The Beauty of Female Muscle

Modern society in the West has valued the thin body. There are some who like alternatives. The one type of body for a woman that generates controversy is one of developed musculature. There has been some acceptance to a certain level, of some muscle on women.  Fitness magazines do feature women with some muscle. Female muscle can be beautiful. Highly developed muscular development may be unattractive to the mainstream society , but there is a unique aesthetic to it. Society needs to value different forms of beauty.

One type of beauty mark is the shape  and size of the buttocks. This accentuates the hourglass figure. With the muscular woman the gluteus maximus is highly developed. Muscular women have fantastic size and shape in this area of the body. The large size of the bottom is a traditional beauty mark, but in this case it is magnified. The bigger that area the more attractive it becomes. As for shape it takes on a round or oval shape. This round and pert shape is something that some women strive for ( even if they do not want to become muscular).

lenda_27images (2)


The results of training are the round shaped buttocks or and oval. Lenda Murray has a rounder bottom, while  Cindy Phillips and Mavi Gioia contain oval shaped. 

The mainstream media has obsessed over kim Kardasian’s posterior. Yet, women athletes have developed posteriors that surpass her physique.  They had Kim Kardasian bottoms before they were popular. The difference between them and her is they actually do something. Many fitness magazine encourage women to add shape to their lower body. These women take that to the maximum. The posterior presents a firm and solid structure, while appearing soft.

Another attribute of female beauty are the legs. This is another area athletic and muscular women build nicely. Track and field athletes from their sport form powerful legs. They have a wonderful shape, that came from hours of training. The interesting aspect about this is that the mainstream seem to be acceptable of women having stronger legs. The reason for this could be that the lower body is associated more with feminine attributes. Women naturally have wider hips and that is also valued. Detractors and critics claim that women’s hips disappear from athletic training. That is not possible, because the bone structure will still be present. Phrases like “she has no hips” are anatomically incorrect. If anything the training with weights would add to the bone mass of the body. Muscular legs can make the hips look wider.

2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials - Day 2b2b653c2b7b8e8d533d0e8a52a1dd22b


The women in these photos have not “lost their hips” but developed excellent lower bodies. These two Shape Magazines are promoting leaner legs.

This should not be rejected. Yet, some believe that the thinner the woman, the more attractive she is. Having muscular legs can sometimes be acceptable by the mainstream. Some magazines even provide tips for forming leaner legs. They are not as muscular as a sprinter’s or a bodybuilder’s, but it at least encourages to add some mass.

One area of the body that creates a new aesthetic is the development of  the abdominals. This is another area in which women can build, but not face intense criticism. At one time the flat stomach was desirable, but that is gradually changing. A rock hard stomach can be cute. On women with a lower levels of muscle it can be lovely. For larger women it looks even more amazing. The women with lower levels of muscularity will appear on magazines. This at least means there is some progress. It is not full acceptance, but slight negotiation.

womens-health-and-fitness-magazines4 oxygen-ipad-magazine-digital-subscription-womens-fitness-229x300

607b70bfe90646797953f2ad2905f50ffemale bodybuilder (6)

The magazines as shown above are encouraging women to develop abdominals. However, they would never put on their cover women developed as much as Isabelle Turrell  or Donna Bramble. Their abdominals are so defined they look like stones. 

The hyper-muscular woman seeks the highest possible development of all muscle groups. Mainstream magazines only encourage it now to a certain degree. There is nothing wrong with defined abdominals, even at a high level. What is normal flesh becomes a living and breathing statue. The body becomes like a work of art. It is sculpted and molded to create something new. The powerful midsection is a new form of beauty. It is one that is radiating strength and power.

The upper body mass of  some women is incredible. People who hold the traditionalist view see upper body development and mass as a male only characteristic. The muscular woman has made it into a unique model. Mainstream fitness magazines encourage women to build “toned” arms ( which means some muscle). Muscular arms can still be a pleasing attribute even at a high degree. Many times men object to this with statements like “her biceps are bigger than mine!” or ” she is disgusting.” These rude and closed minded criticisms fail to see other alternatives of beauty. It is  probably rooted in the fact that men hate to feel small. Seeing a woman much more powerful, then creates negative reactions. These are ludicrous reactions, because these women are not doing this to threaten men. A new type of power is created with a feminine touch.It is both gracious and majestic. It can be simultaneously  bold and dynamic.


The upper body development is excellent on these two women. It actually exaggerates the hour glass figure. 

Sometimes it appears as if the muscular woman is a superhero come to life. This muscular body combines both power and pulchritude. Well rounded muscle is sculpted into a form the exudes magnificence. The chest of the muscular woman is another area of fascination. Cleavage, just like the posterior is another beauty mark. Unfortunately, western society values large breasts as an beauty component. Being large chested or flat chested should not matter. Some women feel pressure to get breast implants ( many female athletes do this too). A muscular chest on a woman can still be visibly pleasing. Breasts are mostly fat, but the mammary glands do not vanish. This is not a male aesthetic, but a new female one. The pectoralis major  developed on women creates a wonderful structure.  Muscles that cover a womanly chest.


The women in these photos have highly developed pectorals. Their cleavage is more pronounced 

What happens is that the intermammary cleft  is accentuated.  The cleavage becomes more pronounced between large slabs of muscle. Cleavage has been a traditional beauty attribute, but in this instance it is combined with a recently created model. There can be great beauty in difference.

         The body shape of the muscular woman and come in many types. The charming display can be one of both curves and voluptuousness. During competition, the athletic woman and or muscular woman will carry very little fat on her body. This creates are more lean appearance. When the athletes are in the off season a level of fat returns to the body. This creates a very curvy and luscious body. People who criticize this look never see the women in their off season. They can look quite astounding. When the athletic woman is in her off season she will still fit into the common female body types.


These are the traditional body types of women according to western standards. Women even at the highest levels of physical development can still fit into these categories. 

Female bodybuilding an example of  women developed to the maximum still aim for the hourglass figure. Other athletic women can be categorized as banana, apple, and pear shaped. The idea that muscles form a male physique becomes erroneous. Men just have more muscle mass composition. Women’s bodies do not become “man-like”  due to the fact their female frame ( the skeleton) will not be altered.


The apple shape displays a highly pronounced upper body. The hips are not as wide. 

banna shape

The banana shape is more balanced between the upper or lower body. Neither is larger. 


The hourglass figure presents a woman with a very small waist. This exaggerates the size of the hips.


The pear shape shows a figure with greater leg and hip development. 

As one can see from the pictures above the muscular women do follow the body model types. They just have a stronger looking body. When fat levels comeback, the body appears a little softer and less defined. At this point, no one can question their appearance, because they look like healthy women. The era of mass media has given the population a distorted view of beauty. People convinced themselves that it only comes in one form. This is subjective and can vary from individual. The model of beauty also changes with time. The larger and plumper body was valued in the West up until the 19th century. Then there was the emphasis on the hourglass figure. The extremely thin body ideal was ushered in by the fashion industry. Lesley Lawson ( Twiggy) was a British model and actress who popularized this look. It has remained since, but there is another beauty model emerging. This model encourages the development of some muscle (“toning”). Not to the extent of a professional athlete, but some weight. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are alternatives, but you have to be willing to see it.

The Beauty of Female Muscle

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