Amazon Feminism

This is a branch of feminism that believes that women must acquire a level of physical skill. Developing physical prowess can overturn the weak and helpless woman stereotype. This type of feminism embraces the idea of the hero in fact and in fiction. There are numerous examples that are in popular culture and history. Wonder Woman one of the most popular DC superheroes since the 1970s has been a feminist icon. It was common in popular entertainment to depict women as a damsel in distress. Dependent, child-like, and full of trepidation were common attributes in these types of stock characters. The female hero is the opposite, ready to face danger directly. History has a number of women warriors who fought in different wars. Today, the amazon feminist image is embodied by female athletes, firefighters, police, and soldiers.


These are examples in fiction and popular culture. Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful DC superheroes. The Legend of Korra   an animated TV show  features a young heroine protecting Republic City from numerous antagonists. 

Strength and power in the amazon feminist view are positive qualities for women. Traditional perspectives see this as male only and inappropriate for women to have. This is not true, because there are plenty of strong women who are beautiful.


These women are an example in reality. They prove that strength is not male only. They develop their physical skills to the maximum. 

A physical liberation is the goal of the amazon feminist. Having a strong body is as equally as important as a strong mind. Women are not born to be in a weak state. They are told by their culture to limit themselves. That will change. A new type of  womanhood has developed. There are now women proud of  their power.

Amazon Feminism

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