Who’s stronger, man or woman?

Due to biological factors in regards to endocrinology and sexual dimorphism on average men are physically stronger. This does not mean all men are stronger than all women. It depends on who you are comparing in a group sample. Then one should ask what type of strength is being compared. Physical strength is the maximum power that can be generated from the muscles. Durational  strength is how long one can last in terms of total life span. Men clearly have an advantage in terms of physical strength. Women still surpass men in duration outliving men across the globe. The Texas Heart Institute conducted as study that produced fascinating results. Women’s stem cells and even their hearts could be more durable in the long run. Women seem to contain in their bodies more stem cells than males. This discovery could contribute to the battle against heart disease, kidney disease, and even diabetes. This is good news for men, because they tend to die earlier from heart disease. By using women’s stem cells this could be changed.

       The assumption that men are the “stronger sex”  does not seem to represent reality. Men are taller and have more muscle mass, but when we compare different groups of men and women the picture is more complex. If we compare a man with a female athlete, it is possible that she would be stronger. If a man and a woman were given the same exercise regimen it is more likely that the male would be stronger.


Summer-Famous-Fitness-Golds-Gym-font-b-Men-b-font-font-b-Workout-b-font-fontl (6)

My conjecture would be these women would be stronger because of their training.

Testosterone gives men potential to be stronger. This does not always guarantee high levels of physical performance. Sometimes gender stereotypes influence behavior. The assumption that men are “the tough ones” could be detrimental to health. Going off this assumption would mean they require less medical care. Work through the pain and discomfort is the old motto. This could be another reason why men have limited durational strength. Another sociological factor could be that men are more willing to take dangerous risks. Strength levels do vary by age. Before puberty there is no significant difference in body mass composition. When boys mature muscle mass and the size of the skeleton increase. Women do not see this surge in physical strength. This can be reversed through exercise. Man’s low life expectancy can be reversed through healthy habits. Biology is not always destiny. A simple answer is that men have more potential to be strong, but it depends on the men and women you are comparing.

Who’s stronger, man or woman?

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