Brigita Brezovac

Brigita Brezovac is  an IFBB  professional bodybuilder and personal trainer. She was born in 1979 in Ptuji, Slovenia. At the time of her birth Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia. Competitive for a decade, she was one of the top ranking IFBB bodybuilders. She was raised in Ljutomer during the 1980s. Brigita became involved in bodybuilding when she saw pictures of Cory Everson and Anja Langer. Brigita has also said that  “my role model is Lenda Murray because she was the best representative of female bodybuilding; she joined beautiful body, nice face and great personality with some glowing charm…and she is still a beauty.” During her teens her boyfriend had a small gym in his home. This was when she got exposure to the fitness culture. Besides becoming interested in bodybuilding she took an interest in karate. The main reason she started lifting weights was to make herself stronger for her martial arts. Brigita started this around age 14. As Brigita described : “I’ve been training karate for eight years; I have a black belt and I was a national champion in fights for a few years.” Physical injuries and her studies halted athletic pursuits, but she did not stop training. She would later graduate from the University of Maribor. Brigita also has experience in boxing and  taekwondo. She also is fluent in Croatian, English, Serbian, and German.

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Brigita is notable in the sense she was one of the few Slovenian bodybuilders. As she admitted herself  it is a small country and few competitions locally. She is still based in the country were she was born traveling between Slovenia and the US. Besides her passion for bodybuilding she states ” I enjoy the yoga classes to stretch my body and keep it flexible, I like reading books, lately more philosophical and biography type, and I love shopping and fashion.” Brigita also enjoys travelling. She believes it opens up new experiences and perspectives. Her favorite part about being a bodybuilder she said was ” I like that I’m different from the average person.” Brigita is in many ways. It is not every day you run into a black belt Slovenian bodybuilder fluent in multiple languages. She admits she does love the attention. Many female bodybuilders receive negative criticism for their looks, Brigita counters this with a positive attitude. Her philosophy is ” don’t get affected by negative comments, respect everyone’s opinion as we are all different and try not to judge, help others and the most important accept yourself.”


Obviously, negative comments should not effect her, because of her many accomplishments. Her best wins include the 2004 World Championship, the 2005 European Championship, 2006 World Championship Universe. This was followed by successes in the Grand Prix (2007 and 2009), the Tampa Pro (2010), The IFBB Europa (2010), and the Toronto Pro Super Show (2011). Brigita also started off as a fitness competitor in the early 2000s. She won the Slovenian Open (2002)  and the World Championships (2003). Judges at the 2004 World Championship disqualified her for being too muscular for the fitness category. This is the category in which she remained until she retired from active competition in 2013.

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Although not on stage, she still has a presence in the bodybuilding community. she still runs her website Brigita and writes her blog. They include commentary and events of the fitness industry. This time, she only goes as a spectator. There is that myth that when athletes retire they “let themselves go.” Brigita still actively trains and while not as massive as she used to be, it looks like she could go compete in a physique competition. She has a great genetic base. At her ultimate physical  peak she 143 lbs in competition weight and 154 lbs in the off season. At 5 ft 4 in she is a tiny power house ( in the sense of height, not brawn).

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Brigita as she appears now and a photo from 2008. She still is in great shape. 

Brigita has described herself as a tomboy as a child. Yet, she still loves certain things that appeal to women. She does enjoy fashion and clothing. One her least favorite aspects about being a bodybuilder is finding cloths in her size. She has said ” I see some fashion piece of clothes but cannot wear it because of my size;that bothers me the most.” Many women have this problem, because many of women’s cloths are designed for very thin bodies or ones that are emaciated. Besides that issue Brigita also hated the amount of injuries she got from training.

Brigita as she appears post-competitive years. It seems that strength did not dissipate. 

Her training regimen was to always train heavy. Her method included strict form and she never went under eight reps. Brigita explained during the off season “I train only once per day, 5-6 times per week and instead of cardio I do boxing twice per week while during the contest preparation I train 10 times per week and add regular cardio which goes up to 90 min per day.” This allowed her to build a powerful and balanced physique.

      Seeing as Brigita has a background in martial arts, she was not afraid to mixed wrestling. She would do it competitively and few men could challenge her. Often mixed wrestling is faked for entertainment value with women have no real skill. Brigita was actually skilled and genuine in her fighting capability. She appeared in numerous videos for Utopia Entertainment and Anetha While other female bodybuilders do wrestling for financial reasons, Brigita likes the competitive nature of it.



It seems mixed wrestling allows her to go back to a fun time in childhood. A period in which girls could be tomboys and not be ostracized for their physical prowess. Brigita does have some favorite moves she likes to use when she wrestles. That includes headscissors ( also reversed) and the rear necked choke. When you see her wrestle in a video, you can tell it is painful for her opponent. Looking at her strength level, it is not a surprise. Her best lifts were 110 kg bench press, dead lift 160 kg, and  160 kg for squats.

Clip0008  Clip0009

Follow her on her blog : Brigita’s Blog.

Brigita does not compete in martial arts tournaments anymore, but mixed wrestling was a place were just could demonstrate against opponents. Many female bodybuilders avoid competitive matches because of risk of injury. Others figure that men are just too strong to wrestle. Brigita says she does not like injuries, but she does not fear them. As for the strength department hers is so immense, it looks like she would inflict the injuries. Seeing as she is both a bodybuilder and a martial artist she is probably conscious to hold back. She exhibits the great attributes of athletics: Strength and skill. Twelve years she had a competitive career and she sure has left a lasting impact with fans. Brigita Brezovac will be remembered as one of the great bodybuilders of the 2000s.

Brigita Brezovac

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