Closing The Gap – Women Vs. Men in Sports (UTTV San Diego)

Can women catch up to men in performance? This is not always a simple question. While men produce more testosterone, which allows for more lean body mass there is a point were women and men can overlap. Some women can be naturally stronger and with training could possibly beat men of equal strength. These are exceptions. This news clip discusses women’s athletic the possibilities. Notice the doctor says “you don’t have to look like a man to be talented.” This subtle sexism is ignored completely. Men come in all different shapes and sizes as do women. If the doctor’s idea of a man is something that looks like He-Man or Superman, this is an act of gender stereotyping. Some hold the belief you should look like however you see fit. Then her other comment about “women in cute skirts” was just comedic. At first she talks in the rhetoric of women’s liberation, then states “we don’t always need to go against the guys.” If a woman has the need to challenge a man, that is her decision. That seem to contradict her whole argument. There are women who are built better than others. If these women who have the strength want to compete with men, they should be allowed to. Dr. Marci Bothwell then states “most of us are not going to head to head with the men because we don’t have the strength or cardiovascular endurance.” Women athletes may not be able to challenge elite male athlete, but the majority average male population is a different story. If you look at the gap from that perspective, then the gap is closed. Sexual dimorphism does not imply inferiority;it means  men and women are different.

Closing The Gap – Women Vs. Men in Sports (UTTV San Diego)

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