Why Are Some Men Attracted to Athletic and Muscular Women ?

There are many reasons why some men like athletic and muscular women. One reason is that power is sexy. Men do not want to admit openly, because our culture believes only men can be strong. It can be a positive attribute in women as well. The woman athlete mixes both power and beauty in an elegant fashion. Another reason is that these women are unique. It is very rare that their is such a woman who could demonstrate such amazing physical prowess. It is a remarkable site to behold. Women engaged in athletic activity do so against the mores of society. This is very inspirational and another reason men would be attracted to them. Working hard to achieve a goal is something that should be praised. Another reason for this attraction appeals to certain tastes in aesthetics. Some men prefer thin women, larger women, or in this case muscular. A body trained to its maximum physical potential can be very attractive.

         Power can be an attractive attribute. Some men find this intimidating or unattractive in women, but others do not. Whether it is mental or physical it should not be considered something negative for women. For a long time it was not considered feminine to demonstrate power, because that was believed to be exclusively male. Not anymore, with rise of women’s professional athletics. Women can display strength and it does not make them less female. Strength is not just shown, but speed, agility, and endurance. These women have developed the most powerful bodies on the planet.

flojoLaila Ali v Gwendolyn O'Neil


Here are examples of speed strength and agility in action 

The idea of a woman gaining such power does have an appeal. There is a very graceful elegance watching female track stars run as fast as they can or seeing women swimmers.

Besides the power dynamic, their performance is magnificent. Women usually have little strength to start with, but when you see women such as these it is amazing. Through diet and strict training regimens they gain an immense amount of strength. This takes an enormous amount of dedication and focus. Their physical prowess surpasses many average women and men. They are a unique group of women. How often is it it that you meet a woman who could beat you at arm wrestling or literally lift you off the ground? Quite rare indeed. Seeing as women are on average smaller than men in size, seeing women with such physical power becomes even more astounding.


This is Bodybuilder Britt Miller. It took her ten years to build a body like this 

      Women athletes constantly challenge societal mores. Strength has been associated with male identity and the concept of provider and protector. Female identity was associated with weakness. Thankfully, this is being challenge by the women who decided to develop themselves to their physical maximum. This is a positive characteristic. It shows that a woman can think for herself and not have someone dictate what she can or cannot do. That level of individualism and independence can be very attractive. She does not care what people think. She just does something she loves.

The aesthetic qualities are another reason why men like these women. When looking at the lower body athletic activity accentuates certain areas. The posterior and legs become beautifully sculpted. A large posterior has become a beauty mark. Nice looking legs as well. These are the traditionally highlighted areas of beauty. A new model of beauty has been formed with the muscular woman. Large biceps, full chest, strong legs, and powerful buttocks creates a new look. It as if you are seeing a living statue a work of art in some respects. The upper body development does not subtract from the feminine aspects of the woman. One way it enhances it by creating an exaggerated hour glass figure.


Lenda Murray has a huge upper body and lower body which makes her waist look smaller creating an hour glass figure 

Female bodybuilders do aim for this shape. There is something enticing about a woman than can match you physically or in some cases surpass you. This is  part of a particular type of fetish. The term for this is known as sthenolagnia meaning arousal from displays of strength or the muscles. To some extent most muscular  and athletic woman admirers have this. This is not the sole reason some men find these women attractive. The most important reason besides the aesthetic is they are impeccable and talented in their craft.

Why Are Some Men Attracted to Athletic and Muscular Women ?

7 thoughts on “Why Are Some Men Attracted to Athletic and Muscular Women ?

  1. Gabe EL says:

    Interesting article. For me, it’s just mainly my thing for legs. Ever since I’ve been attracted to women, I was attracted to legs too. I liked shapely legs with just large calves at first. Then, I started liking large quads too. Then eventually, the whole appearance of a muscular woman looked attractive in my eyes.


  2. Russell mitchem says:

    Some of these women are gorgeous,just depends on how they carry themselves and treat men when out in public,behind closed doors and over all attitude towards opposite sex!I gravitate towards them,because I find them fascinating with all the hard work put in the gym!


  3. I know a lot of muscular girls and they are all very attractive. Okay big muscles look sometimes awkward, but if its not too much they look gorgeous! I like those legs, butts, waists.. ..everything! Muscles on young girls are the greatest thing i could imagine. And maybe its not so bad if girls a strong… …even if some of them are much stronger than me.


  4. John O'connor says:

    I love the look of a very muscular women I don’t know why I have an attraction but women like that are really hard to find It would be amazing if I could be with a women bodybuilder. I’m John an if a women interested I would love to meet you 508-287-8683 I would treat you with total respect an be your man


  5. timothy says:

    I am not attracted to muscular women mainly because I don’t want to be overpowered and out muscled by a woman I don’t want a woman who has more muscles than me and I don’t want a woman who is taller and bigger than me I am attracted to Athletic woman woman who look like woman and are feminine and have a feminine body she can be thin but she needs to look like a woman.


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