Margie V. Martin

Some state that female bodybuilding is in decline. Yet, when you see athletes like Margin Martin there still is spark there. She currently is one of the most successful female bodybuilders. Born in 1979, as a child she had aspirations of becoming a bodybuilder. This was developed in her household. Both her parents loved to work out and her dad was a huge fan of bodybuilding. What inspired her to gain such a physique was watching GLOW Wrestling, American Gladiators, She-Ra, and specifically Tigress from ThunderCats. Margie liked the fact the women of American Gladiators were proud of their muscularity. At the age of 13 she began training with weights. Besides her fitness career Margie served in the Marine Corps and reached the rank of sergeant. She was a Human Resource Specialist for the US Department of Defense from 2007 to 2009. Although she started lifting at a young age she began serious training for competition in 1997. It was not until 2007 did she enter her first competition.  Her best wins were the 2012 Pacific USA Championships,and  the 2013 NPC USA Championships. Her major victories came in 2015 winning first place in the IFFB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro and the Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships.



It seems as if she just arrived out of no where. During her early phases in her bodybuilding career she revealed that she struggled. Margie stated  about her first competition about some of the difficulties : ” the day of the show I was so excited, but as smooth as a baby’s bottom. ” This is common for any person trying something new. However, she did place fifth in the rankings. Usually competitors starting out place lower than that. She is excelling tremendously. If predictions are correct she will certainly be a Lenda Murray or Iris Kyle athlete, dominating the sport. The way her body is there is good reason to believe this. Her contest weight is 154 lbs of pure muscle and standing at a height of 5’5 . Her size is immense and she explains how she creates such a physique:  “I lift as heavy as possible, for as many reps as possible.”


Her belief in regards to nutrition are that carbohydrates are critical and that food consumption should remain high to maintain mass. She could have competitive longevity, because of the structure of her physique. Her lower body development is impressive, especially the legs and gluteus maximus . Her upper body  is very full in the pectoralis major region. The biceps are large and overall her body has symmetry that bodybuilders strive for.


Her success in the future depends on what the judges are looking for. Although their standards are changing constantly, Margie has become a fan favorite. These two consecutive wins in 2015 had fans taking notice. Although, she does not have an official website, her Facebook page has received 5,665 likes and counting. Besides being a great athlete, she makes time for her for children and is pursuing a masters degree in sports medicine. She seems like a woman always on the move for different adventures and opportunities.


Margie Martin has a Youtube channel. where she demonstrates exercises and talks about contest prep. The only downside to it is that it is updated infrequently. Yet, anything is better than nothing at all.

Margie Martin could very well be the person to turn around the sport. It helps that she is a very attractive woman. Even though female bodybuilding’s golden age has passed, there are still athletes of amazing quality. Margie has proven that she is Ms.Olympia material. That contest may have disbanded, put the Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships is taking its place. Hopefully, Margie can win many more and become a symbol of this new contest.  Just like Lenda Murray or Iris Kyle may she can carry on the spirit of the former Ms.Olympia contest.

Margie V. Martin

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