Women Should Embrace Bulky

Women are usually not willing to lift weights. There is a fear of becoming massive. This seems like an irrational fear, because considering hormonal make up women would not gain He-Man sized muscles. Then again, it depends of the individual woman. Some are going to gain more muscle than others with minimal effort. If women have this gift why are they fearful of it? The main reason is women are taught that being dainty and delicate as possible is the best for them. The truth is having extremely low weight can be a health risk. There is nothing wrong with being a bulky woman.Women who have a muscular body can be attractive.

There are different levels of muscularity a woman can achieve. The first is just a low level of  body fat. There is no visible muscle. The body is some what lithe, but not completely thin. For lack of a better term, the second level of muscularity can be referred to as “toning.”  Here there is some muscle visible, but it is not in large quantity.  The “toned” physique indicates at least some form of moderate  exercise with weights. The highest level is the hyper-muscular physique. The muscles are not only visible, but massive. Biceps,abdominals, legs, and the rest of the muscles are pronounced that they rival or surpass an  average man. This is not just an  appearance of power ,but in contests of pure physical strength.


Low Body Fat 





    The hyper-muscular body is the one women try to avoid. The fear of looking or becoming masculine still haunts their minds. Lifting will not cause virilization. Long term steroid abuse can cause this in women. Some women can reach the massive size above by years of training. Others may use performance enhancing drugs. That should not discourage women from the bulky appearance, if it can be done without dangerous means. Bulkiness does not reduce attractiveness.It can enhance it in particular areas. The buttocks for example can be developed into a nice shape from heavy squats. Not only that, improvement in leg shape can be seen as well.


One benefit from weight training her legs and posterior look great 

Some women want to add shape to their body. Lifting weights can accomplish this much easier. Cardio only workouts will not achieve the same results. Research shows that weight lifting could be a more effective method for weight loss.  The two extremely muscular women pictured above are still attractive. They just do fit into the traditional mode of feminine beauty. The first woman is the most traditional in terms of the delicate ideal. The second woman breaks the traditional mode, but does not “cross the line,” This line is a glass ceiling that women are put into as to not challenge the idea of male physical superiority. Phrases such as “she’s too muscular” or “she looks like a man” represent hidden gender bias.

        The health benefits are numerous. Building one’s body is a great way to prevent osteoporosis. Women are vulnerable to this disease, because they have less bone mass as compared to men. It is important that women amass as much bone strength as possible. As people age, metabolism slows down. Maintaining a healthy weight becomes more challenging. Weight lifting can burn fat and keep it off. Allowing one’s weight to spiral out of control can lead to numerous circulatory system diseases. For women, weight management will be a little tougher, because their body contains more fat. Physical activity can also improve an individual’s mood. This pivotal for women, because many report after gaining strength they have a new sense of self-confidence. You do not have to take training as far as a professional athlete to improve your health.

          Some women say that the muscular look cannot be beautiful. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder  and standards vary from culture to culture, this is not the case. The muscular body type on women can be pleasantly voluptuous.

Britt Miller fitnessbeauty (4)

She does not look ugly. Yet, because she is not the slim and delicate type she is ostracized.

As you can see, she is thick in all the right places. She is very bulky. The majority of men would not find this attractive, but there is a sizable group with an opposing view. Female bodybuilders for example, look their best in the off season. At this time they are not as lean and a healthy layer of fat comes back to their bodies. It presents a nice shape of the athletic female form. The fact of the matter is, these women do not do this to please men;they do it for themselves. Women should not fear bulkiness, they should embrace it. Nothing will take away the fact you are female no matter what you do. Just remember bulky is beautiful.

Women Should Embrace Bulky

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