The Problem With Lolo Jones: Racism,Colorism, Sexism, and The Mass Marketing of Sports

These videos were found on Youtube under the channel Black Truth Forever. They explain why the media is obsessed with LoLo Jones.Lolo Jones was given an abnormal amount of media coverage during the Olympics. It was not because of her athletic accomplishments. Her track and field record was so poor, she switched over to bob sledding stating once “I’m so desperate for a gold medal.”  The reason for Lolo mania was based on racism, colorism, sexism, and the mass marketing of sports. The racist element was the most visible. Dawn Harper Nelson the gold medalist in the 2012 London Games was ignored by the media. Her fellow teammate Kellie Wells was also ignored . The only attention they got even though they were the winners, was backlash from them criticizing Lolo Jones. Even though Lolo Jones is also black, she is favored because of her lighter complexion. This is colorism an extension of white supremacy. The more non-whites look closer to Europeans the better treatment they will receive. This white standard of beauty has poisoned the minds of many inducing inferiority complexes in non-white societies. The media promotes this to maintain a status quo of racial domination.

Nelson and Wells pointed out this racial bias. This created backlash, because it exposed the hideous face of racism in America. The notion that is exposed is women with dark skin women are not marketable. This lie is the psychological projection of  the white media’s racial prejudice against African Americans. There is an element of sexism that is also present. LoLo Jones was given attention due to the fact that she was considered “beautiful.” Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Yet, the media attempts to brainwash people into a particular type of beauty.

This concept of beauty should not have anything to do with sports. The lugubrious fact is most societies only value women for their appearance, rather than their character. Women athletes are either sexually objectified on magazines or commercials. There are even women who claim this is “empowering.” This statement seems ludicrous, when women have limited control over sports media, coaching, or team ownership in professional sports.

Sports are gradually becoming a mirror of the negative aspects of Hollywood culture. Hedonism,  uncontrolled lascivious behavior, narcissism, and ostentatious conduct have infected the sports world. Sports and the game its self almost becomes secondary. The focus is directed at the outrageous behavior of athletes.

One major problem with professional sports is the corporate dominance of it. Contracts, salaries, and endorsements become more important the game or athletic performance. The population seems to like this development, because they live in a hyper consumerist society. The media will keep producing this celebrity  material culture as long as people keep consuming it. The mass marketing of sports seems to be working against it. Athletes who want to be serious about their sport, now have to consider public relations elements and the cult of celebrity. This could drive away talented athletes who do not to be involved in these negative elements. The fact that Lolo Jones is put on a pedestal, demonstrates the intersection of racism, colorism, sexism, and the negative elements of mass marketing in US society.


The Problem With Lolo Jones: Racism,Colorism, Sexism, and The Mass Marketing of Sports

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