No games for women with ‘too much’ testosterone

This is a Stream broadcast from September of 2014. The Aljazeera program covers news and current events with an emphasis on social media. The panel discusses the new IOC policy of banning women who have naturally high testosterone levels from Olympic competition. The argument is that they have an “unfair” advantage. The argument lacks cogency in regards to several factors. While testosterone does have an anabolic effect on  bone and muscle tissue, this does not automatically give an athlete an advantage. Factors such as training, diet, and genetics play critical roles in athletic performance. Basic endocrinology dictates that it is not the total amount of testosterone in the body, but the level of free testosterone. Any  average man would not be able to beat an elite female athlete. It would take a male of equal training to surpass her level. While an untrained male produces more testosterone, a female athlete can be physically stronger. Another important aspect is the total distribution of total type II muscle fibers. This fibers are pivotal for explosive power .This follows the same argument that it is protect women for men disguised as women competing or creating a level playing field.



The man may be producing more testosterone, but that does not mean he would automatically beat Zoe Smith at weightlifting.

The cases of men disguising themselves as women has been rare in Olympic history. There were athletes who were intersexed based on chromosome analysis. However, this did not give them an athletic edge. Many times when athletes took sex verification tests, the only thing it proved was that some women were carrying extra chromosomes that did not effect their performance or health at all. This IOC policy is nothing more than a revival of sex verification tests. Officially ended in 1996, the IOC still has the right to conduct them, even though it is an act of discrimination. Men are not required to verify their sex, because it is believed they are naturally the better athletes. Other observers cite that this also is designed to target transexuals and transgender women in sport. Even though there is the requirement of hormone therapy, the IOC  is not satisfied. It is not possible to ban women, transexuals, and transgender people from sport. The IOC can make an uncomfortable atmosphere for groups it does not want to see participate. This is a violation of bioethics, due to the fact women with higher testosterone levels are forced to also undergone hormone therapy if they want to compete. No one makes the argument that a person is too tall for basket ball or too muscular for bodybuilding. This just is a natural attribute that some women have. If this is done for women, then why can’t stronger males with high testosterone asked to reduce theirs ? If one ponders long enough, this would be “fair” for weaker males competing. This ruling has nothing to do with fairness, but another method to control women in sport.

No games for women with ‘too much’ testosterone

4 thoughts on “No games for women with ‘too much’ testosterone

  1. turner says:

    If women with higher levels of testosterone were allowed to compete with other women,the latter and their supporters would riot complaining about this decision.It is the vicious circle.
    The higher level of testosterone gives an athlete an advantage whatever we may say in favour of an opposite opinion.Males,who have low testosterone,on the other hand, tend to lack ambitions in terms of having challenges and competitions.Moreover,those males prefer to stay away from participating in sport contests because they quite understand that their chances of succeeding in this sphere are slim.
    Creating a separate division in which women with higher levels of testosterone could compete is a possible decision of the problem.


    1. That’s really not a solution. While testosterone does have an anabolic effect on muscles and bones this is not the only factor in success. Women with hyperandrogenism do not have testis. Basic anatomy dictates that the male testis produce more androgens. Women with higher levels of testosterone still would not be able to compete with a male. Their strength levels would still fall within female range. There would be no reason to put them in a separate division. Having an advantage is one element, actually winning is another matter.


  2. F U says:

    WOW you are a gigantic moron. Comparing “women” on tonnes of STEROIDS and HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (and acting like they are natural) to untrained natural men lol.


    1. The only moron here is you. These women did not test positive for anabolic steroids. If you actually watched the video, it’s about women who produce higher testosterone naturally and whether they should be allowed to compete. Men account for the majority of steroid users in sports. A woman who is athletically trained will be stronger than an untrained man. If a woman wants to use performance enhancing drugs, it’s her choice. I do not judge a person’s decision. May be you just do not like the fact that there are women who are stronger than you. Yes, they are women. I doubt that you are a “man.” You must feel really threatened; it just shows how pathetic you are.


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