Brenda Raganot

Brenda Raganot is a Filipino American bodybuilder. She was born in Annapolis, Maryland in 1966. She started training in 1984. What inspired her as a young athlete was the documentary Pumping Iron 2. Seeing Rachel Mclish amazed her and she wanted to be involved in strength sports. Brenda Raganot trained with Debbie Houck who guide her through the process of resistance training and diet. She was a common competitor from 1993 to 2010. Her best successes were the 1994 North American Championships, the 1998 NPC Nationals, and both the 2000 including 2005 Ms.Internationals. Brenda Raganot works as a postal clerk, when not pursuing her athletic endeavors. She competed both as a lightweight and heavyweight. Her record for bench pressing is 245 lbs and 385 lbs for squats. It has been five years since she has appeared on stage, but many fans hope to see her again.

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Posing in contest 1990s

Brenda Raganot

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