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Self-defense is are a combination of techniques designed to shield an individual from harm by an assailant. These are critical skills in a dangerous world. There are various methods of self-defense than can be utilized. For women this is very pivotal, considering the possibilities of gender based violence. Children the most vulnerable group in society also have self-defense programs directed at their age group. Women experience more sexual violence and having knowledge of self-defense skills can be life saving. Domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, and dating abuse are too common in women’s lives. This must change. Certain notions persist that enable these crimes. The notion that “men are the protectors of women” distorts a vicious reality. A woman is more likely to be harmed by a man. Women are not doing themselves favors by holding on to the idea “I want to be with a man that makes me feel safe.” One’s significant other could end up being abusive. Women must discard that belief that they need a man for protection, because a man could eventually become her attacker. Protecting ones self is possible with the proper training and knowledge.

      The first step to self-defense for women in particular, is to have a paradigm shift. For a long time society has presented women with the idea that they are weak, incapable, and helpless. This paradigm has to be discarded, because a knight in shining armor will not be there to assist you. While it is true men are stronger, big muscles are not a requirement to defend one’s self from a larger attacker. Martial arts are designed to counter particular attacks. Most importantly what needs to be changed is the idea that being female means automatic victim.

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Relining on others for assistance seems short sighted in a world of danger. Attackers look for targets that will not resist. It has been said to women that resisting makes a situation worse. That detractors claim will only exacerbate the attacker. This is false, because the more resistance presented acts a a deterrent. The damsel in distress image has to be removed, so that women can adequately defend themselves.

        Knowing simple techniques are critical. Learning to throw a punch requires little skill. Anyone can do this by making a fist. The true power does not come all from the upper body, but the hips as well. Men would have more punching power, because of larger upper bodies .Women are closer to men in the lower body, so in this sense efforts to resist are not futile.

A explanation by Kortney Olson.

Having knowledge of sensitive areas of the body is useful. The eyes, neck, chest, and groin are areas in which damage can debilitate an assailant. Any harm to joints can cause extreme consternation. Besides hitting weak target points. Avoidance and awareness are great preventative measures. Having knowledge of your surroundings will allow a person to accurately assess potential threats. Avoidance can be helpful, but we are not always in control of our environments. People try to avoid perilous situations, but eventually something could happen. If it does it is best to be prepared.

You don’t need to be a martial arts master to do this.

Some are   erroneously convinced that you need to have advanced martial arts skills to defend yourself. Not entirely true, because there are other methods that could be used to disable or escape an attacker. Understanding particular scenarios can help formulate methods of defense. The goal is not to pulverize your attacker, but to secure safety for yourself.

This is an easy way to escape a choke hold.   

While these methods a simple, martial arts are more effective. Most self-defense courses teach various forms of martial arts.

        Common Martial Arts Used in Self-Defense 

  • Kick Boxing
  • Karate
  • Aikido
  • Judo
  • Jui Jistu

These are but a few martial arts that are used for self-defense. Judo uses the body weight against an attacker. By utilizing gravity and motion a person can be easily subdued. Learning these fighting styles takes time, discipline, and concentration. Here disparities in strength can be compensated with skill.

Andrulla Blanchette demonstrates judo 

Large muscles will not be of much use without skill. Being body kinetic and retaining a sense of muscle memory. When a person repeats a skilled movement, there will be a point in which they will not have to think about it. The skilled movement almost becomes involuntary.

Andrulla has no problem doing these moves because she learned them thoroughly. 

Another aspect that must be considered is developing confidence in executing newly learned techniques. It is simple to perform these moves on dummies, but on a living person it is more of a challenge. Panic can cause a person to make a mistake in a emergency. The mental aspect is to remain calm in such events. This way the defense techniques can be applied. Hesitating and becoming nervous leaves one vulnerable. Have confidence in what you learned and practice it. Every woman must learn self-defense, because no knight in shining armor will save you. The prevalence of sexual violence is evidence that self-defense is necessary.


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