Colette Nelson

Colette Nelson is a bodybuilder and physique competitor. She was born in Southfield Michigan in 1974.Besides her athletic career, Colette is a registered dietitian and diabetes educator. At a young age she was diagnosed with the disease (type I), but controls it through insulin and exercise. Colette nelson holds a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from New York University. Her athletic career started with a love of aerobics. She also was interested in dance. Colette would later develop an interest in weight training at age 19. It took Colette six years to build the mass needed to compete. Her muscle mass went from 120 lbs to 155 lbs. She won the 1999 Ultimate Bodybuilding Championship, the NPC US Championships ( 2001 and 2002), and the North American Championships (2004). She used her experience with dance and incorporated it into her posing routines. Colette Nelson switched to the physique class in 2014 after a retirement from bodybuilding. It is not clear if she will comeback to the stage.Colette still continues to train and advise new competitors. Colette also has an interest in web design and also provides services for. She has appeared on numerous documentaries and television shows representing the sport.

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Colette Nelson appeared in the Barley Political internet videos “Incredible Mccain girl.” This  was in 2008. It was a comedy video lampooning the US presidential election, with a bizarre sense of humor. Since 2008, those videos have received thousands of hits.

She appeared in two documentaries for MSNBC. The first was Body of  Work following her,and fellow bodybuilders as they prepared for the 2000 NPC nationals. Another program was produced called Hooked: Muscle Women. The times she does appear she acts as a great representative of  the sport.Colette Nelson is a good  unofficial spokesperson for the  sport. Having someone explain the sport can help reduce prejudices and  negative perception surrounding the sport.Like other competitors Colette changed over to physique.Still new, judging criteria is not always specific.

Amateur bodybuilding, figure and fitness competitions at BodyRock 2006 in Fairfax VA.
Colette as a bodybuilder

Colette is always willing to do something new. She has done some acting. Colette appeared in the Spike TV special Order of the Serpentine. The program has her play a muscular personal trainer. Colette has also been in the POV series for College Humor. Her other works are related to videos that carter to female bodybuilding fans. She has been in Awefilms productions and also appeared in two Utopia Entertainment Videos. These videos are mixed wrestling. Even though they are scripted her strength feats are real.With 15 inch biceps and 24 inch thighs this is no surprise. Besides minor acting roles Colette also is a beauty consultant and choreographer. She provides make-up services for athletes and the general public. Her baclground in dance allows her to add new elements to posing routines. Presentation is critical to bodybuilding. Her routines reveal the more artistic side of the sport. It

is more than just simple poses. The routine has to be amazing enough to impress the judges . This is were Colette uses her background in dance to make a great posing routine.


After 2010, Colette switched to the new physique division . This seems to be the latest trend in the sport. The bodybuilding division seems to be shrinking and athletes took note. The opportunities seems to be going to figure, fitness, and physique. Colette returned to stage after being away for a few years as physique competitor. She competed in the 2014 Toronto Pro and the Omaha Pro. Her rankings were not high, but she did come with an impressive physique. She never lets that discourage her from continuing. She claims she has retired from competition, but we could see her back. She runs her own website  which details her career and provides her business services. Colette also writes a blog on her site discussing nutrition and health.  She truly is a fan favorite.

Colette Nelson

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