Girls Can Hang Athletically With the Boys, Says Study

This seems obvious to anyone with a simple  understanding of biology and physiology. However, some experts wanted to confirm what was already known. Girls and boys can compete with each other athletically at young ages. Indiana University conducted the study with swimmers from the ages 6 to 19. Boys and girls in the age eight and under group performed in similarly. The age group of 11 to 13 did show some difference. It was not expected, but girls reached puberty earlier giving them more height. The girls at this stage would have more advantage. After the age of thirteen boys produce more androgens and specifically testosterone which increases muscle mass. The strength gap appears after puberty. The authors the study seem to think that although it is possible for boys and girls to compete together, it should not be promoted. Once again, this the notion of female frailty and physical inferiority appearing even when data suggest otherwise. The idea that women are too delicate and weak for physical activity.

Boy and Girl Arm Wrestling
Boy and girl arm wrestling. Here you can see there is little difference in body composition. Strength levels are equal for both sexes.

It is fact that men have more physical strength on average, but every man is not an athlete. Besides strength skill is also critical. Muscle alone does not make a great athlete.Even after the development of secondary sex characteristics, some of the strength differences can be changed with weight training. It has be proven that women respond equally to this excise regimen without seeing the same level of muscular hypertrophy as men.


Testosterone has an anabolic effect on muscle tissue.

It would be challenging for women as a whole to compete with men in sports that utilize the upper body. When you analyze the spectrum of individuals it is not impossible that there are exceptions. There are women who are naturally strong and may decide to develop it further. Men have more potential for strength, but that does not mean they have a monopoly on it.


It’s not hard to figure out who would be stronger in this case.

It is time to discard the conviction that female equals weak and helpless. Not only does this harm young girl’s self-esteem, it can  have a negative impact on health. Being less physically active can lead to weight issues, diabetes, and possibly osteoporosis. While the article reaches the right conclusion that girls should get more involved in physical activity, it still wants to maintain gender role norms. The idea is that women should not be competitive, especially in the male dominated area of sports.

Girls Can Hang Athletically With the Boys, Says Study

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