Sexism in Twirling?

A huge controversy has emerged about sexism in tennis. A commentator asked Eugenie Bouchard to do a twirl after a tennis match. Now, there are claims of sexism in what seems like a harmless act. This “controversy” seems to be yet another invention of social media users and Third Wave Feminists. True, it is a double standard because a male tennis player would never be asked to do such a act. This however, has become an overreaction. If your real concern is sexism, why not address the wage disparity between female and  male athletes? The fact that women athletes make less than their male counterparts is a blatant display of sexism. Another issue in regards to tennis is the fact that athletes perceived as more “attractive” get more endorsements and acclaim. It rarely has anything to do with her talent or  athletic ability.  Twirling  in this case is only minor.

Sexism in Twirling?

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