Lenda Murray Physique Posing. Com Interview

Lenda Murray talks about her career and life. She initially wanted to just lose weight when she first joined a gym. At the time she joined women in the gym were rare. This was a very male dominated atmosphere and Lenda explains it was difficult being in such a place. She only did cardio vascular exercise. When a friend of hers started to do weight training, Lenda followed suit. Lenda Murray originally wanted to be a cheerleader for professional football teams, but bodybuilding was her calling.

Lenda says when she first competed, struggled. Lenda when she began never thought she would win the Ms. Michigan. Gradually, she moved up the ranks. Lenda believes that taking competing at one in competition is the best. Setting realistic goals is important for any athlete. Lenda  went on to win the Junior Nationals in 1989 and her first Olympia in 1990. Lenda points out that their a limited opportunities for professional female bodybuilders. When women turn pro they have to figure out how to market themselves in the fitness industry. Athletes have to have good people skills and business acumen to be successful.

Lenda explains that she was nervous when she competed for her second Ms.Olympia in 1991. Lenda had an intense amount of pressure now that she was carrying multiple Olympia titles. Dealing with detractors in the sport is a challenge. While she had her fans, there were negative people she had to confront in the industry. Lenda learned not to let negative comments bother her about her appearance. Jealousy was probably a factor when the negative commentary came with in the sport.

Lenda Murray still is involved in the fitness industry. She also now serves as a judge in contests and trains up and coming athletes. Lenda believes that the multiple divisions including bikini, physique, figure, and bodybuilding are positive developments, because it gives women more options. She believes women should support each other. This means female athletes should not condemn each other based on appearance. At the final part of the interview Lenda says posing, presentation , and the ability to stand out is pivotal competitor. Yet, Lenda emphasizes presentation must be unique to capture the judges attention. Lenda Murray will always be a great ambassador to the sport.


Lenda Murray Physique Posing. Com Interview

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