuilding. There is a negative side in her view. She expressed it as  “there are so many who just don’t see this as a cool thing.” There is much hate in general on the internet, but there are also places that are supportive. With all this work and activity Carrie does have time for some hobbies. She loves to cook and do pole dance. She has become competitive in pole dancing as well. She competed in her first pole dance in October of 2015. She really is a jack of all trades. Being a graphic design major, she always said that “she was more of an artsy type of person.”



 Carrie has said on many occasions that she thanks her friends and trainers for helping her on this journey. Stacy Simmons ( no relation)  is another fitness competitor and close friend that gave Carrie much advice. Carrie seems like a very humble person, considering most athletes do not give recognition to the people that helped them. Carrie’s recent physique contests include  the 2012 New Pro, Toronto Pro,  the 2014 Golden State Grand Pix, and she competed in 2015. Carrie once stated in an interview “I didn’t necessarily feel I was better suited for Physique, but I wanted to give it a try.” Carrie has said “by nature she is very competitive.” This does show when you see her in competition and her many years of participation. She admits that judges do have a level of vacillation in regards to making a permanent criteria for competitors.

Carrie Simmons posing 

Carrie’s earlier competitions include the  2000 Europa Sports Fitness and Bodybuilding Championship ( her best win ) , the NPC  Nationals (2000 , 2001, 2003), the 2002 Gold’s Classic, and the 2002 Body Rock Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fitness Championship. There is no reason to think that she will not be back in 2016 or 2017.Carrie’s advice to neophyte competitors is this: ” be true to you and remember that for most of us (Pros included!) competing is a hobby.” She delineates further, saying “have fun with it and be happy with the package you present.” She also advises it never hurts to make a website or have a presence on social media to promote yourself. Carrie may not have won the most contests, but she is a great athlete with many skills.

Carrie Simmons

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