The Female Marines Pull-Ups Debate

The ban on women in combat has been lifted. There are new rules and regulations being implemented in the US Army. It was discovered that women were having difficulty completing the three pull-up requirement. Detractors say that women are not strong enough, but upon further investigation there are problems. Women for a longtime were allowed to do the flexed arm hang and were not taught properly how to do pull-ups. Women have not been encouraged to develop their upper body strength. The belief that women are generally weak seems to be stopping the US military from doing what needs to be done so that women can succeed.

pull ups

It is not impossible for women to do pull-ups if taught correctly.

The other matter that must be addressed is that women must overcome the fear of strength. Women who regularly exercise may avoid development of the upper body for fear of appearing “mannish.” A strong woman is still a woman, whether people approve or not. Sexist beliefs will have to be discarded if women are to advance in a military career. The standards should not be lowered. That would be an insult to women’s abilities as capable soldiers. This situation is wrapped up in the politics of Washington. Liberals and Conservatives will turn everything into a battle ground for political power.

The arguments this woman makes seem to lack cogency. It has been shown through out history women have participated in warfare. Learn more here:

Conservatives believe that women should not have roles in the public sphere. The first thought would be that they are supportive of women in the military, because they are the first to insist upon military intervention. This is not the case, because they do not believe in women having equal opportunity. Liberals vacillate on this issue and women find themselves with few allies. Detractors claim that there are no women qualified for the physical demands of front line infantry. They refuse to examine the facts. There are women out there would could meet the physical demands, but they are discriminated on the basis of their sex.

This woman could pass the three pull-ups requirement and possibly do more.

The conclusion here seems obvious. Women have to integrate an institution that has been considered a male only domain. There really is not much of a debate, because modern day warfare does not have a front line. The only solution is to have women build their upper body strength and discard of the flexed arm hang. Improved training can  contribute to better scores on physical fitness tests.

The Female Marines Pull-Ups Debate

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